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Here's a review on Fame by Lady Gaga EDP

Price: 30ML (P2,100.00) 50ML (P2,800.00) 100ML (P4,200.00)
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If I would have the chance to meet Lady Gaga one day and ask her what it's like to be famous, I guess she'd hand me this bottle-I also figured she'd be as surreal as the moment by replying "What do you think?", with much theatricality, and leave me quickly and in awe as I watch the fat trimmings from her meaty dress sway from left to right.

I've had this perfume for months now, trying to dissect why it's called FAME. Call me a loon, will 'ya, because I'm trying to overanalyze things, but I guess you just have those moments when you want to think beyond superficiality. (Or maybe I just have a fondness for Critical Realism)

So-Is it about her? Nope. Beyond the "This fragrance is all about fa-fa-FAME!" descriptions I've read on the Internet, I think it tells something about your personal response to Fame: Fame is a black, scary liquid: Are you intrigued or intimidated? Fame contains the poisonous flower Belladonna: Can you handle it or not? In other words, are you ready for the decadent life called Fame? (Also the preceding F word, FORTUNE)

Fame is a force that can either make or break you, depending on where you choose to go. I'd like to think of it as a dragon, waiting to be tamed yet will not bow down easily to anyone so more than just having the heart for it, you should have the smarts to keep it under control.

Anyways, I'm starting to sound like a storybook so let me just go straight to the fragrance, alright? :D

Fame is the first black fragrance, and the first one to rebel against the traditional linear pyramid structure of notes by using the advanced "Push-Pull" fragrance technology instead. Gaga said that it contains extracts of the highly toxic Belladonna flower, and quipped in an interview that it also has "Blood and Semen." I'm pretty sure, she was just speaking metaphorically. (I hope)

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The terms notes were replaced by accords in this fragrance. We have the Dark Accord (Belladonna and Incense), Sensual Accord (Honey, Apricot, and Saffron), and Light Accord (Sambac Jasmine and Tiger Orchid). The fragrant extracts were designed in such a way that they'll work with each other instead of on top of each other to create a singular, signature aroma-that's the Push-Pull technology for 'ya!

Lady Gaga actually said that this fragrance represents the many faces of Fame: Lightness, Darkness, decadence, obsession, frustration, anger, joy, sadness, what have you. Hmmmm...I could only choose two and those are decadence and lightness so nah, the fragrance fell short of the description. It's a sweet, powdery floral with a misty cloud of Incense to give it a dark twist. Surprisingly, despite its appearance, it's VERY wearable. Perfect for daytime corporate wear, and for those who like a balanced fragrance. By the way, staying power is not that good as it lasts for 3 hours on me only, and the black fluid turns to clear once airborne so you don't have to worry about it staining your clothes.

The packaging may be a little deceiving, but Fame is a nice and simple fragrance overall: Inoffensive, fresh, and a little seductive. It's not really a mind-blowing fragrance as I recall that I've smelled something similar before, but for a celebrity fragrance, I'm glad that it's not another vanillic, sugary, pancake-y rendition.


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  1. Great post! I love how you analyzed the perfume :)

    I saw this at the mall the other day and I was very curious. All along I have been thinking that the bottle was black - I've never seen black perfume before! I will definitely check this out during my lunch break. I do hope that it really doesn't have semen, though. Haha

  2. sad that it only stays for 3hours =( im curious why this fume is dark in color =) i saw ligh green, orange and yellow ones but this is different =)

    hope thay had samples hee hee

  3. i love the bottle!it's so unique!sana nga may sample :D and can I just say, you really know how to describe/review this perfume ms. m! 2 thumbs up! ;D

  4. Awww thanks for the description. I wouldve thought nakakahilong amoy to from its bottle. Well i would assume n this is over hyped by gaga kasi she has a flair for the dramatic. Thnx for the honest feedbck. Ill check this out

  5. With it's packaging, I thought this perfume is for night time. Lol

  6. I love Lady Gaga but this perfume would doubled my current perfume.:)


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