Review: Zen Zest Home Fragrances

Here's a review on Zen Zest Home Fragrances

Price: P250.00 each
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Other Locations: Available in all Zen Zest outlets in leading department stores


Adding a touch of fragrance to your home is one of the surefire ways to get you in any positive mood, depending on the type of fragrance you use. Not only that, they also make your house visitor- friendly. Since 'tis the season to entertain guests in our homes, make sure the atmosphere smells good!

Since I drink Home Fragrances, (LOL) I prefer something that's affordable but doesn't smell cheap and most of all, strong enough to mask any kind of stench, specifically dog smell. I love my dogs but I gotta hate the foul odor that's emanating from their coats. And now that they're a bit old already, (in dog years) the stench has gotten stronger and unfortunately, not even the strongest doggie cologne can mask it! Actually, I've stopped using doggie colognes because Denver, my big and loving Golden Retriever, would always get a runny nose from it.

When it comes to affordable but quality Home Fragrances, I trust Zen Zest. The good thing about their range is it has a wide range of scents. So whether I want a deodorizer or a regular home fragrance, I always find something from Zen Zest.

Here's my humble Zen Zest Home Fragrance Collection:

Anti- Tobacco

- It's a strong, woody fragrance and I like how it would act on tobacco smell rapidly. I used to use Anti-Tobacco Candles but I totally dislike like the fumes so I changed to this one.

Kitchen Fragrance

- It's a gourmand fragrance, and has a delicious creamy chocolate smell! The scent puts you in the mood to eat and at the same time, masks any foul smell, especially the one from fish meat. We're preparing a big lunch for our relatives tomorrow and one of our dishes is Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu, and this baby will keep that darn fish odor away!

Winter Wonderland

- I love this thing! I'm using it every night because it reminds me so much of Peppermint Candy Canes! 

Winter Wonderland has a fresh, minty scent spiked with sugar and cinnamon! There's still the New Year celebration, so don't forget to grab this one and spray it around the house to imbibe that festive, happy mood.

Christmas Spirit

- If you like something warm and homey, I would suggest Christmas Spirit. Michelle Fontelera, founder of Zen Zest had told me that this particular fragrance was inspired by Christmas time in New York city. Christmas Spirit has a pine scent with a strong cinnamon undertone. I don't know how Christmas in New York looks, smells, and feels like, but I think this gives me a preview of it!

The good thing about the big bottles is they come with an anti-spill atomizer so bye bye mess!

That's it! I just sprayed Winter Wonderland around the house and I love how it lets me feel the vibe of Christmas even more! Happy Holidays everyone! I will hit the gym first before I gorge tonight! Don't forget to enjoy eating, but drink in moderation. Have fun! :)

For more information about these products, please visit ZEN ZEST ASIA on Facebook.

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. aww il try the gourmand n winterwonderland! i love peppermint and chocolate scent

  2. I think I would like that kitchen fragrance... I do hope they come out with a cookie dough fresh baked goods..

  3. i love the kitchen smell and the winter wonderland, i definitely use one of those on my friends lunch here at home, it would definitely start a talk with it :)

  4. Even Chrsitmas has ended, I wanted to try the Christmas spirit, so feeling at New york ang peg.

  5. ohh, I'll try the anti tobbacco, hubby cant stop his smoking habits though he only smokes outside our home (i forbid him to smoke inside since we have kids) but this will help :)

  6. Miz Eloise: Yup! Please do! It's so bango! :)

    Jaja: Waaah! Same here! My brother finds this useful. :)

    Ohms: True! :)

    Dappletheworld: I think they have, although in perfumes. :)

    Jenny: Great choices! :) I'm sure you'll love them. :)


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