Review: Shiseido Medicated Baby Powder (Pressed)

Here's a review on Shiseido Medicated Baby Powder (Pressed)

Price: P350.00
Bought From: Karl Edwards Bazaar, The Fort Global City
Available in: Commonly sold in PX stores; Online Stores via Multiply


I frequent beauty forums a lot because I enjoy talking about makeup, not to mention I get to discover a lot of interesting beauty finds such as this product. In one of my favorite local beauty forums, a lot of the members swear by Shiseido's Medicated Baby Powder because they said it's very mild that it can be used by people with sensitive skin, has an ultra light texture, and its oil- blotting ability is excellent. However, it is such a hard-to-find product so when I saw this in one of my visits to Karl Edwards Bazaar, I snagged it right away!

From what I've gathered, Shiseido Medicated Baby Pressed Powder was formulated to suit babies who are allergic to regular baby powder-it is also reportedly a contender of the equally famous Pigeon Pressed Powder (which, by the way, is also an awesome gentle blotting powder) by Pigeon, another Japanese baby brand. Methinks it's a drugstore product of Shiseido, although I'm not really sure as I couldn't find it in the listing on the brand's official website.


Times like this, I wish I could comprehend and speak fluent Japanese. Good thing I have a cousin who has been living in Japan for over a decade now, and she has translated the information on the back label for me. (Thanks cuz!) This is just a rough translation though:

"A handy and functional compact powder (literal: solid powder) that smoothen the baby’s soft skin; helps protect the skin from prickly heat, inflammation, diaper rash, and thigh chafing while keeping the healthy skin condition;. less spattering due to its compact powder form. Apply by gently pressing the attached puff into the skin - after bathing, when changing diaper, or after cleansing the skin with baby lotion to remove sweat, etc.

I'm not so sure why it was called 'Medicated', but I guess it contains extracts that help soothe and moisturize the skin. But that's just me guessing so you have the option to disbelieve me. :D

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Do you remember that chunky plastic talcum powder jar with a complimentary powder puff from your childhood? That's pretty similar to the packaging of this product, but this one is more handy, slimmer, and lightweight. It comes with a puff made from high quality cotton.

A lot say that this powder is unscented, but it is almost fragrance- free to me as it still has this faint, milky smell, which I think is the natural scent of the powder-it's not really perceptible, unless you bring the product right under your nose. It only comes in one color, a semi- translucent white shade.

It's a low- dusting powder, and I like that because that means I don't get to inhale tons of powder particles whenever I'm using it. Texture is chalky but with a hint of creaminess-it's the type that can be used whether on oily or dry skin as its unique texture won't aggravate dry or oily areas. Coverage is sheer, but I find that it imparts a slight white cast to the skin and can alter the color of your foundation, especially if not blended evenly.

WORK IT: To deal with the white cast, I use a big, fluffy powder brush and apply it onto my skin using light, circular strokes. Afterwards, I use a dense Kabuki brush on the white, patchy areas to even out the coverage.

True enough, this thing controls oil very well and is an amazing blotting powder: It keeps me oil- free for 3- 4 hours, and instantly absorbs oil upon skin contact. It works well as a setting powder and overall body powder too! It's a great multipurpose powder to use during summertime as it's completely weightless, and it refreshes the skin thoroughly.

I will recommend it to those who prefer fragrance- free powders, and a cheap but awesome blotting powder. For those who have sensitive skin, I would advise that you conduct a patch test prior to purchasing. Unfortunately, it is not readily available anywhere so I can't really tell you guys where to get it exactly, but I've seen a couple of online stores on Multiply selling it so you might wanna go and check. If you want something similar to it, I would suggest Pigeon Pressed Powder as they both have the same texture and oil- controlling powers, except that Pigeon's powders are lightly fragranced, have more color options, and are more accessible.

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21 Lovely Thoughts

  1. By the time I read the title, I was like seriously? I immediately checked it in Shiseido's official site but got no result. Maybe an old product or phased out? Glad some online stores sell this. Thanks for bringing this to us, Ms M! I think I have sensitive skin, because it itches when I use not only few but SOME beauty products (which i really hate). I envy those people who doesn't have the same skin as I do :| I love the fact that it can blot oil effectively. Woot will definitely check this out! Thanks Ms M :)

  2. There are always new finds on TBJ. I mean, I've never heard of this powder from Shisheido and if I had seen one before reading this post, I would've thought that it was a fake posing as a Shiseido product. Thanks for the review Ms M. I quite like your description and I can imagine that this will be perfect (for summer) as a face powder on days when I'll just moisturize and not wear makeup.

  3. I think this would be perfect to use for foundation that's a little bit too dark for you also as it'll help lighten it up! :)

  4. i prefer using this kind of pressed powder =) fragrance-free sad thing that it is not easy to find locally

  5. Ang dami kong nakikitang ganyan from cash and carry. I imagined mentholated siya d pla?

  6. Nice! new discovery na naman from you, Martha. I was really looking for an alternative on VCO liquid powder, as I was worried to put on powder on Jairus.

  7. Nice! new discovery na naman from you, Martha. I was really looking for an alternative on VCO liquid powder as I was hesitant to put on powder to my three-month old son.

  8. The first thing that caught my attention is the word "medicated" and it surprises me that this can be used when changing diaper! Ahahaha it looks so cute but I don't wanna try for my baby because I'm afraid this may contain some ingredients that could harm his sensitive skin (well this is Shiseido so hmmm..)
    Although I don't use powder for my face, I'd still wanna try this because you say the coverage is sheer.. as if you're not wearing it at all? Perfect lang pag pupunta sa katabing grocery diba :)
    Nice photo Martha! Damp hair is sexxxyyy!

  9. They sell that in Greenhills! I always see that in a shop called Criselda's.

  10. looks like a nice product...interesting...

  11. I had to read the title and the description again... A P350 Shiseido product! Makes me want to scourge the market! Gyah! I better go out more often to find stuff like these! I think I remember seeing something with the similar "Baby" logo... I didn't know it was a Shiseido product. Thanks for sharing! ^_^

    Sana meron pa akong mahanap na ganito! ^__^

  12. very nice find ms. martha! is it okay to put it on the face for example if you feel oil midday and your make up is starting to melt?

  13. This one is interesting and not to mention another japanese product. :) Thanks for new discovery Ms. M

  14. Desire: Then you should be getting this indeed because it's even milder than baby powder! :) Let me know how you like it if ever you decide to buy one. :)

    Detsy: Blot oil with oil blotting sheets first then retouch powder to prevent caking. :)

    Jec: Welcome! :)

    Angela: Online, dear. :) It's mostly sold online. :)

    Joan: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Yes, I know Criselda. It's a shop that sells authentic stuff. Was one of their loyal patrons. :)

    Josie: Thank you dear! Actually, it's made for babies so I think it will suit your baby more. :)

    May: welcome dear! It's fragrance- free so I think this is better for babies. :)

    Eloise: Nope! :)

    Kris: Yes! I also use this all over my body when the weather gets more and more cruel haha!

    Rhain: I feel you!

    Arian: Great observation! I agree!

  15. Been reading this for almost 4x now! haha I decided to get one yesterday and it`s coming on saturday :) YAY

  16. is it suitable 4 my 15 year old sister 2 wear this?? i wear this 2 n i like it~

  17. Where is Criselda store located in Greenhills?

  18. I'm selling this at Php300 each together with some Japanese cosmetic brands. Add my FB accnt Sakura House Cebu

  19. I saw this powder in one of the online stores, got interested and I took a picture of it then send to my tita in Japan. I ask my tita to buy directly in shisheido Japan so I can be sure that i will have the original product. Unfortunately, 3 shisheido shops my tita went in said that they haven't known of the medicated powder. She even let the sales ladies see the picture I send just to be sure. But they really dont know the item. Now, im wondering if that shisheido medicated powder selling here in our country really a product of shisheido.

  20. Guys do you think it's ok for sensitive skin??
    I tried a lot of other products but its making my face itchy and I am getting pimples too. geez!
    Even the Pure essentials pressed powder, it does the same thing.


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