Review: Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Purple Pop

Here's a review on Avon True Color Eyeshadow in Purple Pop

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I owned a couple of Avon True Color eyeshadow quads before, but didn't really like 'em as much as this. I found them very chalky and payoff wasn't that great, but looks like they have improved the formulation already as well as the packaging. The palette I got is called Purple Pop, and it's a pretty bouquet of purple eyeshadow colors that will complement any fresh, pretty, youthful, or romantic look.


The previous True Color eyeshadow quad pretty much came in the same packaging, but the 4 inclusive eyeshadows were pressed into domed circles placed parallel to each other. The new version features flattened eyeshadows with numbers carved onto each color. I like this version better because in my experience, dome- shaped powder products are more prone to breaking.


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The numbers were put there for your convenience. Each number tells you where to exactly apply what color: 1 is the overall lid color, 2 is for the lower lid, 3 is for the inner crease, and 4 is for the outer crease. You can also use number 1 as a brow bone highlighter.

Regarding the packaging, it's very sturdy and doesn't feel cheap, but the eyeshadows are not firmly pressed onto the pans-I could see a couple of dips and gaps on the sides of the eyeshadows and I'm sure, just one hard fall and this palette will not live to see the next daylight! Now you know that you must be extra careful when handling this product.

TOP (L-R):

1- An icy lilac shade with silver frosting
2- A pinkish lavender shade with sprinkles of silver shimmer


3- A warm, midtone violet shade with slight violet frosting
4- Dark violet shade with a hint of dark violet frosting

All eyeshadows are unscented, and have this uniform frosted finish. (Albeit 3 and 4 are borderline matte) Texture is very smooth, pigmentation is medium and can be built if desired but doesn't get to the point of looking vivid and bold, and the colors are true to the pan. There's still a hint of chalkiness with the powders, but it's quite forgivable- it's not as bad as the previous version. I also find that this version is much easier to blend on the eyes.


Here's a look I came up with using this palette:

Payoff is just very sheer and light. While I like my eyeshadows bold, this palette is perfect for any person who just wants to have a tinge of color to enliven their peepers, and for those who have no patience dealing with ultra pigmented eyeshadows.

Staying power is not so good on oily lids that's why I use an eye primer with it.

Eyeshadow can be a bit intimidating especially if you're new to makeup, but there are certain eyeshadow palettes like this one that are very newbie friendly, thanks to its sheer finish and moderate pigmentation. In conclusion, this is an okay palette with an okay quality and okay price. Best for daytime! Oh, I'd also recommend Purple Pop because the colors are very elegant!


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i love the number 3 shade :) although, the packaging is just so-so :(

  2. Wow! I love purple and i live with that color. Hehe. But i don't think i can pull this off yet.. I'm still exclusively hooked to neutrals at the moment. Do you happen to know if they sell this in other shades (neutral ehem)? But it looks good on you! :)

  3. I think the number 4 will look great with a smokey eye make up! ;)

  4. ohmygosh!!! this is so lovely! it looks good on you, ms M. i'll definitely purchase this avon product! <3

  5. I really love this quad! Each of these are pretty pigmented and with proper use can even be for everyday makeup.

  6. Love it! Looks good on you :) You're so pretty on the 8th pic :))

    Very affordable. Thanks for this review. Added to my list :)

  7. I love the color palette and I love the way it looks on you! Affordable and pretty product. Thanks for the review :)

  8. Just ordered mine today but in a diff. Shade. Most of my es palettes are violets and i want to try new colors.. Im so glad that they put those numbers because most of us beginners doesnt have any idea what to put first..
    Cant wait to get mine! :-)

  9. CJ: I find the packaging too big ehehe. :D

    Rmi: Yup, that numbering thing is brilliant, I must say. :D

    Itsmefati: Aw, thanks! :D

    Louise: Welcome. :D

    Cristine: Thanks dear! :D

    Becomingsleek: Texture is really good for everyday. :D

    Apple: Yes! The chocolate something palette, it's filled with browns! :D

    Rhain: Thank you! :D

    Marjorie: Nice observation! :D


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