Fiorucci Icy Fantasy EDT- Rainbows, Sprinkles, Glitters, and Ice Cream!

I asked my mom if she's familiar with the brand Fiorucci as I've never heard of it before and all of a sudden, she exclaimed with such delight and said "WHY OF COURSE! I used to have a lot of pants from Fiorucci and...."- and the stroll down memory lane ensued until dawn.

What I've gathered was, Fiorucci was a famous Italian fashion label in the 60's until the early 90's. They're best known for their avant-garde/vintage/pop styles drenched in a wild splatter of colors, so to speak. Did a little research about the brand and I must say, they've got awesome designs!

But times have changed and even though Fiorucci remains, it was left behind, unfortunately.

But Fiorucci has risen from the ashes, renewed and more ready than ever to take on the new trend and generation! In 2011, they started with a big, successful comeback in a denim collaboration with Swedish brand Ikea featuring supermodel Naomi Campbell and for 2012, they treaded the sweet, sweet path and released Icy Fantasy, a succulent fragrance for youngsters!

Inspired by the ultimate Summer cooler, Ice Cream, Icy Fantasy is a fruity-floral gourmand fragrance with melt-in-your-mouth notes of juicy red fruits, red lollipop, Musk, Vanilla, and Sandalwood. It is housed in a collectible, Ice Cream- inspired flacon.

Speaking of Ice Cream, I just had one now. My, this post made me crave for sugar so bad-that means I have to work out later! :D

Fiorucci is only available in 50ml, and retails at P2,500.00. You may purchase this fragrance in all leading department stores nationwide.


What's your favorite Ice Cream flavor? Mine is Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Pistachio, Macadamia, and... (Can I just say a lot? Haha!)

An awesome Saturday to everyone! :)

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. so whimsy & cute! I want to buy this because of the bottle alone. lol I just hope this is not too sweet for me. :p

    I really love your posts about perfumes!

    my current fave is the one with mrs. field's cookies. all time fave is ube. :)

  2. miss m you should really do a feature on your mom! so cool!!!! as in kikay buddy mo siya noh? i only saw her once dito sa blog mo during your beach trip and she looks ahmazing, parang sisters lang!

    anyway, i love gourmand scents, un tipong matatakam un makakaamoy sayo! haha kaya lang i find them too overpowering sometimes lalo na when im commuting kasi i have motion sickness.

    anyway, my all time fave ice cream flavor is chocomint. id love to try salted caramel though.

  3. Just reading about how sweet is smells like makes me hungry. My favorite ice cream is cheese! :)

  4. Detsy: Tried it too. It's a lil' sweet at first and it mellows down after a few seconds! :)

    BrownOso: Me too! I like cheese, especially dirty ice cream cheese! :D

    Eloise: Haha! Believe me, I've asked her for a couple of times already and she still kept on saying no. :D Yup! That's what people always say: We're sisters! :D Salted Caramel in Bar Dolci at Burgos Circle is da bombbbb. :)

  5. temting bottle AAArgh!! haha!! I love salted caramel, double dutch and cookies and cream!!!

  6. Your description of this EDT "tastes" sweet. As for icecream, I have a lot too. My current fave is anything that has peanut butter flavor. :)

  7. Oh I soooo love the bottle! I really love the way you describe each note on your perfume reviews.

    Favorite ice cream flavor? i have a lot too! but anything with hazelnut would be a topnotch for me! craving for ice cream now... :)

  8. Jec: Thanks! :D I like hazelnut gelato! :D

    Kris: Oooohh. That's awesome! As for me, I like putting crushed reeses yum! :)

    Leilani: Wow! Looks like we'll be friends 'cuz we like the same ice cream flavors! :D


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