Sumptuous Sundays: Isdaan

Last week, my dearest friends and I went on an overnight out-of-town trip to Fontana. The next day, we drove all the way to Gerona, Tarlac for the famed Isdaan restaurant. Isdaan has been featured in a couple of T.V. shows before, and it’s apparently famous for its Tacsiyapo Wall.

Isdaan in Gerona, Tarlac is a 45- minute to an hour drive from Clark, Pampanga, right after Tarlac City. It’s best to go here on a Sunday because the roads are divine and traffic- free!

PRICE RANGE: P250.00-P1000.00

Isdaan is a ginormous compound that houses a restaurant and recreation areas. Visitors are lead to individual huts for the meals.

Cauldrons and cauldrons of meals prepared in the style of provincial fiestas. In the province (at least in mine), folks would usually cook food in huge batches (for the family and even the neighbors), and they do it outdoors for the food to cook easily. Seeing this, I was reminded of my lovely summer vacations in the province. The only caveat is, food here in Isdaan takes time to arrive.

That’s why they have these entertaining acts for people to enjoy and to help them kill time!

When we got there, we chanced upon this group that performs circus acts.

There were also groups and individuals who will serenade you, and there was even a massage guy! You have to give them a tip though, but that’s okay because it’s Isdaan’s way of providing livelihood to the locals by employing them in the restaurant.

Click READ MORE and check out their food!

Tacsiyapo Mango Salad- It’s good ol’ green mango salad with shrimp paste and lots of spicy flavor.

Bowl of Sinigang broth with veggies for only 50php- A Filipino meal is never complete without sour broth (or any broth for that matter), so just order this if you only want some soup to go with your dry meals.

Fried Plaplitos- Baby Pla-Pla fish deep fried to crunchy perfection. Smoky, not too salty, and perfectly goes with lots of rice!

Lechon Tinupig- One of their specialties. It’s boiled-then-roasted whole chicken with a hint of coconut.

Lechon Spareribs- Another specialty of Isdaan. It’s comprised of lean pork chunks cooked adobo style then grilled. My favorite amongst everything we’ve ordered, I must say. It’s not too fatty as the cooking method took out all the oiliness from the pork, and it’s like dry (but not too dry) adobo. Interesting!

Buko Pandan- FYI, this is my most favorite dessert. Isdaan’s version is creamy, not too sweet, and size is just right.

You can also order Sago Gulaman and fresh fruits with chilled ice for the ultimate Pinoy- style dining experience!

After paying for your meals, they will give you a small bag of fish food so you can feed the cute Koi fishes in the pond.

After that huge meal, we had to go around and ease up our stomachs.

This is a view of Isdaan. Mind you, this is just a portion of the area. They also have fun challenges for the visitors, and one of which is that big pond area where you have to cross this slim bridge without falling in the water-if you accomplish it, you will be rewarded with a kilo of fresh fish! One of my friends wanted to try it, but unfortunately, she didn’t bring enough extra clothes!

They also have this Thailand area where you will see huge Buddha sculptures.

This Buddha that rests on a tall tower/terrace is the biggest of them all. You touch is right hand, say a prayer/make a wish, and ring the bell (which is in front of him) for three times.

Lastly, here’s the famed Tacsiyapo Wall! Tacsiyapo, if I’m not mistaken, is a curse word in Tarlac. In here, you can break porcelain and even television (OMG!) to release anger and stress.

The stuff for breaking, however, aren’t for free. You have to buy them, but they aren’t too expensive. Porcelain starts at P15.00, while the Television is at P2,000.00.

My friend, Charlo, who thoroughly enjoyed the Tacsiyapo Wall. (We did too!) My Charlo, why so mad?! Haha! :D

So that's it for my Isdaan experience. Honestly, the food is average, but it's one of those restaurants that you go to because of the place. If you want to go on a breather somewhere near Manila, try this place!

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have seen the Tacsiyapo wall on TV a lot of times. I have always wondered how it would feel like to break stuff that way. Haha.

  2. For Anger Management =) haha.. parang masaya yan ms m.. nakita ko na yan sa tv before di ko lang marecall saan =)

    the food! lahat ng pinost nyo ms m e fevorit ko haha.. from manga.. sinigang and desert BUKO PANDAN! hahay.. kapag pyesta kahit di na ko makakain ng rice at ulam uunahin ko lang yan fave desert ko hihi!

    looks you have enjoyed a lot! thanks for sharing!

  3. So! thanks for this post for making me hungry his time. haha! :) Nice experience Ms. Martha! :) i like that tacsiyapo where you throw thing in order to release anger. Haha :)

  4. gusto ko yung wall! hihihi.... i wanna try it! and the place looks really nice, hope i can go there someday... :)

  5. There's an Isdaan branch here in the south! It's located in Bay Laguna, it's huge as well and there are lots of interesting and controversial replicas of famous people in the world. A lot of people go there every weekends to have photo ops haha. That tacsiyapo is a stress reliever by the way. Haha.

    Looks like you had fun :)

  6. Ravene: Wow! Thanks for the tip. will try to visit that soon. Yes, the Tacsiyapo wall, I must say, is a worthwhile and must-repeat experience! :D

    Issa: It'll be a good place to bond with your fam. :D

    Fati: And the wall was my most favorite part of the trip! :D

    Rhain: We have the same fave pinoy resto! :D Love Buko Pandan! Hope you can visit Isdaan one day :)

    BrownOso: Life changing. HAHAH! :D

  7. Nice! :)

    I remember the last time I went there after my trip to Baguio. Grabe, may hangover ako the night before and lalo akong nahilo coz of the zigzag roads.

    Dagdag mo pa na may umuuga factor habang kumakain diyan. Haha. No wonder I ended up vomiting after lunch. Hehe


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