Review: Smashbox Love Me Blush in Idolize Me

Here's a review on Smashbox Love Me Blush in Idolize Me

Price: P1,350.00
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To tell you the truth, I am not that familiar with Smashbox. I had owned my first- ever Smashbox item before, O Glow, but after that, nada. Hmmm...Perhaps I just got too pre-occupied that I already forgot to explore other brands, not to mention I have this habit of sticking with my favorites.

So--hello, Smashbox. It's been a while. :) What I'm going to review today is this nice blush from the Love Me Collection.



Love Me collection is a collaborative makeup series produced by Smashbox and Curtis Kulig. Click HERE for more information about it.

Packaging feels very solid, and has medium weight. I even think this is the most sturdy blush compact I've ever encountered. And those Love Me inscriptions-they're cute and they make me feel good every time I see them! :D

For P1,350.00, you get a huge pan of blush, more than enough to last you for years (LOL) so I say, price is not bad! :)

Click READ MORE if you want a universally- flattering cool- toned pink-coral blush! :D

Oh, and the cuteness doesn't end on the cover-The Love Me phrase is also carved on the blush! :)

Idolize Me is a cool pink blush with a slight coral undertone, and I find that it works well with a bevy of lipstick colors. Texture is very silky and it glides on nicely on the skin, never leaving any sharp, jagged blush lines. The powder is unscented and non- chalky, and it clings well onto a brush with minimal to no fallout. Pigmentation is SUPERB-as in you'll grab an intense amount of color even if you just tap your brush on the pan, and there's no need to layer it on! So to those who have heavy hands, you have to be in full control of this product during application. Otherwise, you might look like a clown. Coverage is medium to full, finish is matte.


One layer of Idolize Me

Just wanna say that since this product is very pigmented, it has a tendency to sit on top of the skin so make sure to blend it evenly. I like using my Suesh Blush Brush with this product for spot- on application.

Staying power is very good and know what? It does not fade! Awesome-possum! It's very good for those with oily and combination skin. For those with dry skin, it may work on your skin type since its texture is quite silky and it doesn't go underneath skin flakes and dips, although you still have to moisturize prior to application.

Obviously, we don't have any blush shade options in the Love Me line, but 'tis okay because Idolize Me just nailed it: It looks stunning both on fair, medium, and dark skin tones, the color is a such a wearable 'pop of color' for daily use, and it just gives every girl that fresh- faced look. Is this shade dupe-able? I would say yes. The closest color to it is MAC's Fleur Power, which is cheaper by only P50.00. (unless MAC raised their prices again) But for an extra P50.00, you get a limited edition artisan blush and a very sturdy packaging! There could be some cheaper dupes out there, but I'm not sure if the quality is the same as Smashbox.

 I'm very much impressed with this product, and I'm more excited than ever to see the other things Smashbox has to offer.


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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hi sis! was this given to you or did you buy it? I'm curious as to how or why you got this particular item and color. Did you try it out on the counter?

    You're right about blushes lasting long (years) so price is okay. One is enough. Kaso you know naman how girls are, we'll still buy different shades so it's okay rin to buy small quantities. :)

    -iFlip Over

  2. I like Idolize Me and I also think that its color is universal.

  3. It looks like a natural flush. You swatched it heavily on the back of your hand right? Because they look definitely pigmented on the back of your hand than on your cheeks... It does look gorgeous.

  4. Awesome pigmentation. Would love to give this a try and the packaging looks really sexy ah! :)


  5. Flynster: Hi there! It was sent to me for PR purposes. :) And yeah, I agree, a girl can never have too much makeup. haha!

    Gellie: True! It's a collector's item! :)

    Majorie: Yup. The swatch on my hand was heavier-not on the cheeks, of course 'cuz I'd look like a clown. :)

    Kris: Yup! Will suit almost any skin tone. :)


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