Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals Oil Eliminator HD Review

Here's a review on Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals Oil Eliminator HD.

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An Oil Eliminator. Geez, sounds like a superhero from a beauty comic book. I'd love to be the leading lady please, because I've got tons of oil to eliminate from my face. Be my hero, Oil Eliminator!


Oil Eliminator HD is described as an all- natural setting/blotting powder, which best suits oily skin. Claims to control oil up to 12 hours and minimize the appearance of pores. It contains three skin care ingredients namely:

Calcium- Skin exfoliator
Kaolin Clay- Helps reduce acne inflammation and wards off acne- causing bacteria
Sea Buckthorn Berries- the superfruit this product is referring to. Said to contain a rare mix of Omega 3,6,9, and 7 and Superoxide Dismutase which is apparently the 'most powerful' antioxidant, according to Krave.

Ingredients. If you've noticed, there isn't a lot in there so it's easy to pin point which ingredient is the culprit in case you get breakouts, or the savior in case you achieve beautiful skin with it. Krave also said that it's Nano Particle Free, Non-Comedogenic, and Cruelty Free.

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It comes in a very compact pot with a small mirror on top. The mirror, however, is very tiny that you can't see your face properly in it-it's best used when you're just retouching your layer of lipstick. I appreciate that Krave tried to make this product handy, but packaging is just not apt for the product. The sponge is too big for the opening of the jar and it does not blend the powder properly onto my skin, and pot's just too small for the product-it's nearly impossible to avoid spillage during usage.

Texture is very chalky and dry, but I like it that way because I've proven that this type of powder is good at controlling oil, although it could be a lil' uncomfortable and drying for dry to very dry skin types especially since there is the presence of Clay, a mattifying ingredient. It feels very light, albeit has a tendency to concentrate on one part, thus resulting to patchy application. To remedy this, I use a Kabuki Brush or a very fluffy powder brush and buff the powder continuously onto my skin until the coverage is evened out. Coverage is light to medium.

If you noticed, the box said it's an Oil Control Primer and Finishing Powder. As a primer, you can only use it before a powder product, say powder foundation, because it will cake underneath the liquid ones. I like using it on my lids because the white shade provides a good, intensifying base, it makes eyeshadow application a breeze because it's smooth, and holds eyeshadows for around three hours, which is good enough for a casual weekend stroll with my family or friends.


Now I'm going to use it as a finishing powder.

Bare skin with MAC Prolongwear Concealer, ArtDeco Camouflage Cream, and Bobbi Brown BB Cream.

One layer of Oil Eliminator HD

Nice to know that it imparts a soft focus finish, and it smoothed my skin's texture, especially on the sides of my nose. It's supposed to be translucent, but it's not-it is a wee bit tinted and I will explain why: The moment I dipped a finger into the powder, I knew that the particles are big (the powder exhibited this thick consistency) that's why it cannot disappear into a transparent finish onto my skin. If it were finely-milled, it will be translucent.

If you have alabaster and fair skin, I bet this powder will look very natural on you. For a morena like me, I prefer using it as a blotting powder for my T-Zone, especially on the nose because it has a slight highlighting effect. It doesn't really control oil for up to 12 hours, but rather for 4 hours only which is already pretty good in my standards-didn't breakout from it as well. This is a nice and affordable retouching powder for combination-oily to mildly oily skin-it just needs a little improvement on the packaging and texture.


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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I remember I had a blush before from a Thai brand that comes in the exact same packaging. It seems that the packaging's purpose is for it to be handy, but actually it's quite hassle to use. I tend to put too much product with the sponge applicator and I would need to blend it out using a brush or else I will look like I have tomatoes on my cheeks.

    Based on the photos here, you look really gorgeous. Even when I'm not totally sold on the product, you still rocked it like you always do with the other products you review!

  2. Wow! There is such a product pala! I have tried a lot of oil control powders and none of them were able to control the oiliness of my face for long. And this one is affordable too. Hope i can try it very soon!

  3. I've seen a lot of good reviews about this product back in college and was tempted to try it. But I did not since I wasn't happy with their concealer and liquid foundation. Yeah, packaging is disappointing. Maybe they should use the container like Essence Translucent Powder. Coverage of this looks like a light foundation.

  4. I'd rather use a powder with slimmer packaging to bring with me whenever I'm on the go.

  5. I am having second thoughts...I would really love to try this because it does look good on you and looks great as a finishing powder. I am actually weighing the Pros and Cons.
    It isn't that pricey so I guess there is no harm in trying and if it doesn't work on me, I have a sister I can pass this to (she is a bit fairer than me)... I wouldn't cry over the price if it doesn't work well with me :D


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