Review: Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel Photos and Swatches

Here's a review on Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel Line

Price: P325.00/ea.
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Other Locations: Available in all Revlon counters in leading malls and department stores



If you have been following me on Instagram, you'll figure that I'm on a Polish phase lately. I never knew painting digits could be so much fun! :D Wasn't really a polish fan before, thinking that it's an unnecessary beauty product, but my perception had changed entirely when I once wore the beautiful Orly Star Spangled, my favorite red nail polish shade so far.

You could pretty much imagine how thrilled I was when I received this loot of nail polishes from Revlon. It's their newest line, the Colorstay Nail Enamel Collection, another inclusion to their best- selling Colorstay roster. It features 16 shades, and boasts of its no fade shine that can last up to 16 days.

 It even has a complementing top coat and base coat.

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Here's one of the best features of this line: All the polishes come with a dual brush applicator. It just lets me cover my entire nail bed with polish easily and evenly in one go!


My most favorite shade from this batch and the entire Colorstay Nail Enamel line. It's a gorgeous dark teal shade, and I love how it makes my fingers look clean!


A beautiful purple shade. This look great both on fair and dark skin tones.


A hot orange shade that sometimes turn red-orange depending on the lighting condition. It's a nice shade though.


My second favorite! It's a unique brown shade with minute multichrome glimmers. It looks so good on dark skin tone!


A super pretty midtone pink shade--almost Barbie Pink in my opinion. It's a cute shade, but I find that it looks better on girls with fair and medium skin tone.

Speed matters when using these polishes: They glide on smoothly upon initial application, but turn a little sticky after 2- 3 minutes since the formulation is somewhat gel- like so I make sure to even them out while they're still in their liquid state--same goes with the Top and Base coats. It's quite tricky to use though, but I don't mind. And my gosh, these are the most pigmented polishes I've ever used--In just one stroke, I get an intense color payoff!

Drying time is pretty slow because of its gel- like consistency. The top part dries after 2- 3 minutes, and the bottom layers after 40 minutes to an hour. But when they're finally dry, they look absolutely gorgeous on my tips-it's as if I had a gel manicure! True to its claim, its shine lasts for up to 16 days, (the shine lasted on me for about 13-14 days to be exact) but here's the disclaimer part: Revlon said that the shine can only last if you use the Colorstay Top and Base Coats with the polishes. I haven't used it with another brand of top and base coats, so I can't say if it still can live up to its promise if not used with the former. The formula isn't chip- resistant: On the 10th day, I've noticed little chips specifically on the edge of my nails, but it's not too bothersome to be considered as a caveat.

Overall, I still like this line because the colors are gorgeous and most of all, affordable. It takes a little effort to use but if worked properly, they're amazing. The darker colors of this line are so great to use in nail art because they make drawings pop!

L-R: Delicious, Midnight, French Toast, Bold Sangria, Passionate

So far, what's your favorite shade amongst the five?

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ms M, i've had bad experience with fast drying top coats, they tend to chip my nails a lot faster and bigger! can you please tell me if you experience the same thing with this top coat? im getting tired of sally hansen already

  2. I have the Bold Sangria & Fall Mood, I really love nail polishes, especially China Glaze and Revlon since they're opaque enough in two coats.

    Fast drying top coats really tend to make the nail polishes chip faster, you can either paint the free edge (or what nail polish addicts call wrapping the free edge with nail polish :)) with a thin layer of nail polish followed by the fast drying top coat or put clear top coat (the non fast drying type, clear polish works well too) before putting the fast drying top coat.
    Also, heathy nails tend to stay chip free than peeling and weak nails :).
    Lastly, remove oils and other debris before putting anything on the nail so that the nail polish (or base coat, base coats help nail polish stay longer, the sticky ones are the best!) can adhere better.

  3. i lvoe purple :) and their bold sangria is so cute :) i seldom wear dark shades on my nails because i think its hard to match any outfit XD
    the dual brush applicator, doesnt it makes it messy to work with?
    does it leave any yellow stain after? :)

  4. Would you really recommend this nail polish from other brands? I love the fact that the polish do not chip your nails in a matter of a few days. 10 days is good. :)

  5. Awww, you didn't have the taupe one. Anyway, thanks for that note on using the base and top coat for it to really become "colorstay"

    I was under the impression that they're good as is.


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