Sephora Reusable Wipe Review

Here's a review on Sephora Reusable Makeup Wipe.

Price: 22RM (Approximately P250.00)
Bought From: Sephora, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Other Locations: Available in all Sephora stores; Sephora Online


I think I may have spent two hours in Sephora when I visited the Suria KLCC branch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was just so happy to be there even if I didn't hoard makeup! Well, almost.

I almost got a Marc Jacobs Foundation, an Urban Decay Naked 3 palette and a couple of Sephora brand makeups, but I was able to control my hand from reaching for my wallet! Whew! I did purchase a few stuff though and one of which is this fabulous find of mine called Sephora Reusable Makeup Wipe.


This travel- friendly product is made from a special cloth that's washable and reusable, and soft enough to suit sensitive skin.

More about this try- worthy product after the jump!

The wipe is a dry piece of square cloth in the beginning. It folds up into a tiny square and love that it comes with its very own pouch. It's even more compact than travel- sized tissue packs!

If you soak it in water, it softens up and texture becomes bouncy, soft, and a lil' elastic just like rubber, but it doesn't smell like it nor it is made from that material. You can pour your makeup remover right onto the cloth or apply it straight to your face and use the cloth to wipe off the gunk-use it whichever way you want to!

It removes makeup thoroughly and I love that it's so smooth-it's even smoother than facial tissue and this is what makes it suitable for easily irritated skin. Cleaning this tool is so easy: Squeeze a dollop of facial wash or body wash onto the cloth and rinse under running water to remove the makeup residue. The cloth is very stain- resistant and the makeup (whether regular or waterproof) and makeup remover stains just slide off of it, no sweat. Just hang it to dry, but drying time takes a little while though. When it's finally dry, it returns to its hard state. I think this cloth may last for up to three months if used everyday, but if you clean it thoroughly and store it properly, it may last longer.

This tool is so convenient, not to mention environment- friendly. I use a lot of facial tissues every single day just to remove makeup, but thanks to this thing, my environmental footprint has just been minimized. If there's one thing that you should totally try from the Sephora brand, this is it!


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Nice! I don't have much trouble rinsing off foundation, blush, or powder, but I could use something like this for eye makeup. Particularly waterproof mascara. It just needs to be wiped against something, since I haven't found a makeup remover that can rinse it off with water. --Matromao

  2. I'm going to see if my Sephira has this. Great find!!

  3. Whoa this is awesome! I like that it's reusable, and it looks like it's really effective. I hope there's an easy way to get stuff from Sephora. :(

  4. I love this find of yours! I get very conscious din with my environmental footprint every time I take off my makeup. Plus, it looks super soft and comfy :)

  5. I've been waiting for your review of this product! I love its function and the fact that I can easily remove make-up in no time! Perfect for those nights that I am lazy enough to remove my makeup hihi..

    I'm just wondering if there's similar product to this that we can buy here? :)

  6. Such a great find! It seems like a very good quality cloth. I bet it will still look good as new for a long time even after washing and rinsing countless times. :) I wish we have a similar one available here!

  7. Filipinamacbarbie: hi and welcome to my blog! I highly recommend it! :D

    Dearkaaat: True, or better yet, wish there's sephora here! :D

    Sincere: the exfoclear wipe is a pretty close dupe, but that one yields a scrubbing effect so I would recommend that you don't use it everyday. :)

    Beauty: it is! :D

    Becomingsleek: first dibs: sephora will open here 2015. :)


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