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Here's a review on Daylong Sunscreen range.

Price: Light Gel Sunscreen For Face and Body- P620.00; Liposomal Spray For Face and Body- P1,290.00; After Sun Repair For Face and Body- P890.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all leading department stores and drugstores


Daylong is a sunscreen range that will change your perception about sunscreen (and all the adjectives that you've come to associate with it) and even urge you to wear it every single day-that's just a summary of my experience because I've never used sunscreen consistently until Daylong came along. In fact, I am already halfway through my Light Gel Face and Body Sunscreen! Let me review this range for everyone!


Daylong is the newest offering of Galderma, the same makers of Cetaphil. The entire range is formulated to have an easy, light, breathable, and fast- absorbing texture for daily use. Daylong promises to protect you from three rays that damage skin: UVA, UVB, and IR (Infrared Rays or rays that emanate from artificial lighting and gadgets such as computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones).

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Light Gel Face and Body Lotion SPF 50 PA++++


Light Gel Face and Body Lotion, despite the name, does not have the gel consistency that one would expect and that is transparent, gooey, and watery-instead, it's a very light, almost emulsion- like lotion. I asked Galderma about this and they told me that gel doesn't always have to look watery and transparent-it's just a standard for formulas that do not contain oil ingredients and this product fits the bill because it's oil- free. (It's something new that I've learned!)

Anyway, this product blends into nothingness, but still leaves the skin with the right amount of moisture-it's surprisingly moisturizing and that's what I like about this product as it spares me from using a separate moisturizer every single time. I use this particular product on my face because it does not leave a white cast!

 Liposomal Spray for Face and Body SPF 30 PA+++


Liposomal? What's that!? I asked Galderma about this again and Liposomal is a term for formulas that mimic the skin's liposome structure and just like how liposomes work, this lotion is said to help retain moisture longer and its balanced ratio of oil and moisture catches UV light and disperses it before it enters the skin.

This is the sunscreen that I can use it to the gym: it's super sheer, gets absorbed into the skin in a snap, it does not coagulate nor make me feel icky whenever I sweat. It's meant for face and body use, but the way it's packaged makes it seem fitting for body use only, but hey, that's just me.

 Daylong After Sun Repair Liposomal Lotion


Now this one is a tad bit creamier and more moisturizing than the first two products, but since it's Liposomal Lotion, it doesn't feel heavy and greasy at all. I appreciate its texture because it effectively soothes skin areas that have been exposed to the sun for a long time.

If you've noticed, the products can be used both on the face and body so it's like hitting two birds with one coin-okay I made up that idiom, but what I'm trying to say is with Daylong, it's like you purchased two products for the price of one. With the way the products are formulated, I think it will suit any skin type. It's not really hard to start the sunscreen habit with Daylong because it caters to all my non-negotiable requirements in a sunscreen: Light, fragrance- free, and fast- absorbing!


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. And as it's by the same guys as Cetaphil, this is probably going to be really friendly to sensitive skin. Score!

  2. So want to try the full range but I can't splurge to buy them all. So unfortunate that I didn't win your contest, but I still bought one from the range. :) I love how it feels so light on the skin. I'm using sunscreen na everyday as recommended and I can really see that my skin glows. :) Thanks for the tip

  3. I liked it when a sunscreen is light and fast absorbing.. might try this Daylong SPF 50+ PA+++...

  4. I actually have the whole collection of DayLong Sunscreen lotion and spray. I really like it because it is good for the body at the same time for the face! My only concern is it is pricey. 1 bottle of Daylong Spray costs Php1K+. But for those who like investing to good skincare, I think this is a must-try! :)

  5. Pat: yup, you're right. :D

    Eddielli: Indeed! Investing in good skin care products is always wise. :D

    Melanie: Oh you will like this line then! :D

    Abegaill: Glad to know you're enjoying it. :D

  6. Bought VIP points from sample room just to get my hands on this. Haha.


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