I just turned 26 last week and my, I surprisingly didn't want to buy and expect to receive a lot of stuff for my birthday, but only the following:

A Pandora bracelet just because I am a fan of Charm bracelets-they're so personal and they have so much meaning. Thanks to mom who got me this beauty. Yay!

The first three charms on my Pandora bracelet are the first three letters of my whole name. :) I'm looking at adding a Money Bag and Chinese Dragon charms in the next few months.

Now here's what I got for myself. :)

One item off my lust list! I got a camera instead of a luxury purse because my dear David, the Lumix LX3, had to say goodbye-it's been a good three years with him. *sniff

I read a lot of online articles (and they gave me a headache lol. Non-techie here!) about the latest and best compact cameras with DSLR features in town and settled with the new Sony Alpha 5000, which is actually part of the NEX series, but I read that Sony will finally change the name of the new camera releases to Alpha.

I got this baby for a bevy of reasons: One, the LCD can flip to 90 degrees, thus I can take photos without the help of other people, which is very handy when traveling as I travel alone most of the time and it allows me to take better swatch photos easily. Second, it produces 20.1 megapixel photos and HD quality videos, and third, it's pretty much a DSLR (but smaller) because the lens is interchangeable. I'm a very satisfied customer! :)

That's all for my haul posts today! :D

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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Your new camera looks so sleek! I've always wanted one that's tiny and handy to take with me everywhere. Mine is so hassle to bring ehh. The flip LCD is a very handy feature, indeed!

  2. Hooray for your Sony Alpha 5000! Very good choice :) Techie girl here.. hihi.. Belated Happy Birthday Ms. Martha <3

  3. Awwww.. bracelet is sooo cutie! I want one! Looks so mayan!

  4. DearKaaat! thank you! :D The lcd is actually the main reason why I got it.

    Sincere and Majorie: Thank you! :)


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