Lactacyd: For Your Personal Choice and Your Personal Journey

I've always been a Lactacyd girl, no kidding, because I like how light- smelling it is and how moisturizing its milky texture is. I've seen Lactacyd evolve from its old, pharmaceutical- style packaging to the new one and to the introduction of their new variants-I've seen it all and that speaks of how long I've been a Lactacyd user already!

Lactacyd honored their successful years in the industry as well as their trusted products in a quaint Press and Bloggers event that highlighted personal, intimate journeys. The brand believes that each woman is different, therefore they have different intimate care needs- this is the reason why Sanofi came up with five variants to compliment individual intimate concerns.

The five Lactacyd variants were tastefully represented by five of the best destinations in the world, each treasured for their grandeur, history, and unique charm. First stop is Revitalizing Bali, a quiet destination for those who are yearning to escape to a solitary experience by the sea. Much like the renewing experience that Bali offers, Lactacyd Revitalizing is made with Collagen that helps firm the skin on the intimate area.

Join me and Lactacyd in discovering the five variants after the jump!

Next stop, Classic London, a city known for its class, rich culture, and royal history, which is pretty much the story of Lactacyd's good ol' Classic variant.

Touchdown, Maldives. Oh, the last frontier of the world and one of the countries to visit in my bucket list. Maldives offers a stunning view of the Indian Ocean in some of the grandest resorts in the world, and is tagged as the best getaway place for couples. Maldives is as private as it can get like Lactacyd's White Intimate that addresses your personal lightening needs down there.

Enter New York, the city that never sleeps. My mother once said that in New York, it is impossible to sleep because of all the wonderful sights, sounds, and activities this city has in store for every person, locals and travelers alike. As active, multitasking, and vibrant like New York, Lactacyd All Day Care provides 'round the clock nourishment to modern, on-the-go city gals.

We're now down to our final destination, Tokyo. I've been to Tokyo and I love how this city exists between the contemporary and the traditional, and the tranquil and the bustling. Like the calm and balanced demeanor of Tokyo, Lactacyd Cool and Fresh keeps you at ease as you go about your daily activities.

Trips are awesome when you're with friends and I've shared that around the world with Lactacyd with Kath, Kat, and Donnarence! :)

So where will you take Lactacyd? :)

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. anywhere!!! where adventure goes..

    it's nice to know that we ladies have multiple variety to choose from that will serve on our intimate concerns..

  2. Lactacyd would take me around the world. :) I've tried the white intimate variant and I like it. I'm just not sure if the whitening part really worked, but I didn't care. I'm currently using the cool and fresh variant and I super love it. It leaves a cool minty feeling down there. :) It's so refreshing, though the minty feeling doesn't last long, like for a super short time only. :)

  3. Oooh, I was at that event, too. Didn't see you there, Martha. Sayang. :( But I did get to meet Earth Rullan as well as other bloggers. :) --Matromao

  4. I always have Lactacyd on me, it's part of my everyday vanity kit. I mean, what's the point of having really nice makeup when you're stinky down there? LOL.

    Even if it's so hard to be a girl, because we have a lot of maintaining to do. It's still so fun because of products like this. <3

  5. I think feminine wipes are the one of the greatest inventions in this entire universe. Seriously.

  6. Shary: Haha. I sooo agree with you. :)

    Matromao: Because I left early to meet someone haha. Hope to bump into you soon! :)

    Abegaill: That's what I've been meaning to try too. Haha. I bet the cool and fresh variant would be so perfect when the weather is warm or on my workout days. :)

    Mabelita: Agree! :)


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