Mary Kay One Woman Can Pageant: When the ordinary becomes extraordinary

Not everyone can become or look like a crowned beauty queen or a globally-renowned supermodel, but I sure believe that every woman can be authentically beautiful and extraordinary in her own right, from the inside out- it all starts with a decision and the recognition of the fact that YOU CAN.

Take a cue from Mary Kay Ash. She lived in a world of hardcore standards, where becoming successful and being recognized was tough and impossible. With just $5,000 in her bank account and the dream to start an advocacy that will improve the lives of women, she has put up Mary Kay, one of the leading direct selling companies the world knows today. For the last 50 years, Mary Kay has been championing women across the globe, providing them with the necessary tools to live a beautiful and inspiring life. If Mary Kay Ash were alive today, it would be awesome to meet her and learn some indispensable life lessons through her eyes!

Currently, Mary Kay is celebrating its golden year and the pinnacle event is the One Woman Can pageant, a Mary Kay- exclusive, worldwide beauty contest. Founded on the principles of the company, One Woman Can celebrates the natural beauty and potential of every woman, with the message being "True beauty comes from within."

I was given the honors by Mary Kay Philippines to be a judge in the screening of the local contestants along with Ning Hilario of MEG Magazine and Shen Gee of Shen's Addiction. I'm not only ultra grateful for the trust, but extremely happy as well for it is another experience that will definitely help me personally, especially in the way I perceive the people around me.

The mechanics of the One Woman Can pageant is like this: Each contestant must have their partner Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, and they must submit Before and After makeover photos of them online along with their answer to the question ONE WOMAN CAN BE __________. The Philippines search has ended last May, and Mary Kay received a total of 555 entries and has chosen the top 10 already. One warm Saturday, we did the final screening and have finally chosen the top three girls who will represent the Philippines in the Asia-Pacific coronation night. Click READ MORE and see who they are!

Before the pageant commenced, the spectators, who are primarily Mary Kay Beauty Consultants and relatives and friends of the contestants have played around by sashaying down the catwalk in their dressy outfits, leaving their signature poses and turns (and super funny ones at that) upon reaching the end. The crowd was in high spirits and the room was filled with boisterous, never-ending laughter. What can I say? It was such a joy to know that even serious entrepreneurs are up for some crazy fun! This moment also helped the contestants lighten up their nervous energies-they were staying behind me and I saw that all of them were laughing hard at the "contestants"! Haha!

Presenting the five ladies from the roster of ten. From Left to Right: Remia, Deniece, Patt Cryssyl, Florence, and Arianne. They're all from Manila.

There was also a super short and quick question and answer portion for the contestants, with their partner beauty consultants by their sides. The girls have shared a lil' something about themselves, their dreams and their uplifting, personal stories on how they've found true beauty and how they've shared it with others.

The Manila screening happened simultaneously with the Cebu screening...

and Davao screening.

And finally, here are the top three girls who will represent the Philippines in the Asia Pacific Coronation night, which will happen in one of Asia's most fashionable cities, Hong Kong!

Deniece, Fatima, and Arianne will fly to Hong Kong with their partner beauty consultants, and will undergo intensive professional training under these elite fashion and beauty personalities of Hong Kong:

1. Ana R. (Modeling)- From Asia's Next Top Model
2. Barney Cheng (Couturier)- Asia's top haute couture designer, who has designed gowns for Hollywood celebrities namely Lucy Liu and Michelle Yeoh
3. Gary Chung (Makeup and Grooming)- Celebrity makeup artist who did makeup on Hollywood actors Adrien Brody, China Chow, Sophie Marceau, and Zhi Ling.
4. Christie Simpson (Fashion Styling)- Celebrity stylist, guest stylist of Britain's Next Top Model, and has styled for top magazines such as Elle.
5. Sean Lee Davis- popular high fashion photographer, dubbed as the favorite photographer of Asian celebrities

The three girls will vie for the crown along with the other representatives from neighboring Asia Pacific countries on August 14, 2013. The winner will become the cover girl of Mary Kay's 2013 catalogue, and I believe they will also receive a cash prize and of course, a bevy of Mary Kay products too.

The girls with me, Shen, Ning, and Fatima and Crissy of Mary Kay Philippines

The thing about beauty pageants is-especially private ones like this-it gives the average woman a chance to step up her own beauty, let loose her hidden potential, and prove to the world that she can. This is the same reason why I'm still running this blog, and I couldn't be any happier to partake in something that totally jives with what I believe in.

I'm flying with the girls to Hong Kong this August to document their journey. Wish them luck! :)

Please visit MARY KAY PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more updates on the One Woman Can pageant.

How about you? What's your idea of being extraordinary?

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  1. Wow the girls are so lucky! Mary Kay is so generous. And you are flying with them too, Ms M? That's good to know. Plus you're going to Japan too for Shiseido ♥

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  3. ate julie and i were mary kay dealers, si ate julie director na, what we love about mary kay is you're always been rewarded with great prizes and travels =) so motivating =) i also love their makeup ans skincare products =)

  4. Do you know where I can buy Mary Kay products here in the Philippines? :)


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