Rich Pure Luxury Argan Oil Hair Care Review

Here's a review on Rich Pure Luxury Argan Oil Hair Care.

Price: Shampoo- P475.00; Conditioner- P475.00; Hair Oil- P650.00
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I think I'm getting more and more vain about my hair lately, and I think that's okay. Let me explain: Thanks to my meticulousness, I don't have to fuss about ugly- looking hair on a daily basis, visit salons and spend for deep conditioning treatments more than I should, thus I get to save a whole lot of money and time. A little degree of vanity is acceptable, especially if you know that in the end, it will benefit you more!

So this is my meticulous hair care routine: On weekdays, I use regular shampoo and conditioner, use an oil- based leave- in conditioner for daytime, and a thicker oil- based hair treatment at night. Twice a week, I deep condition with a hair masque. On weekends, I use luxurious or oil- infused shampoos and conditioners to pamper my hair further and give it a break from the drying formulas of regular hair cleansers. For oil- based hair cleansers, I always choose those with Argan Oil because I've proven that this product truly does wonders to the hair. What I'm using now is Rich Pure Luxury Argan Oil-it's so rich and luxurious, but doesn't put a dent on the wallet!


Favored by many international beauty editors, Rich Pure Luxury Argan Oil is a three- step hair care system that features the nourishing and beautifying "Liquid Gold" from Morocco-it promises to soften, condition, and beautify hair with its colorant, Sulfate, and Paraben- free formula. Oh, did you know that Argan Oil, when it was first introduced to the public, was typically used as a hair oil?

The shampoo and conditioner are bottled up in a gorgeous, yellow gold plastic tube that's pretty easy to squeeze and you don't need to do a grip workout every time you're in the shower.

Shampoo ingredients

Conditioner ingredients

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Top: Conditioner
Bottom: Shampoo

All products have this uniform, light tropical, nutty scent. Argan Oil does not have any scent though (it shouldn't have any!), but for this brand, they probably had to put some fragrance to it to make it more pleasing.

The conditioner has this watery cream texture and is very, very easy to spread onto the hair. It also softens my locks effectively too, thus preventing breakage. Meanwhile, the shampoo has this luxe, pearlized texture and it doesn't dry out my locks. Both products feel super light on the hair and don't leave any oily, sticky, and heavy residue.

Here's the Argan Oil Elixir, the final step in this hair care line.


It's designed to be a leave- in so Argan Oil can take care of your hair through and through, and for the rest of the day. However, I find this product to be exceptionally thick and a drop is enough to make my hair oily, and its super concentrated consistency weighs my hair down so I don't use it during daytime. Instead, I use it as a night treatment or if I'm in the mood for DIY Hot Oil at home.

I've tried using this product for a week and I noticed that it keeps my hair super soft and frizz- free that I don't wake up with static hair. The consistency of the products is perfect for those with thin and thick hair, and I'd surely recommend it to you if you need something that will tame frizz naturally and give your hair that light, bouncy feeling.


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. That seems fairly on par with specialty hair care. Personally I like Organix for treating my dry hair, but since this is carried by Beauty Bar (therefore probably cruelty free) I might give this a shot!

  2. I'm also into hair oil lately since I got the Loreal Mystic Oil in a BDJ box. I kinda liked it!!! Hope I can also try this Rich Argan Oil Elixir, packaging is cute and handy...

  3. Wow, I would love to try the argan oil. I have a frizzy hair so I tend to use leave-in conditioners all the time. The problem is that, they only tame my frizz for a few hours. After that, I needed to put some again. I don't mind doing that, but it's better if the frizz would lessen forever. :) I would definitely try the oil as a night treatment too. :) I also use DIY hair masks at home during weekends

  4. I have not tried argan oil yet on my hair. i have been eyeing on some brands but they are really pricey. can you recommend other alternatives though or brand perhaps that you have already tried which is less expensive? I might need one since my friend noticed that my hair is kind of dry already Hihi thanks :)

  5. I'm currently using their argan oil and curl booster. it really works! ill try their shampoo too!!! :)

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