Zen Zest's Holiday Sets+Diva Off Challenge

Zen Zest has just unveiled their ultra chic and affordable holiday gifts sets. In a super fun event aptly called the DIVA OFF CHALLENGE at Redbox Greenbelt 3 is where we got to know more about Zen Zest’s holiday offerings. It was also a pseudo- Christmas party of Zen Zest and their favourite bloggers!

The event was hosted by Melai Entuna of Style and Soul. CEO and Founder of Zen Zest Asia, Michelle Fontelera- Ascense and Brand Consultant, Liz Lanuzo were also present to party with us in the Diva Off Challenge.

 One of Zen Zest's image models, Divine Lee, has graced the event as well. In here, she's musing about her most favorite products from Zen Zest, the Room and Linen Fragrances.

Click READ MORE and have a detailed look at Zen Zest's holiday sets, plus find out who won the Diva Off Challenge!

Zen Zest's holiday collection is an extensive one- ranging from bath products, to body mists, body perfumes, and home fragrances. They come in very cute and presentable boxes that you don't have to wrap them anymore! And mind you, these gift boxes are customizable too: Take your pick from any of their available fragrances, and arrange them in the holiday duo gift boxes.


Give your girlfriends Pink Peony, Pink Tulip, Baby Powder, or fruity Daydream, a body mist collection with a fresh, feminine, and pretty scent. They also have Berry Blush and Pure Cotton, two bigger body mist versions for women. The guys in your lives will definitely enjoy the body mist collection for men in Active, Sport, Extreme, and Rush. For your Obsessive Compulsive friends or relatives, they will surely enjoy the Body Wash+Bath Loofah sets. Finally, for your homemaker colleagues, give them the limited edition Room Fragrances in Christmas Spirit and Winter Wonderland, the brand's newest and luscious home scents that will surely imbibe the Christmas spirit in any home.

Needless to say, Zen Zest has something for every person you love!

Body Mist Set for Women- P99.00

Available fragrances: Pink Tulip, Pink Peony, Daydream, and Baby Powder

Berry Blush and Pure Cotton Body Mist Set- P120.00

 Body Mist Set for Men- P99.00

Available Fragrances: Active, Sport, Rush, Extreme

Body Wash and Bath Loofah Sets- P75.00

Available Scents: Pink Tulip and Daydream

Limited Edition Winter Wonderland Room Fragrance- P250.00

Limited Edition Christmas Spirit Room Fragrance- P250.00

 Christmas Spirit and Winter Wonderland Room Fragrance Set- P99.00

So here's a summary of what happened in the Diva Off Challenge. There were prizes including 10k gcs from Maldita, Zen Zest gcs, and 5k worth of cash+50 pcs. of personalized Zen Zest fragrances for the grand winner.

The challenge was kicked off by Michelle Fontelera- Ascense with her rendition of Aegis' 'Halik', and followed by the ultimate karaoke song, 'Alone' by Celine Dion, sung by Divine Lee and papa Victor Basa, who followed in the event.

Pretty fashion bloggers! Hello Verniece and Aisa!

 With Shen who won one 5k worth of Maldita gcs. She sang Kelly Clarkson's 'Because of You'. The other winner of the gc was Paul of the fashion blog, Paul The PR Guy. He sang Jason Mraz's 'Remedy'.

Photo Credits: peachypinksisters.blogspot.com

I sang Adele's 'Rolling in The Deep' (yes, I was THAT brave) and guess what? I won the grand prizes! :D Congratulations to everyone who joined the Diva Off challenge!

Thank you Zen Zest and to my fellow bloggers for this awesome event!

Truly, these gifts are made to impress, but without the hefty price tag!

I am one happy gal for I finally have more Room fragrances in stock. Out of the two limited edition Christmas Room fragrances, I am loving Winter Wonderland because it reminds me of my favorite candy, Candy Canes!

Take the guessing out of gift giving and head on to your nearest Zen Zest branch now, and grab these gift sets while they're still there. Please visit ZEN ZEST ASIA on Facebook for more details about these holiday sets.

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  1. Wow great gift Christmas sa mga teens!

  2. Aww looked like a lot of fun! Hope I can meet you in person too :)


  3. Heard about those room fragrances...better drop by at zen zest..Congrats on your win!...now those gift sets would say the day!...thanks ulit!

  4. kinda curious about that winter wonderland room fragrance, it must be really lovely scent.^_^

  5. You seriously could belt out girl! Love it! ^_^ I'm sooo excited to your personal fragrance by zenzest! ^_^



  6. omg i want to buy that room fragrance :)
    ang idol ko si mother becky and si V answerte mo martha~! nyahaha

  7. congrats for winning po! hihihi guto ko tuloy marinig ung voice nyo :)))

  8. I have now the idea on what to give to my bf's mom this Cmas since she loves room fragrance! and so affordable hihi. Thanks thanks Ms. M!

  9. SM: Hi and welcome to tbj! Why thank you! I'll muster enough courage and do a cover on my YT channel soon haha!

    Sincere: True! I'm sure your bf will love these gifts!

    Jenny: Thanks. They're both nice people. :)

    Iya: Thank you! You owned the dance floor as well!

    Eloise: Indeed they are!

    Dappletheworld: Hi there! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! let me know what you got! :)

    Mayla: True that!

    Angel: Yup! Super fun! Hope to meet you soon as well. :)

  10. wow!ang sarap tuloy mag Christmas shopping nito!
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