My childhood memories and Frodo of KakaoTalk

I think I will never ever outgrow stuffed toys, and I think almost everyone cannot. How could we ever leave out our first- ever best friends behind? (Reminds me now of the movie Toy Story). Sometimes, I think I'm already too old for them, but when I see them on my bed, looking cute and adding that happy touch to my private abode, I just couldn't resist them!

Kakao Talk Philippines has recently sent me this super cute plush toy and of course, he's still welcome to my already huge stuffed toy collection-I'm also happy that they sent me Frodo, my favorite character in Kakao Talk!

Frodo is a dog with an attitude. He's sauve, mischievous, playful and sometimes audacious, and he perfectly resembles my beloved pooches so much.

I always use Frodo whenever I'm catching up with friends over at Kakao Talk. He's always seen with his partner-in-crime, this Kitty Cat with a posh Bob-I like Frodo's sticker collection because he's got the funniest scenes ever!

There's more to where Frodo came from if you download Kakao Talk on your mobile. Aside from offering a quirky way to message friends, they've also got free calls and free group calls that can accommodate five people, free chat, you change themes every single day depending on your mood, and you can even sync the app to your PC and continue the fun in case you run out of phone juice! And while waiting for your friends to log into their Kakao Talk accounts, you can kill time and have fun playing their exclusive games!

Did I mention that using Kakao Talk is rewarding as well? Add up brands, Sarah Geronimo, and Big Bang to access discounts, promos, and to get a chance to win coupons. ;)

Are you on Kakao Talk? Add me there: Martha Sta. Barbara. ;)

Please visit KAKAOTALK PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information and for inquiries.

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3 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have not the chance to download Kakao Talk yet as there are lots of other chat apps already installed in my phone. However, upon seeing your post, it is just now that I learned that there are free calls and free group calls in Kakao Talk. Also, there are games included too! I think it's time to download, and to ask my friends to download as well teehee! :)

  2. I'm actually tired of downloading chat apps. There's too many of them offering almost the same services so I'm contented with Viber. Haha! But I'll download Kakao now for the free coupons. Haha!

  3. Still contemplating, I currently have 3 chat apps installed and I barely used all of!


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