Brazilian Laser Hair Removal At Wink Laser And Wax Studio: Part II

Welcome to the second season (LOL) of my epic battle with bikini hair at Wink Laser and Wax Studio.

Before I proceed, I would like to commend Wink's Flawless customer service: they never failed to remind me to scrub and moisturize my intimate area after my third and fourth sesh, and they also updated me every time my next laser session is due!

Now I will be discussing my experience and the status of my hair down there after the cut!

We meet again, Alma.

After the second sesh, hair strands got finer and I noticed that they'd fall off effortlessly from the pores-this worked for me because it became super easy for me to pull out ingrown hair.

After my third sesh, I noticed that the hair got bushier and regrowth got pretty fast (although they'd still fall out easily). I was thinking that my hair's having a negative reaction to the laser so I had to clarify it with Lyn, my go- to therapist at Wink in my fourth sesh.

On my fourth sesh, I discussed with Lyn this weird hair growth that I've experienced after the third sesh and she explained that those were 'new hairs' that the laser has forced out in the previous session. In my understanding, that's a common occurrence and reaction of the hair because the laser has disrupted its growth and condition-it will continue to be like that after one or two sessions, then results will become what we expect once more until they get thinner and thinner.

It's been three weeks now since my fourth sesh and regrowth became slow and the hair strands are much finer again. Whew!

Two more sessions to go before we conclude this epic battle with bikini hair. This has been Agent Martha, signing off! ;)

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I don't know how I will start with this kind of thing kasi nahihiya ako. Errr.. i know they will be professional about it but I just don't know how I will react.

  2. Yay! I'm so excited for you! Now, I'm really considering of trying Wink, but I think I'll have my underarms done first. Hehe

  3. Bikini waxing or laser? I guess I would never be brave enough to try it myself :( huhu But I think its really good for terminating those stubborns down there! :D

  4. Hhmm I've never tried waxing.. I can't imagine the feeling if I'm gonna do it down there coz I'm quite afraid it hurts haha :)

  5. there are a lot of things when it comes to beauty >.<

  6. Very intriguing post Agent Martha! lols. I so love to read more about this procedure.This is so brave of you to post,hihihi.Will surely want to read how it goes. I so want to try it too!

  7. im thinking of doing this once i get rich but for now, id stick to my homemade waxing :)

  8. Majorie: The girls at Wink are actually nice-I immediately felt comfy around them during my first time. :)

    Jen: Go ahead! It's pretty pricey, but so convenient. :)

    Rizza: Next time, I want on my legs!

    Betsy: I like both actually. :) But at this point, I prefer waxing because laser is still pretty expensive for me. :)

  9. hi Martha :D how're your last two sesh? how was it? looking forward to your update! :D


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