Colour Collection Colour Intense Eyeshadow Trio Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Colour Collection Colour Intense Eyeshadow Trio in Gypsy Rose, Ivy Bloom, and Terracotta.

Price: Around P300.00/palette
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available via authorized Tupperware Distributors


So aside from lipsticks, what makeup product is worth trying out in Colour Collection? The eyeshadows! They have one of the cheapest eyeshadow palettes around-well it's not as cheap as compared to the eyeshadow palettes in local drugstore brands, but considering its pretty good pigmentation, it's a steal already!


As the name implies, it's a set of pigmented eyeshadow palettes that's basically good for everyday use. 


Each palette comes with its very own double ended applicator: one side has a sponge applicator and the other one has a brush. It's good for applying shadow, but not really when it comes to blending. Packaging is not the poshest, but hey, it's only 300php, ya know?

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Left- icy Silver
Middle- Bright, icy Pink
Right- icy Lavender

Gypsy Rose is a good addition to your eyeshadow collection this year since it's the year of Radiant Orchid. It's bright, but not overwhelming and the frosted finish will add that fresh glow to your skin.


Left- matte, light yellow shade
Middle- Olive green with a hint of frost
Right- semi- matte Chocolate Brown shade

Well this is my most favorite combination among the three because the colors are gorgeous and it's a no-brainer daytime palette that will add a subtle pop of color to your eyes.


Left- Gray-Brown with silver frosting
Middle- sheer Bronze-Gold
Right- Copper-Brown

Terracotta is the most basic palette between the three, and I also find its pigmentation the sheerest-sad because the colors are very nice!

Props to Colour Collection for adding the diamond pattern on the shadows to give it that 3D texture. The eyeshadows have medium to heavy pigmentation, although it's not as intense as I want it to be, it's still pretty acceptable. Texture is very buttery, albeit a lil' chalky and I get some fallout when I'm blending them on my lids-good thing the colors are pretty light and I don't get color stains on my under eyes and cheeks whenever this happens. The colors stick much better and appear truer if applied on top of a primer though.

In sum, this is an easy choice for everyday wear because the colors are very safe, not to mention pigmentation is very, very decent and contains a lot of product despite the price. I just think the color selection is in favor of teenagers, and the grown up ones would want to see something deeper or more fitting for their taste.


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love the combinations of colors and its very affordable. I'll surely grab one.

  2. That's what I've noticed too, the colors favor the teens. Ivy Bloom is good for the gals in 20s though.

  3. which brand po do u suggest na better for the eyeshadows (inglot, lorac, mac or UD???)

  4. I think your eotd for the Gypsy Rose palette is the best look among the three. It makes your eyes look very lively. These palettes are quite affordable, and it's a plus that they are quite pigmented. The factor I look for when buying eyeshadow is intense pigmentation. I just don't like it when eyeshadows have a lot of fallout.

  5. they got really nice color combination... this is perfect for everyday use....

  6. When I was in college (which was many many years ago) I used to be a dealer of various beauty brands. Among them was saralee (now adopted by tupperware brands under fuller life) and avaon. Among the two, I prefer the makeup from fuller life which is the colour collection (Sharon C was the endorser I collected all palettes and lipsticks because of all events and contests I joined. For someone like me then, It was so much easier and I get perks since I deal them so it was a win win situation... However, for now, I wanted to venture on other brands as well, but this brand still has a place in my heart :D

  7. Allyzon Mae: Cool! Let me know how you like it. :D

    Winnie: Awww, thanks for sharing!: D

    Kat C: Yeah, same here. But for it's price? Not bad :)

    Rizza: True! And gypsy rose!

    Febmin: Here's my ranking 1. Inglot 2. MAC 3. UD :)


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