Flight of Spring: ArtDeco Butterfly Dreams S/S 2013 Makeup Collection

Have I been bombarding you guys with too much event posts? Hope you guys don't mind. There are just sooo many wonderful makeup releases for Summer that I can't wait to share them with everyone! :) And here I am again, with another event post about ArtDeco's newest collection for Spring/Summer 2013.

Ah, Butterflies. You gotta admire how their airiness would remind you of the tenderness of the sunny season, and how they'd add a touch of happiness to the bright blue sky with their vibrantly colored, fluttering wings. Butterfly Dreams is a new makeup collection by ArtDeco, inspired by the natural beauty of Butterflies and the light-heartedness of the Spring/Summer season. The look for this collection is innocent and fresh, with subtleties of blue and pink on fresh, dewy skin. I really like this collection because it allows every woman to experiment with intimidating colors such as blue and pink for daytime wear, and the shades, especially the eyeshadows, are very friendly to young adults!

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It's basically a complete line with makeup items from eyeliner to nail lacquer. There's also the limited edition Butterfly Dreams Beauty Box Quattro, ArtDeco's version of the customizable makeup palette.

My most favorite items in the collection are the nail lacquers because they're very pigmented, and the finish doesn't look cheap in the slightest. They're the only frosted nail polishes that I actually liked!

Here's Ria of Beauty Bar, doing the signature Butterfly Dreams look on Tara of Chronicles of Vanity.

Me and my butterfly girls. LOL. Thank you Beauty Bar for the dreamy, wonderful lunch at Bizu!


Limited Edition Butterfly Dreams Beauty Box Quattro (P425.00)

A customizable makeup palette where you can house your favorite ArtDeco eyeshadows, camouflage creams, brow powders, blush, and concealers, painted in spring- worthy hues.

Eyeshadows (P350.00/ea.)

Sheer, cool- toned shades in a light frosted finish, inspired by the colorful wings of a butterfly.


255 Spring Green
267 Fresh Water
285 Lilac Passion Flower
297 Aero Spring Green
Blusher (P550.00)

A soft- textured, universally flattering midtone pink that adds a natural, summery flush to the cheeks.


30 First Love

Amazing Effect Mascara (P695.00)

A volumizing mascara with a special mini brush that catches all lashes in one swipe! It is made with Jojoba, Candelilla, Carnauba, and Sunflower wax to keep lashes smooth and soft during wear, and Calendula extract to soothe and prevent irritation. Can be used to coat lower lashes effectively too.


01 Black

Magic Eye Liner (P795.00)

An ultra creamy, pigmented, rich eye pencil defines eyes in a single stroke. It can be used alone or as an eyeshadow base for bold, dramatic eyes. Its special waterproof and smudge- proof formula is perfect for people suffering from Blepharochalasis, or excessive skin hanging on the eyebrow and lid area.


60 Blue Marguerite

Soft Eyeliner Waterproof (P550.00)

A long- lasting, opaque, quick drying eyeliner with a soft, blendable texture, making it perfect for people with sensitive skin around the lids. Contains Vitamin E.


40 Mercury Blue

Sensitive Fine Liner (P450.00)

A long- wearing, washable, no- sting eyeliner with an ultra smooth and soft felt tip specially formulated for people with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.


01 Black

Soft Lipliner Waterproof (P495.00)

A counterpart of the Soft Eyeliner, this long- lasting lip liner withstands all- day wear and keeps lipstick colors from smudging and bleeding around the lips.


72 Orange Tulip
76 Sweet Red

Hydra Lip Color (P450.00)

An emollient, sheer lip color with SPF 15 and Candelilla wax for a more pleasant application.


08 Hydra Soft Coral
10 Hydra Soft Pink

Perfect Color Lipstick (P650.00)

A rich lipstick with an opaque finish. Provides an even coverage in a single application, and has Vitamin E to keep lips healthy. It comes in a specialized metal sleeve that protects the lipstick from melting when exposed to heat.


18 Innocent Kiss
61 Orange Tulip

Art Couture Lipstick (P895.00)

A luxurious lip color with a dose of sensual shine. Its creamy, gel-like, melting consistency drenches the lips in pure color, while its Hop extracts keep lips supple for a long time.


258 Cream Sweet Red
265 Cream Spring Fever

Ceramic Nail Lacquer (P325.00)

A creamy, pigmented, easy-to-apply nail polish with a patented formula: Ceramic particles were combined with Plasticizers and Polymere to give ArtDeco's signature nail lacquer collection an optimum consistency, perfect coverage, and chip- resistant finish.


235 Spring Is In The Air
245 Iridescent Butterfly Wings
248 Spring Fever Pink
264 Shimmering Orange Crush
266 Iridescent Rose
271 Shade of Innocence

Any thoughts on this new collection? What are your faves?

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Butterflies don't fail to evoke a light happy feeling in me. I adore these creatures, it's high time to honor them with a makeup collection :)

    I like the nail lacquer as well, all of the shades you showed in this post Ms. M! I also like to try their felt tip eye liner and the Hydra Soft Coral.

  2. The mascara and the nail lacquer looks promising, Ms M! I've just known Artdeco recently ,and I must say their products are quite affordable. I wanna go to Beauty Bar and get some of their products. A while ago I was browsing at your archives and saw your review about the artdeco concealer which is your favorite product from them. Dang it works! I wanna get them along with some of the products from this new line. Thanks for sharing Ms M! I think your outfit looks cute and creative. Sayang we were just able to see the half of it :) FOTD please ♥

  3. for someone like me who does not have the time to go to events, more so be has the opportunity to be invited to one, your posts here are very useful Ms. Martha. Keep em coming so we'll be in the know too! ;)

    My faves: the blush the lipsticks (PINK OVERLOAD!!! mi love so much!)

    and the fine liner!

    thank you so much for sharing this. :)

  4. Ever since i read that ur fave concealer is art decos camouflage cream, i bought it!at tama ka nga!and mura ang price nia pa. Parang drugstore price pero suerb quality.

    I will check out yan lipliner nila.baka i can work my russian red s waterproof liner.

    I like to get the customizable palletye kaya lng ang mahal! Im excited for the mascara review din hahaha lahat nalang gusto ko. Im not too keen on the nail polishes though.

    Btw the colors fr the eyeshadow palette can be the perfect tools to create the non tacky blue makeup you taught us during your worlshop

  5. Wow very summer and feminine ang theme ng artdeco makeup collection. And the nail lacquers' colors look very pretty!

  6. Wow very summer and feminine ang theme ng Artdeco!

  7. I love the design of the beauty box and the idea of you're able to customize it.. I wanna try to experiment with the palette. Also I want the orange tulip and the nail lacquer...oooooh! summer is here!yeah! :) Thanks for sharing Ms. M. Btw, maybe you could share us that signature butterfly dreams look...:)

  8. I don't like the butterfly design haha it has a "china" feel lol, it doesn't look original. Plus, the colors of the eyeshadows are something that we can't wear in our everyday lives, I mean it looks fake, Bat ganun yung tingin ko..hay next post na nga lang :)

  9. i first heard of artdeco from one of my fave singaporean bloggers on ONSUGAR =) they have amazing products! i like that their lipsticks were affordable than what im expecting =)

  10. Kris: Awesome choices. :)

    Rhain: True that! :D

    Josie: LOL at your comment. Well, to each is own. I like the eyeshadow colors because they're very summery. :)

    May: Agree! I like the nail lacquers! :D

    Eloise: Nice observations! :) Yeah, that Artdeco camouflage cream is da bomb. :D

    Detsy: You're welcome! :) Yes! More event posts on the way. :)

    Desire: Wow! You've tried it? It's probably my most fave Artdeco product. :)


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