Holster Australia- Jellicious, Fashionable Footwear!

If I'm not wearing sneaker wedges, you'll see me strutting in flats-jelly sandals to be exact. From faux leather and genuine leather sandals, I've switched to Jellies as I found them more practical in a country that endures rain and flood 60% of the time, although I still have one or two genuine leather pairs for dressier occasions. One time, I had to tread a flooded road just to get to the parking lot in a pricey pair of genuine leather sandals and it got soaked really bad that it rotted away right before my eyes-that was a good 10k down the drain so I've decided that that's it-I've had it with leather sandal heartaches so I'm switching to jellies: they are easier to maintain, cheaper, dry up easily, and they don't rot!

Renee Ayris, Ms. Universe Australia for Holster, shot at Noosa Beach, Australia

One pleasing discovery lately is Holster Australia, a brand of Jelly Footwear for women and children. A small, family- run footwear company in Noosa, Australia, Holster's practical sandals, wedges, pumps, and flip-flops will take you anywhere and in style from the beach down to the city. Currently, Holster is available all over the world and in 2,200 stores. Yes, it is available in the Philippines! :)

Holster's style is casual with a touch of glamour as they make use of jewels and glitter to decorate their footwear. The Jellies, btw, are made from superior non-toxic rubber.

Holster Philippines was kind enough to send me some samples of their products! :) Click READ MORE to see some of their best- selling styles!

I got lotsa' jelly flats and I truly appreciate it because to date, I only have three that I use on rotation. The bronze one has a kitten wedge that I love using in events because it adds height on me yet feels so comfortable. The nude pair is from the new Danii Minogue collection-Danii is an Australia- born and bred world famous rockstar and she is currently Holster's ambassador. (I wonder how she is related to Kylie Minogue?) Those gorgeous violet sandals would match my Givenchy Pandora very well! Btw, can you spot what's wrong in the photo? Teehee! :D The jelly flats are ranging from P1,400.00 and up.

FYI, my most favorite heeled footwear would have to be the good ol' Wedge because it offers better stability and comfort than stilettos. At Holster, there are a couple of good wedge finds such as the peep toe in Blue and Glitter.

Here's a closer look at the peep-toe jelly wedges! Price for the wedge is P2,980.00.

Holster's sandals are really soft, flexible, and ain't that slippery, while the edges on the wedges don't cut my skin at all, although the openings on them are a little small. Nonetheless, Holster is fun, easy, no- nonsense, and durable, and it glamorizes any wardrobe without being over-the-top.

You can find Holster in all Shoe Salon branches nationwide. If you want to see more of their styles, just visit HOLSTER PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

Anyone here who knows this brand? Any owners of Holster in here? Share your faves!

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. At first I thought it's from Hollister, I had to check the spelling twice! Lol :D
    Coudn't agree more to this post!
    Jelly sandals are indeed the most convenient foot wear to date here in our country. Sandals/shoes made of Leather, fabric etc. could really be an hassle esp. On rainy weather. I've also turned to jelly flats two years ago :D
    Hope to try this new brand.

    P.s: wrong in the photo, maybe the violet sandals were mismatched? :D

  2. I got a pair lang from Melissa Gelea, that pointed sandal na ang chic and it suits the outfit kahit naka office attire pa. I wear it whenever I have to walk for 10 minutes after office.

  3. Lovin the flats! :) It can go easily on any simple outfit like peanut butter and jelly. :D The wedge is expensive tho. But sooo glamorous! :D

  4. Hahaha, I looked at the picture, talagang tinitigan ko- saw the mismatch:) Lovely pairs!

  5. Betsy: Yes! That was the wrong thing in the photo haha! :D

    Jen: Thanks dear! :D

    Marielle: Cool! What I have from Melissa is this gorgeous flip flops with rose cut-outs stuck on the strap. :D

    Itsmefati: I think the wedge is cheaper than Melissa's. :)

  6. I'm really into these jelly sandals. I have a beige one with gold studs from Mendrez that I wear non-stop. :)

  7. I always wanted to own a jelly sandals from Melissa, but then a mall in our town started to sell fake jelly sandals especially the wedge one and everyone from kids to teenagers to lola's bought it, as a girl I do not want na maraming kapareho and marami nang 'fake' so I decided to give up just don't buy it nalang, but I am really glad that Holster has some unique designs! Maybe this time I get to have my own jelly sandals, hopefully.


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