Avon's Nobel Prize- Winning Anti-Aging Cream is bound to hit the Philippines this March 2013

Last week, I had posted a teaser of Avon's groundbreaking Anti- Aging product over Instagram. Many thanks to the people in Avon Philippines for giving me the opportunity to be one of the firsts to try out this product, and for giving my readers the first dibs on it.

So what is this 'miracle' cream that is "touted to wipe out the need for cosmetic surgery"? Avon says that this product contains a powerful molecule that will release untapped collagen and promises to erase fine lines, with clinical results to back up its claims. It was reportedly sold out during its first release in the UK, has garnered a lot of raves from UK- based beauty magazines and experts, and a whopping 60,000 women are waiting in line for it.

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From one of the world's leading anti- aging lines, Avon Anew, comes Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector A-F33, a revolutionary product that will fight wrinkles and restore skin's youthfulness. It is the first product that contains the wonder molecule Amino Fill 33, (A-F33) a clinically- engineered molecule that promises to improve the appearance of fine lines on the skin by 50% in as little as 7 days. FYI, A-F33 is a patented ingredient that is exclusive to Avon only.


A-F33 was originally developed to treat Lamellar Ichthyosis. Later on, the scientists of Neo Strata (a global company that specializes in topical anti-aging treatments) have discovered that it is a potential anti- aging product as well. Neo Strata had brought the molecule to Avon where further research was conducted. The painstaking research was well- worth for both visionary companies have come up with a formula that is set to change the face of modern anti-aging.


The scientists of Avon have discovered that as we age, the production of enzymes that are vital to the formation of functional collagen in our skin slows down. Our skin continually produces collagen, but the channels that pass it up to the skin layers deactivate as we age, thus resulting in a collagen block. This block manifests on the epidermal layer as fine lines and deep creases. Amino Fill 33 apparently removes this block by boosting enzyme production and releasing buried collagen, resulting to collagen production in just 72 hours.

Here are the results from a dermatologist- supervised clinical study:

7 DAYS: The look of fine lines begin to fade
2 WEEKS: 100% improvement in fine wrinkles

11 WEEKS: 33% improvement in deep wrinkles; up to 50% overall improvement in the look of fine lines and deep wrinkles

This product also marks Anew's 20 years of changing the lives of women through cutting- edge products. With the release of Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector A-F33, Avon has proven once again that they are undoubtedly one of the most innovative beauty brands in the world.

I don't have visible lines on my face yet, except on my under eye area--I will use this cream on that part and will get back to you with the results. It may not be of significant use to me now, but I am definitely excited for those who are already dealing with wrinkles! :D I'll also let my mother try it out so I could see for myself what the magic called A-F33 is all about.

Starting January 21, 2013, you can grab your free Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector A-F33 28-day VIP trial at Avon's website! Click the link and sign up now because there are only 2,500 slots available! If some of you guys were able to try it out, do let me know how it works for you!

**Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector A-F33 will be available through Avon representatives starting March 1, 2013. The product retails at P1,999.00

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For more information about this product, please visit AVON PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i wonder how true the claims are. i dont think there really is something that people can do to reverse the aging process. enough rest, healthy diet and exercise still are the best antidotes to aging. dn't get me wrong, i'm a product junkie myself, but i've become wary of advertising claims since i started reading beautyandthebullshit.blogspot.com

  2. i wonder how true the claims are. i dont think there really is something that people can do to reverse the aging process. enough rest, healthy diet and exercise still are the best antidotes to aging. dn't get me wrong, i'm a product junkie myself, but i've become wary of advertising claims since i started reading beautyandthebullshit.blogspot.com

  3. woohoo sounds promising! packaging reminds me of obagi zo primer!

  4. wow, this is really interesting! please give us an update after you've tried this! :)

  5. This is promising and I'll wait for your review. Like you, I dont have fine lines except for my under eye area so I dont see a need to this yet ;)

  6. ill definitely tell my lola about this because she's a huge fan of the anew line.
    and maybe prevention is better than cure :) i love those korean young looking faces :)

  7. There are so many anti-ageing products to choose from already! I dont know which first to try but definitely not this one yet coz like you and few comment-ers here, I dont have visible fine lines yet. I'll wait for your post once your mom tried this product na let's see how effective it is.

  8. Grabe those are huge claims.

    Although, medyo similar sya sa "reduces the appearance" when they said "the look of fine lines begin to fade" kaya I'm still skeptical.

    Alam ko din, na sa US, anything that is proven to actually do something will be considered a drug, just as tretinoin is.

  9. Eloise: Good point. Bottomline, at the end of the day, claims will only remain as such. You still have to use the product to see if it works or not. I saw the blog too and it's indeed interesting. The author knows a lot about the industry-perhaps he/she was once part of it. :)

    Regarding your point on advertising claims, I also don't get why most people would fuss about product PRs, given that they know that it actually IS PR. In the end, the decision is still on the consumer--it's up to him/her whether he/she'll buy the product or not. Just my two cents.

    Jheng: Looks expensive nga eh!

    Jenny: And most of them have gone under the knife. :)

    Issa: will do. :)

    Yanny: That is, if my mom allows me to test it on her. She's a Shiseido and Lancome loyalist haha.

    Jaja: Maybe an wrinkle- fading eye cream should be good enough for you. :)

    Rae: Was quite shocked too with the claims when I was reading the PR. But then again, I'll never know if the claims are actually true unless I try it. :)

    Regarding your "reduces the appearance" and "the look of fine lines begin to fade" statement, it is a good point, but the interesting part here is, the studies have showed that it can improve fine wrinkles by 100%, while other products (At least in the anti- aging product PRs I've read) claim that they can reduce fine lines by 50% (max) only. Well, I'll see that for myself. :)

  10. This Nobel-prize winning anti-aging product from Avon would surely make my wife happy. What's the update about this stuff?
    Ed of MDSkinShop.com

  11. ang ganda ng packaging, truly it seems obagi brand, but this one is acceptable for women who scared under operations..hihi

  12. ^^ True! I hope I get to be one of the 2,500 :D

    After all I'm in search for a good moisturizer.

  13. Avon has impressed its customers for years. This product will only make them more popular than they already are. It has so many promising benefits. :)
    - VanYulay.com

  14. As we age, the fibers that support our skin, called collagen, begin to diminish and shrink. This causes skin to lose plumpness and firmness. The best anti aging creams include collagen boosters that slow the reduction in collagen production and help to replenish lost collagen. To ensure that your anti aging cream boosts collagen, look for products that work on the cellular level to boost your body's collagen production. Ensure that your anti wrinkle cream provides clinical proof that it increases collagen, and look for ingredients that include the words "collagen," "kollagen" or "cytokine." Nut oils such as almond oil also help boost collagen production while moisturizing and smoothing skin.

    Anti Aging Cream

  15. Whatever happened to this? I'm very curious about this serum. Did your mom use it? Would love to read about your experience with A-F33. :)

  16. Yes, collagen might work but I do think the claims are pretty high, even the best anti aging products existing in the Philippines claims such things but ends up being a bust. I wonder why we're even that obsessed, then again, everyone wants to retain their youth. Lol, I do think stress reduction is a better alternative and a healthy diet too.


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