The Eagle has Landed+H&M

The great American outdoor apparel brand, American Eagle, has just opened its freshest and first- ever store at The Fort High Street. I went to check it out, but went on the fifth day because I had a feeling that the first four days were jam packed.

Anyway! There are lots of good stuff in cute colors. I like their sweaters and jeans--they've got stretchy, comfy jeans! Hope they would last me!

I was torn between this and a light yellow pair, but went for this color instead because I'm not really good at keeping light colors clean. :p Their jeans starts at P2,500.00++

I'd love to go back for the sweaters and more bright colored jeans! How about you? Ever been to the store? What are your favorite/s from American Eagle? Do let me know so I'll have an idea what to check out next. :)

To end this post, I'm leaving you with something to be EXCITED about.

The SM Group is now in talks with H&M, the world's second largest clothes retailer brand. Two years ago, it was just a heartbreaking rumor, but looks like H&M was pretty impressed with the way SM handled Forever21 and Uniqlo! I'm not saying that the partnership is confirmed already, but I hope it is! :)

Wow, the shopping scene in our country is becoming more and more interesting! So while we're waiting for H&M, let's sit back, relax, and expect Abercrombie & Fitch, Old Navy, Aeropostale, Target, Sephora, and Chanel! :D

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  1. Isn't Aeropostale going to have a branch in Robinson's Magnolia already? I went there couple of months back and saw the brand name on one of the store under construction..

    Anyway, I hope the H&M brand will push through! *fingers crossed :)

  2. Wow that's good to know, MS. M! Hopefully SM can bring Sephora here in the Philippines as well as Chanel, Aerospostale and of course, Target! I love the green jeans but I know the light yellow one would look good on you too! :) Thanks for this post, Ms. M! :)

  3. Hahah natawa ko s title mo kasi un phrase n the eagle has landed ay ang code namin s opis pag nakasweldo n.anyway love that green pants

  4. Never fond of bright colored jeans. Always straight up Levi's blue jeans for me. Boring, i know. :p Im a chunky girl and i dont think bright colored jeans flatter my full figure. lol. nice find anyway! :)

  5. It looks like bright colored jeans are having a come-back on the fashion scene again. On the other hand, I'm excited for H&M!

  6. Sounds great! I used to work at Amer. Eagle. Peddling AE jeans for minimum wage was the name of the game lol. Nowadays, I'm a big H&M fan!


  7. This is good news! More choices mean more competition and could result to better price points for us consumers. I hope A and F, Old Navy and Sephora make it to our shores. I have hoodies from the former 2 and until now buhay pa ha, in fairness.

    I still dream of wearing colorful jeans or pants pero I can't pull it off yet. Sayo Ms M. bagay talaga, how lucky!

  8. I agree with Target, Sephora and Chanel. When that day comes, I'm going to be one happy camper! Broke, but nonetheless happy. :))

  9. Hmmm, the aforementioned brands aren't really my style but I'm sure hoping someone will pick this up and bring in Madewell, Joe's Jeans and Japanese brands in.

  10. Great great news for shopaholics and brand enthusiasts as international brands make their way to our lovely country. I'm excited for H&M. Hope it will be sooner... And hopefully, A&F, Old Navy, and Aeropostale will have their flagship stores here soon.

    I haven't been to AEO The Fort. But soon, very soon :) I've read a lot about the opening and it makes me wanting to visit ASAP.

  11. I'm excited for H&M to be here! Love their trendy and cool outfits and not to mention their swimwears! I got a lot of them and loving them... :)

    I might say that bright color and floral jeans are hot trends today!..hope I could pull off one of this jeans...

  12. crossing my fingers that H&M will partner with SM. sana sana!

  13. Anjie: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Really? Aeropostale is opening here soon? Didn't know that as I don't frequent Robinson's Magnolia. Thanks for the info! :D

    Katrina and Jaja: Saaammee! :D

    Jec: Hi there! :D A lot of my friends are loving it and too bad. wasn't able to check it when I was in HK. Hopefully they open H&M here this year!

    Joyce: True about the Japanese brands! And shoes please! :D

    Mapleapple: Same here! Can we be mates in Broke Apartel, Brokeland? Hahaha!

    Belle: There are a lot of people, and they shop a lot haha! I'll go back there soon, maybe after the fad dies down 'cuz I like shopping in peace. :)

    Kris: Hihi! Thanks for the compliment! And good comment about the price points thing. I couldn't agree more. :)

    May: That's how trends work. They go on a hiatus, then they make a huge comeback. Now the lesson here is, don't throw away your grandma's clothes haha! :D

    Eloise: Haha! Cool code! :D I wanna get more colored pants too! :)

    Joy: Awesome! Did you get free AEO stuff too? :) Hmmm...based on your comment, looks like H&M is something that we should all be excited about! :D

  14. i love colored plain jeans as well as plain shirts hihi..

  15. I've read from Kelly Misa's blog that the American Eagle has opened its Manila branch in BGC and I find their stuff (as shown on Kelyy's blog) not so attractive, its like a combination of Bench and SM clothes, or less attractive than F21. But the jackets are way too cool, nice quality indeed.


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