I actually wanna call this blog post "The Trouble With Hello Is Goodbye Clearance Blog Sale" but figured that it's too long. LOL!

Anyway, these are some of my well- loved products and even though it hurts to let them go, I have to because my bedroom is becoming a stock room already due to too much stuff. :( Please take care of these babies for me. :)


These are authentic Inglot products from Dubai and Malaysia. Each product will come with their respective paper bags. I got a little darker and these products became too light for me already. If you get both, shipping will be free plus you'll get a full- sized beauty sample. :)


- Instead of falling in line and consuming thousands of calories just to get the much- coveted annual planners of Starbucks, why not buy this one instead? It's cheaper and most especially, you won't get fat!--I have endured everything for you hehe. :D

Buy this and shipping is free, plus you'll get a full- sized beauty sample. It will come with a Starbucks paper bag too!


Items are very, very, very cheap already considering their condition, brands, and quality so please, let's be reasonable with the pricing. :D

Please contact me at 0917 849 5018 for purchases. Reservation is good for 1 day only. :D


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow! mura nnga ang melissa n yan kaya lng im over melissa n. merry cmas to u!

  2. ang cute nun melissa too bad im size 5 XD

  3. those are really nice melissas! Sadly my feet are a teeny size 6 :(

  4. very cheap na nga but i wanted the shoes one, sadly im nine.:( better luck next time:

  5. I want the inglot YSM Foundation. How can I purchase this Madam. thanks please reply.

  6. sayang the Inglot blush is taken na


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