The Bikini Diaries: Pico De Loro Escape With Sample Room!

Last month, I was whisked away to Pico De Loro for Sample Room's first- ever out-of-town event for their partner bloggers and members of the blogger circle. Our meeting place was Starbucks 6750, exactly at 7am. It was just a day trip for all of us.

We left Makati around 8am via a coaster and Sophie led the trip with a short prayer, which is undeniably the best way to start your day. Pico De Loro is in Batangas which according to Sophie, was once a 4-hour ride from Manila, but thanks to Cavitex, travel time was cut down to 2 hours.

We arrived in Pico De Loro at exactly 10am, just as planned. We were greeted at the conference room with our itinerary cards, a lollipop to keep us high the entire day, and a pair from FLY Shades to protect our peepers from the sun.

Sophie with her warm welcoming message to Sample Room's blogger friends. She also shared with us some of SR's newest milestones like their growing database of more than 16,000 members! Wow!

We also got a packed summer loot and it pretty much covered what we needed for the day from a cover- up to a thirst quencher.

Soak Swimwear has provided a pair for all of us too!

Care for a swim? Click READ MORE for the rest of my travel diary!

Pico De Loro/Hamilo Coast is owned and developed by the SM Group. It was once a private resort, but now it accommodates non-members. It's a well- developed area equipped with posh facilities like this wide pool overlooking a man- made lake and condominium- style lodging-there's also a sports/fitness complex complete with a gym, badminton court, and basketball court. This area is for the non-members, I believe, and there is a private area reserved for the members only.

With my partner in beauty, Mikki. :)

After a sumptuous lunch, we headed to the beach for our main itinerary of the day: SWIMMING! :D

Sunblock bar courtesy of Belo. :)

I was told that this is a man- made beach because the sand was imported from somewhere. Pico De Loro is located in a cove beach-water is pretty murky though!

TIP: Be wary of jellyfishes and wear your flip flops when walking on the shore because the sand could get piping hot!

A canyon monument-the podium is a great spot for taking pictures of the beach!

Beach bar where you can unwind and enjoy some drinks on the beach.

My OMG-I-So-Need-This-Beach-Trip reaction to the event. :D

Now vanity ensues!

Kumi and Julia were also with me! :)

Walking around the beach with my Melissa flip-flops. Don't you just love the stunning floral detail? :)

So that's all for my fantastic trip with Sample Room. Looking forward to more of these! How about Paris, perhaps? Haha! :)

Just visit SAMPLE ROOM to know more about the website and for the latest updates on their sample selection.

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  1. sample room is the best specially when you are a VIP.

  2. This will be my target beach next year! Thank for this post :)

  3. I have always wanted to visit Pico de Loro besides the fact that they have great accomodations, they have good hiking trail and a great view of the Pico de Loro or Beak of the Parrot mountain. Have you seen it? ;)

  4. Damn girl, your workout is paying off. Meron ka nang onting cuts sa biceps. Great job.

  5. Rae: Thanks! :D

    Majorie: Nope, we didn't have that much time-it was only a day trip. :)

    Sincere: Thanks :D

    Rubbie and Carmela: :)


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