Keep Calm and Glitter On: BYS Launches The All- New Glitter For Nails

I've always liked glitter even as a child because I used to believe that it will make me fly. Blame Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. Alas, it ain't true, but I still love glitter anyway because it reminds me of anything fabulous and glamorous.

Anyhoo! BYS has added a new exciting nail polish set to their collection called Glitter For Nails. I was like "Whoa!" when I saw it, and my dreams of flying instantly came to mind--Well, not the literal kind of flying, but the metaphorical one: These babies can make your nails stand out among the rest!

Glitter For Nails lets you achieve a textured manicure, and makes use of fine cosmetic glitter for runway- worthy nails. Unlike other nail art procedures that require a lot of time and effort, Glitter For Nails glams you up in just three easy steps: Paint, Dip, and Brush and you're off to steal the spotlight!

You get 3 items in one set: Glitter pot, complementing nail polish, (which you can use on its own, by the way) and a mini brush.

Click READ MORE and see Glitter For Nails in action!

BYS Philippines also invited known nail polish/nail art blogger of Simply Rins, Rina Alcantara, to conduct a demo on Glitter For Nails. I like Rina's blog. Whenever I am having trouble on a particular nail art project, I turn to her blog and read up on her techniques! She's a great artist!

Rina had demonstrated two ways to use Glitter For Nails:

DIP- Rina suggests to push the glitter all the way to the side of the pot, as if you're creating a mound then dip a nail in a flat- faced angle to prevent your polish from chipping.

PAPER FUNNEL- Grab a sheet of note pad or any small piece of paper, create a horizontal funnel by folding the paper in the middle, and use it to spoon some glitter from the pot to your nails. Methinks this works best for spot nail art like this:

Photo Credits:

Of course, we had to try this fun manicure for ourselves!

I chose a Wonder Woman Blue color called Moonlight Magic.

Sarah went for a Turquoise Blue shade called Putting On The Glitz.

While Mikki opted for this pretty Purple-Pink color called Star- Crossed Lovers.

That night also marked another milestone for the beauty industry: Sample Room and BYS Philippines have partnered up for this year! Expect to see BYS goodies at Sample Room in the coming months. :)

With my gorgeous Sample Room Partner Bloggers Shen, Jheng, Tara, and Sophie.

This time with our new co- Partner Blogger, Sabs Hernandez! :)

I took home a set called Pixie Powder. I'm just waiting for my nails to grow a little longer so I can finally review it. :)

Here's the entire Glitter Dust For Nails line. It's P499.00 per set and the colors are as follows: Eat My Cosmic Dust, Moonlight Magic, Star Crossed Lovers, Luck Of The Leprechaun, Blizzard In Banff, Tiffany Twinkle, Putting On The Glitz, Feeling The Spark-Le, Pixie Powder and Bling It On.

Please visit BYS PHILIPPINES for more details about this product.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. OMG glitter overload yay! I love glitter polishes but it's kind of frustrating how hard it is to get the sparkly stuff out of the bottle and on to my nails!

    Can't wait to see BYS in Sample Room!

  2. Pixie dust ehh!...i would love to show off my glittery nails with this one! Im eyeing for that moonlight magic,star crossed lover and something green -> luck of the leprechaun!...i love ur dress on that event Ms. makes ur chosen glittery nail polish shade stand out...

  3. This is why I dislike my nails! I can't grow them very long because they become brittle. I'm looking for a nail hardener to strengthen my nails and finally have fun with nail art! I love the glitters and the colors, they look so cool!

  4. this is one of the interesting new products,especially for nailaholic.hehe I wanted to try the BYS "bring it on"..:)

  5. ay ang ganda! it looks matte pero sparkly! ang ganda!!

  6. gusto ko yan leprechaun color na yan! omg this is a nice and cheaper way to feel stylish. last year i ddnt have budget for new christmas and new year clothes. i resorted to blinging my naiils instead (nail stamp!). i still felt special during those occasions kahit di bago damit ko. forgive me for being shallow pero im just like that, aihihiiiii.

    anyway, do you still need to apply top coat after the glitters have been put on?

    ladies just a tip - removing gritty glittery polish is a pain in the a**. isang kilong bulak at isang bote ng remover ay andon pa din. do this: cut small pieces of aluminum foil. soak the cotton in nail polish remover. press the cotton on to your nails. after that cover/wrap your nails with the aluminum foil. let it sit for 1-2 mins. after that, pull the foil along with the cotton. voila! tanggal ang glitters! caution lang, wag laging ganyan at masscrape ang kuko nio

  7. BrownOso: Surprisingly, the glitters come off easily! :D

    Eloise: Thanks for sharing! Agree, the easiest way to glam up is by blinging your nails lol! :D

    Regarding the removal, this thing just comes off easily- no need for the aluminum foil method! :D

    Leilani: Indeed! :D

    Ohms: Bling it on, you mean? That's a nice gold color! :D

    Kris: Same here! I'm just using argan oil on my nails to help strengthen them. :)

    Jec: Thank you! :D

    BrownOso: Hope they carry this in sample room! :D


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