DKNY PureDKNY A Drop Of Rose: A Story of Goodness Through A Rose

Every perfume tells a unique story. Every drop is a word that forms a beautiful narrative, and the fragrant cloud of mist takes you to an inspiring place, a memorable journey. PureDKNY A Drop Of Rose narrates and takes you to the wonderful harvesting and cultivation season of the Rose Damascene in Turkey:

At the lush Isparta Valley in Turkey is where the precious Rose Damascene thrives. Every June, the farmers harvest the first blooms using a generations- old sustainable farming method and just before the season ends, 2500 tons of Rose petals were already harvested and transported to a distillery for extraction-the result is the essence of the Rose Damascene: Pure, gentle, and uncomplicated--this is what goes into every bottle of PureDKNY A Drop of Rose.

PureDKNY A Drop of Rose is primarily made with the Turkish Rose and has touches of Magnolia, Blackcurrant, Verbena, Cedar, and Vanilla. Apart from its overall pure scent, this fragrance also has the purest of intentions: Through this fragrance, DKNY is able to assist CARE, a leading humanitarian organization that aims to bring people out of poverty, and they also promote livelihood amongst Turkish farmers (which are mostly women) by purchasing the Rose petals from them. Not only that, every component of this fragrance is made from recycled, almost-chemical-free, and biodegradable materials--Even the ink used on the carton was eco-friendly!

This fragrance is actually the third variant from the Pure line. The first two were Drop of Verbena and Drop of Vanilla. A Drop of Rose is now available in all our local leading department stores. Price is P4,900.00 (100ml) and P3,500.00 (50ml). You're asking about my initial thoughts on this fragrance? I love it because again, I will say it, I love Rose in general, and this one smells uniquely youthful! Please keep on checking back for a detailed review of this fragrance. :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love floral-y scents too, Ms M. if only I could try one :( This perfume is made of love and passion. I love the fact that it is primarily made of pure Turkish rose scent, which I am not familiar with (ensembles uniqueness). will be waiting for your review about this, Ms. M! ♥

  2. Sounds very romantic and luxurious ano mas mabango ito o un be dekicious intense pink?

  3. Nice description of the process in making that perfume Ms. Martha. :) i like citrus and fruity scents (dkny be delicious/burberry pink sheer) with the exception of Versace bright crystal. But i am intrigued as to what this variety of rose smell like. I will surely take a whiff the next time I shop. :D

  4. the bottle looks so feminine and powerful. The only flower scent that I really like is rose so this really is interesting. Thank you for sharing Martha!

  5. ooh floral and fruity scents, I love that too.super glam ng packaging and I wonder kaya ginagamit ng ibang celebrity.:)

  6. Desires: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

    Ohms: It's more of floral, actually. Dear, you are the COM for February. please claim your prize. Otherwise, I'd have to choose a new one. :)

    Miz Eloise: I prefer this one more. It's lighter and fresher. I've too many opulent florals. :)

    Detsy: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I like it because it's not a common, grandma- type of Rose. :)

    Jaja: You're welcome! :D

  7. This gets me curious because of the rose variant used which I haven't heard of. But what caught my eye is the other pure line the Drop of Vanilla... :)

  8. Wow your description is mesmerizing Ms. M! I haven't had any rose-based fragrance but I have rose-scented bath gels.

    Kudos to sustainable livelihood and farming and a big Hurray to eco-friendliness.

  9. i really love how well you review a perfume =) parang feeling ko at naiimagine ko yung scent.. for me, PERFUME REVIEWS ang pinakamahirap kasi very poor ang pagdedescribe ko ng mga pabango, bad thing pa na i think i have allergy on strong scents.. =( kaya siguro hanggang cologne lang ako..

  10. Ito yung nipost mo just today na may advocacy :) Very nice post "Shopping Saves the World"


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