O.P.I. The Bond Girls Nail Polish Collection: Celebrating 50 years of James Bond

When I was little, I used to bond with my favorite uncle over T.V. It was a daily, afternoon ritual and since we would always watch in his house, he had the upper hand on the flicks and channels that we would watch. He loved watching the James Bond series and even if I wanted to watch Looney Tunes and Tiny Toons, I had no choice. James Bond kinda' grew on me, and it became one of my favorite movie series. For a time, I wished I was a Bond girl and hoped for a James Bond- like boyfriend! My favorite James Bond series would definitely have to be the ones starring Pierce Brosnan. Gaad, he's so handsome!  :D I can't believe that the series is 50 years old already!

This year does not only commemorate the machismo, panache, wit, and adventures of James Bond, but also some of the most iconic women in film, the Bond girls. OPI immortalizes the beauty, grace, sophistication, and sexiness of James Bond's ladies in the BOND GIRLS LIQUID SAND COLLECTION.

Liquid Sand is a collection of textured nail polishes inspired by the sassiest and sexiest women of the James Bond series. Check it out!

Honey Ryder of Dr. No.

A sunny golden shade oozing with even more golden sparkles

Jinx of Die Another Day

A matte coral with sparkling golden sand

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Pussy Galore of Goldfinger

A light feminine pink with just the right amount of shimmer.

Solitaire of Live and Let Die

A sparkling white hue with diamond- like shimmer.

Tiffany Case of Diamonds Are Forever

A classic light blue with silver shimmer

Vesper of Casino Royale

A deep, intriguing shade of purple

L-R: Honey Ryder, Pussy Galore, Vesper

L-R: Jinx, Soliatire, Tiffany Case

The Bond Girls nail polish collection by OPI is P645.00 per bottle, and this Bond Girls 6-piece Mini Set is at P745.00. Which Bond Girl are you? I'm Vesper, Jinx, and Pussy Galore!

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have to say I'm Vesper and Jinx! Love the colors! :)

  2. i think this is brilliant!love james bond movies and i love the color of these!especially the color Vesper :D

  3. My favorite shades has got to be that of Jinx and Honey Ryder :) Though my fave Bond girl of all time is Tiffany of Diamonds are Forever :) She is so much more fab and beautiful in the book than in the movie!


  4. I want Vesper! OMG! Please swatch it Ms. M! :D

  5. Vesper is my favorite shade AND Bond Girl!!

  6. i love Honey Ryder and Jinx! Gorgeous shades :)

  7. i love Vesper shade =) and i have watched Casino Royale in cinema =) Vesper is my kind of shade, purple!


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