Smashbox On The Rocks Always Sharp Eye Liner Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Smashbox On The Rocks Always Sharp Eye Liner Set.

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Smashbox has pioneered an eyeliner that is way beyond cool: It's so cool because every time you remove the cap, the eyeliner is always freshly- sharpened that you have no choice but to finally toss your makeup sharpener and if you find sharpening too tedious, not to mention you always can't seem to find that darned sharpener when you need it, this liner will come to your rescue. Welcome to the future, girls.


This award- winning product by Smashbox features a built- in sharpener inside the cap that sharpens the liner in every use. Always Sharp Eyeliner is a permanent collection and comes in over a dozen of colors, but for this set, Smashbox has packaged five of their best- selling and limited edition colors in Waterproof Kohl and 3D Liner variants.


Swatches of this favorite eyeliner of mine after the break!

The liners come in glossy packaging and the color of each pen is uniform with the actual color of the liner-the shade of each liner is conveniently printed on the body of the tube too so you don't have to remove the caps one by one to find a certain shade you're looking for.

The sharpener is located at the tip of the cap-it's invisible to the naked eye, but every time you twist the pen, you'll hear a crushing sound inside, meaning the liner is always sharpened before every use. One concern that may arise with the packaging is that the sharpener may clog overtime-never experienced that with my older Always Sharp eyeliners, but if you're OC about this, you can always clean the sharpener with a Q Tip.

How true is the 'Always Sharp' claim? Check out the photos below:

3D Orchid with a dull tip

3D Orchid now with a sharp tip after removing the cap

Seriously, I'd always say "Whoa!" every time I use this product because of this awesome auto- sharpening feature.

3D Liner is sturdier than Waterproof Kohl-the latter is soft and prone to breakage, but both variants have a smooth, easy- gliding consistency. Pigmentation is medium to heavy. 3D Liner has a shimmer finish while Waterproof Kohl has a matte finish. You can use this product on the lips and eyes, btw.

What if the tip of the eyeliners snap off during usage? Easy. Just keep on sharpening the liner inside the cap until it resurfaces-you'll have a fresh, working eyeliner again in no time.

Here's something that I've observed with the pen and I think I should bring it up with everyone: This product comes in an automatic pen, but strangely, the liner won't come up when you twist the bottom. I think that this is not a defect, but rather a new packaging feature because I even noticed this with Make Up For Ever and Clinique's eyeliners. I have confirmed that yes, this is a new feature not only for Smashbox, but for other brands as well: the liner will only come up just when you're about to finish the entire thing. Just thought you guys would like to know! :)

Now onto the swatches:

Sumatra- dark brown (matte)
Raven- jet black (matte)
3D Night Gem- steel gray with silver shimmer
3D Orchid- eggplant purple with violet shimmer
Midnight- peacock dark blue (matte)



Midnight used on my lower lids

Waterproof Kohl is indeed waterproof, but 3D Liner transfers for a wee bit on my above crease around midday, especially when the weather is a lil' warm. 3D Liner sets efficiently and you can smudge it out right before it sets, but for Waterproof Kohl, you'll need to do it quickly because it won't budge once it sets.

To be honest, the overall quality of these eyeliners is not a far cry from some cheaper ones I've tried, but packaging is truly one-of-a-kind and super convenient that it's enough reason for me to repurchase this product. With Always Sharp Eyeliner, Smashbox has proven that there are a lot of ways to reintroduce a common product-it just takes a super creative mind! :)


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  1. Sayang.. I'm curious about the sharpener. It looks opaque. I like your eyes here.

  2. Super love the colors and the pigmentation! Grabe, I'm planning to pass bu Beauty bar this weekend and mukhang marami akong mabibili including this! I just love all the colors. And matagal pa ang staying power kaya mas okay. I'm truly amazed by the automatic sharpening. :) And the new feature too!I didn't know about that until now. Thanks for the info!

  3. Awww!! Im planning palang to get that.. i love the colors so pigmented. Thanks for the review dear.

  4. AWESOOOOOOOOME!!! I literally went wow when I saw the pictures. Technology is something! I hope I see this from other brands too.

  5. Abegaill: You're welcome! Enjoy! :D

    Teri: Thanks! :D

    Stacie: Agree! The auto-sharpening feature is something that all brands should look into! :D

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