Clean Skin EDP Review

Here's a review on Clean Skin EDP.

Price: P1,650.00 (30ml) P2,950.00 (60ml)
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in leading department stores


Pheromones are a human being's natural perfume-it's invisible, mysterious, and powerful. What if we can give it an actual scent? I think it would smell like Clean Skin-it just wants you to come closer.


Clean Skin is one of Clean's freshest releases along with Rain. Both fragrances were inspired by some of the nostalgic elements of life: The calming pitter-patter of rain and the sensuality of clean, bare skin.

More about this chic, sexy perfume after the break!

Clean Skin is a concoction of sweet flowers grounded by musk-I also smell an aquatic kind of rose and vanilla in the notes. It's categorized as a floral woody scent, although it's not the type that's too strong and leaves a dizzying trail in your nostrils-it's super soft, warm, and with a hint of sweetness. Sillage is not overwhelming yet noticeable-noticeable enough for a person sitting close to you to say "What's that nice smell?" However, it's the Clean fragrance that has the poorest staying power as it only stays for an hour or two on me.

A spritz of Clean Skin is like taking time to appreciate yourself, flaws and all, and reminiscing your romantic, private moments with someone special to you. It's such an intimate and discreetly inviting fragrance, sensual but never sexual, and utterly chic. It's prolly Clean's only 'for night time' fragrance, but could be used during daytime as well. It's one of my favorite Clean perfumes (next to Shower Fresh) because it smells like a pretty bouquet of white flowers and really enhances the natural smell of skin without smelling too perfume-y. 


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have never tried out this brand before. However, based on your description, it seems to smell lovely as I really like the smell of vanilla. I don't like perfumes that are too strong but I want them to last longer on me. I guess I might pass on this one as I don't like bringing perfumes with me for retouching. I might try out the other scents from this brand. Thanks for the review!

  2. I think this would be perfect for night parties or elegant occasions. I would want to try thus but its a bit expensive. Hay.

  3. It's a bit expensive if it only stays an hour or two. I think I'm more interested with Shower Fresh. Yay! My bucketlist becomes longer everytime I visit your blog. Haha!

  4. I like the sensual but never sexual description..hahaha! but I must agree with the other readers, it's a bit expensive just to last for one to two hours..but it seems mabango huh?! I think it's good if you have a date with someone..hahaha! :)

  5. This looks great! It's just that I need one which stays long :) Anyway, great review!


  6. yah I think too (kinda expensive if it doesn't last long) I think it's the body chem that reacts whether your perfume would last long even it is a simple cologne or something that has a fragrant. thanx for the review, will be trying this out soon...♥

  7. This is definitely the perfume for me...something that would smell good when closer :D ...however, the downside is that the staying power is a bit quicker for a perfume. Hope they can make it last longer to justify the price.

  8. very simple packaging and Quite expensive for me. Pero I am so curious about the scent, maybe try ko check sa dept stores next time. :)

  9. The floral-woody scents are the ones I love! xo, Nikki P.

  10. Kat: I'd recommend shower fresh because it has great staying powre. It's a very neutral scent so I guess you'll like it. :)

    Leilani: Yep, pricey, but Clean's fragrances don't disappoint! :D

    Girlbehindglasses: Cool! Maybe you'll like this too. :)

    Winnie: Yep, one of my wishes too. :D

    Febmin: Yes, body chemistry a factor too, although there are perfumes that don't really last long and I think this is one of them lol. :D

    Zoe: Thanks. :)

    Roxanne: Yeah, if it weren't for the staying power, this would be a good buy. :)

    Rizza: LOL. Sorry! :D

    Allyzon: Yep, it's perfect for such events. :D

  11. not a fan of vanilla (parang they're too sweet) ok na ko sa mga colognes (hope you could post ms m ang last ko na nabasa yung sa mustela =)


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