FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: My Top 5 Makeup Removers

Happy Friday! Today's Fan Mail Fridays is about taking it all off. :D Our question for today came from one of my blog's long- time readers, Cherry. She asks:


You got one marvelous blog right in there! Anyway, I just wanna say that I've been your longtime reader--been reading your blog since 2011. I don't normally comment as I have just been an avid lurker and onlooker, but this time, I thought of asking you a question.

What are your top 5 makeup removers? For the longest time, I've been using plain soap and water to remove makeup and I want to try makeup removers for a change and to give my regimen a lil' boost. Hope you can reply with your recommendations.

Thank you, more power, and God bless! Please keep on blogging.
Hi Cherry!

It's so nice to know that you are thoroughly enjoying my blog--thank you so much for being one of the foundations of The Beauty Junkee, along with its other readers, old and new. Yes, I will keep on blogging for as long as these fingers of mine could type! :D

Okay back to your question. I've only tried a couple of makeup removers, and I stopped searching and trying when I've started using Shu Uemura's Cleansing Oils. They're one of the world's greatest, I tell you. (Now you know what's my Top 1!) I still like a few other makeup removers though, and you'll find 'em out below.


It's good enough for daily use, specifically if you don't wear heavy duty makeup. (e.g. waterproof, long-wearing, long- lasting, 24-hr. makeups) It's very affordable too! It has the right balance of oil and water, which makes it perfect for people with combination skin.


Back then, when I didn't have the budget for Shu Uemura's Cleansing Oils, I delighted in Etude House's version: It's pretty lightweight, didn't break me out, very affordable, and has a good variety to match a good range of skin types. I say, if you don't have a budget for Shu Uemura but you want something that's pretty close to it in terms of texture and makeup removing powers, check this out!

Click READ MORE and see the other three!


Ah, a timeless classic. This was my first- ever makeup remover! I still have it in my bathroom and find myself using it every now and then just because... :D


One of my new and good discoveries. It's perfect for removing persistent lipstick, and its watery formulation makes it good for sensitive skin. I like its freshening properties too.


My HG makeup remover. It cleanses dutifully, and I've observed that it has really helped me maintain the beauty of my skin. My favorite is the Fresh Pore Clarifying variant because it helps tame breakouts and tightens up the pores overtime. You know how much I love Shu's cleansing oils? I have two backups! :D

There goes my top 5 makeup removers. I hope you liked this post, Cherry! How about you guys? Please share your favorite makeup removers in the comments section below!

Your friendly makeup guru,

The Beauty Junkee

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24 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Just like Cherry, i'm a person who removes makeup with just soap and water. For heavy-duty makeup, I use oil or lip balms (as long as its sticky). These are ridiculous, I know, that's why I'm on hunt of makeup removes that suits my budget. I love the list Ms. M! I heard a lot of good reviews with that one from Etude House. Would definitely buy one for myself! :)

  2. OO ako din Pond's Cold Cream din eversince...from my mother pa..subok na ba..hehehe.. :)

  3. I have used Maybelline's and Pond's Cold Cream. My current makeup remover is DHC Cleansing Oil. Some people say that it's comparable to Shu Uemura's--maybe not its other skin benefits, but its super makeup removal capability. I love how my face doesn't feel oily after using it, that it can be easily washed off, and that it can take off waterproof makeup. :)

  4. i'm not aware of the etude house. thanks for the info

  5. I use Bifesta and Maybelline together every night :)

    Maybelline is a dream for removing super tough eye makeup for me, especially since it's so gentle and my eyes aren't irritated even when a bit of the formula gets in my eye.

    Bifesta I use with cotton pads. It takes about 2-3 pads for me to remove my makeup fully most of the time, but just counting my bb cream/foundation/powder/blush. I need another pad for my lips! I also love how gentle it is and it doesn't break me out either. I'm currently using the blue "brightening" one.

    Nowadays I'm obsessed with makeup wipes though! I find that I need just 1-2 to remove all my makeup, lipstick/stain/gloss included! They're cheap too, despite the brand, and a lot are always on some kind of buy 1, take 1 promo. I recently bought one from Glamworks in Watsons.

    Your thoughts on makeup wipes, Martha? :)

  6. I only know Pond's Cold Cream and recently Bifesta. One day I would like to try Shu's oil makeup remover pero I'm still collecting makeup basics kaya baka malayo pa yun. Thanks for sharing your top 5.

  7. I've tried Shu and I must say that MUJI's cleansing oil is a very good dupe and it's only P400 plus!

  8. Yay! this is great Im gonna try maybelline's make up remover since I dont usually wear heavy duty make up. :) Like Cherry I only use water and soap/facial wash..hehehe! Thanks Martha! It's worth subscribing, this is my first blog subscription..hahaha!

  9. This is a very helpful post for a make up newbie like me! I love putting mascara but I find it very hard to remove specially the waterproof ones! I just wanna share that so far I used no-tears baby bath soap to remove my mascara. :P it takes a couple of washes tho. hahah I guess it is time for me to try one of these. ;)

  10. Yes, shu's cleansing oil is the best. You can observe that when you put your toner on with the cotton, there are no dirt residues you'll see on it. It totally cleanses and leave no marks even waterproof makeups.

  11. :) hi po ms. martha until now ang ginagamit ko parin pong make up remover ay ung ponds cold cream..:)my face love it and affordable pa po..thank you po dito..sana po may price po ung iba..:))

  12. I've been using Pond's since I was in high school :P It is really commendable & refreshing. I would love to try Etude House & Bifesta as I don't think I ca splurge for Shu Uemura :P

  13. I use Pond's cold cream too! I don't usually wear heavy makeup so that product is enough na for my needs. The last cold cream I bought was the lemon-scented one. Ang bango, amoy lemon talaga. Haha. For the eyes, I use Etude House's lip and eye makeup remover, very similar to the Maybelline one. Thanks for this post! I'm gonna check out the Etude House cleansing oil, especially since you said there are different varieties for different skin types :)

  14. i use ponds cold cream too esp. for travel since they are lightweight and small :)

    the etude dream cleansing oil is no longer available, I was suppose to buy that variant but the sa told me they no longer carry it, so I bought EH's real art cleansing oil instead since I dont have budget for Shu ang mahal kasi eh so naghhesitate tlga ako maginvest sa shu kasi baka hindi magwork sakin sayang naman diba?

  15. hi ms martha, just wonderin where I can buy the Bifesta Makeup remover? and how much is it? ^_^

  16. Ponds cold cream (tried and tested haha) or olive oil for stubborn lip stains, then again I don't wear heavy makeup often

  17. same as hollies ill.also try that of maybelline..i use shu uemura as facial cleanser i really didnt think of it as make up remover..silly me hehe

  18. Desire Loreto: Oh noes! Lipbalms and anything petroleum- based will clog your pores! You can try toners to remove persistent makeup, but not lipbalms! :p

    Somilge: Cool tip on the olive oil! :D

    Marsiedmartian: Hi there! :D Actually, shu doubles as a milky wash- off cleanser too so whatever you're doing is fine. :)

    Hollie: Watson's and it's around P400+, I think :)

    Jaja: Awww..That's sad to hear! This means I haven't been to an Etude House store for that long! Haha! Anyway, I don't know anyone who has disliked Shu Uemura's cleansing oils because it's THAT good! :D

    Aya and Arya: As per Jaja, it was discontinued already .:P

    Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! True about Pond's! It was my first- ever makeup remover and I still find myself liking it. :)

    Lilli: Hi there and nice to see you again on my blog! :D You can check out my reviews on these products-- (except bifesta 'cuz I haven't reviewed it yet) the prices are posted in their respective reviews. :)

    Marielle: Yes! And oh, its skin caring properties are what makes it superb! :D

    Detsy: That's the beauty of makeup removers: You get to save time and some amount of facial wash haha. :D

    Arian: Thanks for sharing! Makeup wipes? They're okay and they come handy when traveling, but I have this feeling that they're only wet wipes--nothing more. :p

    Mayla: Same! My mom still uses it too! :)

    Anonymous: Hi and welcome to TBJ! Yes! I saw Muji's cleansing oil and I'm itching to try it. :D I'm sure it's good because it's Japanese! :D

    Kris: Thanks for sharing your regimen! :D You gotta try shu soon. I swear by it! :D

    Jas: Actually, there are a lot of cleansing oils that are comparable to Shu's when it comes to makeup removal, but what you're paying for with every shu uemura cleansing oil bottle are its skin caring ingredients. :)

  19. Hi Ms Martha, loved this post. Would like to share mine. Top 2 for me and not as expensive as Shu Uemura's but gets the job done:
    1. Kanebo Freshel Cleansing Oil
    2. Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water
    I prefer water over oil! =)

  20. Really Ms. M? :o Now I believe since you said so. Yes I also tried using toners but it leaves my eyes stinging :| I got no choice now but to save for my first cleansing oil or makeup remover XD thanks for the tip Ms. M :)

  21. Hi Martha!

    I use Virgin Coconut Oil as my makeup remover. I let it stay for 10 mins then I wash my face with Kojic San soap, so far I have no qualms about it, in fact I am thankful I have clear skin. Very low maintenance gal here :)

  22. I've tried so many makeup removers, but I think I'd keep going back to Maybelline, especially if the budget is tight. Awesome stuff, and it's effective! --Matromao

  23. For me, pond's cold cream is still the best! I like bifesta but for me it is kinda pricey! Thanks for the review though! Have you tried happy skin?

  24. I always had a hard time finding that "right" makeup remover that doesn't have that stinging and drying face on my skin. So glad you made this review. By the way, I came across this nice product on the web, it's a make up remover na so practical to use (nanotowels), so maybe you and others might be interested. I'll post the link here.


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