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Happy Friday everybody! First week of 2013, done! And welcome to my first Fan Mail Fridays for 2013. :)

This question is from April Yabut, one of my avid readers. Just a little sharing, this sweet and cute girl is the sister of one of my beloved peeps from Nuffnang, AJ Yabut. One time, while I was at Nuffnang's office, her brother called her up and finally, we got a chance to talk over the phone and my, I gotta love her youthful energy! Oh, to be young and 14. Haha!

ANYWAY! So here's April's question. It's actually nice, and I'm sure a lot of my teenage readers will benefit from this. Here it goes:

Hi Miss Martha! :) 
I bet you know it's me! April Yabut! Your Number One Uber Duber Fan! :D Hehe I read all your articles, and trust me when I say all I mean it! So to cut the chase, here's my question! :D As a teenager and new to the field of make-up do you suggest to splurge on expensive or high-end products for me to try? And also do you have tips on how to start my own blog for make-up fashion and food, because my current blog is only filled with my feelings being a tumblr fanatic. Please do answer back! :D I'm your number one fan!! I really am! Hehe. Stay strong with your uber craycray handsome boyfiee and more magical power to your blog! Wish you good health and all the best this holidays! 
Xoxo, 14 year old Ms. April Yabut ;*
Hi April!

As always, you're cute! Haha! Regarding your question, most people would tell you to spend on drugstore makeup brands because you're young and you're not earning yet to deserve pricey makeup, and you still have virgin skin. I agree with the last reason, but not with the first one because I firmly believe that you deserve whatever it is that you want, whether if it's affordable or expensive.

When choosing makeup for your teenage skin, it's not all about the price but rather the product/brand that won't hurt your skin. You are in your Puberty years, and could be undergoing serious bodily changes, so make sure that the products you're going to use are mild enough so it won't interfere or aggravate your skin.

Click READ MORE and see my recommendations!


I would recommend Clinique because they have Allergy- free makeup, and they don't use strong chemicals in their products. Suffice to say, it's good for your virgin skin.

Maybelline is a good choice as well. Aside from the fact that it's an affordable brand, they also carry simple and easy to use products, and are a favorite of many teenagers. (I had a Maybelline phase when I was in Highschool! :D)

I think the reason why a lot of people would recommend teens to try drugstore makeup first is because the selection is uncomplicated, and teens like you who are still exploring the world of makeup will most likely end up getting the products that you need with drugstore brands. For me, Maybelline is still the best drugstore brand.


Mascara and eyeliner should be good. Eyeshadow? Nah. On your Prom, Soiree, and Graduation, they will come handy, but you don't need them on a daily basis.

Maybelline carries the best and affordable mascaras, so take your pick. They also have gel and liquid eyeliners. For beginners, I would recommend Maybelline HyperSharp since you have chinky eyes and liquid liner is best for any makeup newbie.


Nothing screams young, vibrant, and cute than a tube of jelly lipgloss. Maybelline's Fruity Jelly Lip Gloss color selection is very young, albeit few. But at least it's affordable!
The pricier counterpart of Maybelline's Fruity Jelly Lipgloss is Lancome's Juicy Tubes, which happens to be one of my fave lipglosses when I was in Highschool. Juicy Tubes has better color selections, a more lightweight and comfortable texture, and better staying power.

You can also try Benefit's Ultra Plush lipglosses: They're incredibly smooth, light, and yummy. The colors are quite sheer, never overpowering, and teen- friendly. It's one of my favorite lipglosses today.

For lipstick, I would recommend Shu Uemura's Rouge Unlimited and Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine Lipsticks. They have a lot of cute colors, and the overall finish of the product is just light and dewy.


A Lip and Cheek Tint should be your best friend in your teenage years. It's the quickest and perhaps the most natural way to look pretty in an instant. There are schools that don't allow girls to wear makeup (like mine. Rar.) or if they do, it should be very, very natural- looking--this product will do the trick. My favorite is Benefit's Benetint because it's light and primarily water- based so it won't clog pores. It stays intact all day too!

For powder blushes, Benefit has some cute blushes that will definitely fit your age. In my opinion, Benefit's Box O' Powders color selection is fresh, pretty, and youthful. I would suggest Hervana, Dandelion, and Coralista to you. :)

There you go! Here are some final tips:

1. For your school (if they allow it): Powder and lip and cheek tint will do
2. If you're going somewhere other than school: Powder, Powder Blush, lipgloss, and eyeliner will do
3. For special occasions: (e.g. Prom, Soiree, and the likes) Powder, Powder Blush, Mascara, Eyeliner, Lipstick, a sheer wash of color on your lids, and a few strokes of brow pencil will do.
4. Don't overdo your makeup! Let your youth shine through. Because when you age and you start dealing with skin problems, (I hope you won't!) you'll miss the time when you can just go out with your bare skin.

Hope y'all liked this! Stay pretty everyone! :)

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Agree! Maybelline is the best drugstore brand for makeup.. I'm still using some of their products like nascaras . It's great! I feel like teenager parin hehe

  2. wow! you have a foreign readers din pala! :) congrats nga po pala dahil kayo po ang blogger of the month ng nuffnang :) i was trying to start a blog.. :) marami mo akong nakukuhang tip sa pagbasa ko sa blog niyo. :) thanks

  3. #4 is right! I cringe when I see heavily made up teens (and children! O_O). Don't they know that adults strive hard for the no makeup look because they want to recapture their youthful glow? Haha!

  4. wow!all set..sana next time for morena skin naman and ofice girl.:)

  5. I'll share this post on my fb wall and tag my cousin who's now living in Canada; very timely since she's now earning as a crew in one of the biggest fast food chain there, she's 17 and buys a lot of makeup products she don't actually know how to use yet. I wish I was there to help her out.

  6. i miss my highschool days :) i tend to do only penshoppe/avon tint for blush and the everbilena magic lipstick!
    and thats that!
    just be simple :)
    highschool ngayon wagas na makapag makeup even in schools, minsan akala ko mas matanda pa sila sakin, like seriously XD

  7. wow to be honest when i was in hs and even in college pinakamahal kong makeup maybelline. id get my haul from avon. id fecommend clear mascara siguro. also hanggang baby powder nga lang non ang mga teens. pero ngaun hala pati kilay ay may make up na. my very staple all around product dati was pretty when pinched cheek and lip tint from bench.

  8. Wow! I totally agree on this one. As a teen I was always jealous of my mom who had tons of makeup with different shades and brands, also my aunts who had products that are worth more than I can ever imagine. But the truth is, Teens look their best at their simplest form. :) Instead of heavy makeup, a dash of color here and there is the right way to go! Thanks Martha <3

  9. Great tip! I super agree with your final tip no. 4 coz lots of teenagers nowadays wore too much makeup.

    I love those Benefit products especially the Coralista nd the Ultra Plush lipgloss. :)

  10. Aviva: The irony of life. :)

    Ohms: noted! :)

    Jd: Thank you for your thoughts! :)

    Jenny: True! My pet peeve are teenage girls wearing tons of makeup in inappropriate occasions!

    Eloise: Great reco, dear! I used clear mascara a lot when I was in grade school, specifically on my brows because they were too bushy. :p

    Cyndicato: Thank you! :D

    Sincere: Cute! Maybelline is my HG brand for mascaras: They're cheap but they work!

  11. I only used Johnson's baby powder, mascara and lipstick na ginawang blush-on when I was in highschool! takot pa ksi ako nun na mag lipstick kasi I feel like a prostitute. Weird me, and now I wanna wear bold lipsticks =)) The most expensive cosmetics I first got is a Maybelline BB Cream given to me by a friend :D Great list tho, will be sharing this to my friends na nagdadalaga pa lamang :DD

  12. I agreed to everything you said Ms. Martha :) Teens should let their youth shine through. Namiss ko tuloy yung highschool days ko na powder lang ok na. Ngayon, i have skin issues na to deal with :(

  13. Agree! Maybelline is one of the best drugstore brands and up until know I still use them. Love their Mascaras and their aqua gel foundie :)

    Beauty Colada


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