Review: Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom

Here's a review on Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom

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I felt my heart weep when I've found out that Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea Lotus was only a limited edition version of the brand's iconic Green Tea fragrance. (Ugh! I knew it! I should've hoarded!) Of all the Green Tea versions, that was my most favorite. I thought I'd never fall in love again with any of Green Tea's renditions until the Cherry Blossom variant came out.

The Cherry Blossom scent was one of my staple fragrances in high school, until it became too common and my perfume preference has evolved. It's nice to know that this one is a more unique and grown- up take on one of my fave adolescent fragrances. With this, I can finally wear Cherry Blossom sans the teeny bopper vibe. 

Basically, it's still good ol' Green Tea with Cherry Blossom dancing in the background. Top note is airy, sparkling, and citrusy. The heart note is a powdery floral--to be specific, the heart is redolent of The Body Shop's Moonflower- it's one of the reasons why I love this fragrance because I was a huge fan of the discontinued Moonflower line. Finally, the base is graced with the warmth of musk. The overall appeal of the fragrance is fresh, soft, a tad bit powdery, and utterly feminine. It is never overpowering, and it's something you won't mind lingering in your nostrils because it's calm and a lil' soothing. Staying power is okay for an EDT: It lasts for a good 2-3 hours before I reapply.

In conclusion, Green Tea Cherry Blossom is a good daily fragrance, and for those times when you just want to smell lovely. You might want to check this out too if you want a unique- smelling Cherry Blossom fragrance like me.


Just wanna share the Green Tea Cherry Blossom- inspired mood board I made at Polyvore. :)

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This scent is interesting. I love Cherry Blossom scents. This is a must try. My mom has the Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea Scent Spray and I use it sometimes. :)

  2. though pricey but it's on global! Elizabeth Arden eh!:)

  3. Scents of floral really attract my senses and would love to have one of their green tee versions too! Kaya lang, ang mahal, di pa kaya ng pocket ko. Anyways, thanks for the in-depth review, Ms Martha! Just found your blog and I'm loving it! ♥

  4. i've been lemming for this but i would like something with a longer staying power. But regarding the scent, I love it :)

  5. I loved that Moonflower scent from Body Shop too, and I missed it suddenly! hmmm, I'll look for this around, as recommended! :D

  6. I'm always reminded with Body Shop's Cherry Blossom Perfume two years ago when my tita gave that to me as a Bday gift. I really like flowery scent on me it makes me feel very lady-like. I wonder kung ano mas mabango Body shop or ito?

  7. Oo nga mas mabango to kesa sa lavender nila. Nahook dn ako s cherry blossom pero i just wear bath and body cherry blossim i forgot the complete name na kaamoy fdn naman

  8. Hindi ko pa na-try this particular scent :) Magpa-spray nga ako nito pag napadpad ako sa mall to try kung swak ba sya sa body chem ko :) Thanks for the reco :)

  9. Thanks for reading the article girls!

    Mills: Thank you for reading and welcome to my blog! :D It's available in Rustan's. :)

  10. Never tried any green tea scent but I had a good experience with a Cherry Blossom bath get from Bath and Body works. Before I used to have this limited thinking na scents were made from flowers. Backreading is proving to be worthwhile. :) I may not comment on every post Ms M but I assure you I'm reading them. Thanks to such things as Archives.

  11. I just bought the Green Tea Lotus (3.3oz) from TJ Maxx for $13. Keep your eyes open, it can be found still!

  12. Wow cool, I found perfume supplier here for very affordable price


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