Review: Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover

Here's a review on Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover

Price: Y398 or P199.00
Bought From: Matusmoto Kiyoshi, Tokyo, Japan
Other Locations: Matsumoto Kiyoshi stores, or local online shops that pool orders for Japan cosmetic brands


In Matsumoto Kiyoshi, I spotted this long and huge rack alongside the stairway that houses tons of cleansing products and Bifesta is one of the brands. I got Bifesta's Eye Makeup Remover because I ran out of eye and lip makeup removers already---NOT! HAHA! I still have two bottles at home and yes, I was just looking for something to buy. :D But it was a great purchase! :)


Bifesta, apparently, is a much raved about product in Japan and in other Asia countries where it is available. It was even awarded in, a beauty site in Japan where Beauty Bloggers and regular consumers can rate and award all sorts of beauty products. I have tried Bifesta's Cleansing Water and they're good, so I didn't have any reservations before purchasing this product even if I couldn't understand a single letter inscribed on the bottle.


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It's a dual phase makeup remover. I feel that the ingredients label is printed in the bottle, but everything is in Japanese and I couldn't understand a single thing so sorry, can't provide the ingredients now. :p

Consistency is very rich and watery: the oil- like substance sitting atop the water felt a little more like a sheer kind of emulsion than oil. It feels very light and cooling, does not sting AT ALL, and removes all sorts of waterproof makeup very well and rapidly. It also loosens up false eyelash glue effectively without the help of oil- based cleansing products. You only need around three drops and two cotton pads to wipe out every single trace of makeup on your eyes. I use this on my lips too because it's quite gentle, but has a semi- bitter taste. It rinses out completely with facial foam and water, leaves no residue, and does not cloud my vision! Amazeballs!

It does not contain oil, very easy to use, removes makeup like a pro, no- sting, no fragrance, ultra gentle and VERY affordable-it's my dream eye makeup remover! It's best for everyone, especially those with sensitive eyes. However, it's not yet available in the country so accessibility is the only con here. I'm going to Hong Kong next week (wee!) and I'll be sure to hit Bonjour to grab backups of this product. Anyway, since Bifesta is already in the country, I could feel that soon enough, they'll bring it here. In the meantime, let's all pray for that! :D


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  1. Very reasonable price for a great make-up remover! Though I think if this hits the Philippines it will cost twice as much..


  2. I would really love to try this. I'm running low on makeup removers hihi. Thank you for showing to me/us the effects of this. Hoping that they'll be available soon here! :)

  3. I'll join in prayer that hopefully it will be available locally soon! :) as for now i need to buy another MU remover, can you recommend a good one, affordable pls? :)

  4. hi ms m! yay for another great product by bifesta =) i love love love the prize i got from your giveaway =) and i think i would repurchase it once it emptied =)

  5. That's impressive, not to mention at an affordable price too! Paperback giveaway here:

  6. Angel: I guess. But it's very so I'll still buy! :D

    Raisie: Very impressive indeed! :)

    Rhain: Glad you're loving it! :)

    Rmi: I love Face Of Australia's Gentle Makeup Remover-I use it for the eyes. :) I have a review here please search the archives. :)

    Louise: Welcome! :)


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