Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex Skin Care Review + Results

Here's a review on Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex Skin Care range.

Price: depends on the derma clinic
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It's amazing how a whole new skin care product and having renewed skin can give you a whole new perspective. After 2 months of using Yllume, I realized that even skin is not just having zero pimple marks, but it should also be smooth, bright, and brimming with life-in short, it should be a total package! 

Yllume has GREATLY improved my skin and I even think it almost brought my skin back to its beautiful state 5 years ago! I can't wait to show you my results at the bottom of this post, but for now, let me give this brand that much- deserved introduction! :)

Addendum: Yllume Philippines cannot provide the exact retail price of the line as their distributors have varying prices for it. One clinic that carries Yllume is NU.U Asia Center for Dermatology, located at Bonifacio Global City. You may give them a call at 856-3641.


Allow me to quote myself:

Founded by Hossay Momand, Yllume is a for-all-skin-types brightening range that features the proprietary Phytofloral, an ingredient that combines the most potent marine, plant, botanical, vitamin, and mineral actives. The star in Phytofloral is Colourless Carotenoids that are derived from Mediterranean Tomatoes. Carotenoids are what protect fruits and vegetables from the sun, and help them maintain their bright colors. Surprisingly, humans have Carotenoids too (albeit they are colorless) and they are found in the horny layers of the skin-Carotenoid deficiency, according to research, makes skin vulnerable to sensitivity, hyper pigmentation, and acne.  
The way plant Carotenoids protect fruits and vegetables can also do wonders for human skin, but they have an undesirable reddish hue. With the help of modern science, there is finally a way to turn plant Carotenoids into Colorless Carotenoids and this, my friends, is what Yllume is using in their skin care products. Aside from Phytofloral, each product also features unique ingredients that help give you brighter skin. 
Yllume promises to yield bright and even results in just 28 days, but without Licorice extracts, hydroquinone, kojic acid, and any harsh peeling agents, which makes it safe for sensitive and fine skin-their formula is equivalent and comparable to the effects of 4% Hydroquinone, but the difference is it's natural and mild. Since I mentioned that Yllume derives their Colorless Carotenoids from Mediterranean Tomatoes, the products provide antioxidant and revitalizing benefits too, aside from skin brightening.

Check out my fantabulous results with this skin care range after the cut!

Yllume is a pretty basic line that consists of the following classic skin care products: Facial Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, and Mask, but it also has a complementary Skin Supplement to aid the brightening process from within.

The packaging, collectively, looks quite luxe, but sensible: all products come in acrylic jars and bottles, and each of them is housed in those gift- worthy cylinders.

Let's now check out the entire range:


A soft, foaming cleanser that helps break down surface debris to reveal smooth, fresh skin. Contains Colorless Carotenoids and Vitamin C.

This concentrated cleanser foams up generously, therefore you only need a small dot to get a rich lather, but despite this, I do not find it drying. It's very mild, gentle, and leaves my face clean and feeling soft.

Tonic Mist

This mineralized toner freshens, cleans, and energizes skin with Polynesian Lagoon Water and Vitamin C.

I appreciate that this product is in an atomizer form, thus I get to control the amount I take each time. However, it has a different texture: It doesn't feel as 'wet' as any toner I have tried, therefore I would always feel the need to get more to get the feeling that I have used a toner on my skin-this fact counters the pro, actually. :p Texture also feels a little more moisturizing than a regular toner: it leaves a bit of moisture to the skin and I can even say that it feels a tad bit oily, but it doesn't contain oil. How do I give you a good picture of this product? Oh, it's like a translucent, sheer form of an emulsion.


A day-to-night cream that recharges and infuses skin with brightening moisture. Contains Turmeric Root Extract, Colorless Carotenoids, and Vitamin C.

The cream comes in this convenient bottle with a twist mechanism to reveal the nozzle. Bye-bye misplaced or broken caps! :D

Mmmmkay, now this is a very concentrated cream! Literally, two pea-sized dots would suffice to cover your entire face! This product has a light citrusy fragrance and texture is very emollient and hydrating. However, I do not use this product during daytime because it makes my face real oily-maybe if I were in a colder place, I would! I only use it as a night cream because it's effective enough to keep my skin moisturized and soft as I sleep.


A hydrating, soothing mask fortified with Colorless Carotenoids and Vitamin C. Brightens and clarifies the skin.

This mask feels a little like Glamglow's Hydrating Mud and Laneige's Water Sleeping Pack EX. During the launch of this product, the team from Yllume Philippines recommended that we use this once a week only because it is really potent. Indeed it is because every time I use this product, it's like my face always has this new glow!

Skin Supplement

Contains Acai Berry, Bilberry, and Pomegranate to detoxify, smooth, and brighten the skin from within.

This is the only product in the range that I did not take just because I am not a fan of taking oral supplements. :)


Before Yllume

2 months ago, my skin was in a very bad condition. It was so bad that I would oftentimes skip events because I never liked how my makeup looked and no matter what I did, I could not cover up the fact that my skin was really bad. I would even get pissed when I see my face in the mirror and question: "Oh, skin, what's the matter with you? How did you become like this? :(" It was so frustrating-I was doing everything I could and using the most advanced skin care products, but to no avail.

My skin looked really rough, dull, skin tone was uneven, and hives would sprout from my skin almost every other day on top of the zits. Oh, just remembering these is enough to make me cry haha!

2 Months after using Yllume

I now finished using the entire line (except the mask) and I could pretty much say that the race to great skin is almost over, and I'm on the winning end!

Let me make the distinction here: aside from Yllume, I was also consistently using Shiseido's White Lucent serum on my post- acne marks (but only on these only) so I cannot credit the entire improvement of my marks to the former alone. 

So let's look at my skin as a whole: My skin got super smooth as the range has eradicated all my hives and zits during my entire usage and even kept them from coming back as an army-well, a zit or two would pop on my skin, but frequency was lengthened from 2 days to 1- 1 1/2 weeks.

My skin tone had evened out and looked brighter and clearer, and the dull portions on my skin such as the cheek, jaw area, and chin have improved. Judging from the photo, it may seem like my skin tone has turned a shade whiter, but if you see me in person without any makeup on, that is not the case: my facial skin's tone is still uniform with my neck and the rest of my body, and I haven't used Yllume or any whitening product on the latter parts in the past few months. I guess when you have uniform skin, it will naturally look brighter or to some extent, lighter. I just want to point out that Yllume is more for clarifying the complexion, not whitening so yes, I approve this for Morena skin.

Whoops! Got a little boo-boo there. Anyway, here's a comparison pic so you can appreciate my results better. :) Btw, it's been 5 days since I used up the entire line and my skin's still looking good-no relapse whatsoever. :)

Those Colorless Carotenoids, whatever they are, they're just so awesome! I am just so glad I have found Yllume and even if it's pricey (it's a cosmeceutical brand, I believe), I'd be willing to repurchase the entire set again! :D Thank you to the moon and back, Yllume! Now excuse me ladies, I have to go and munch on some Tomatoes haha!


Please visit YLLUME SKINCARE on Facebook for more information about this range.

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  1. After seeing the improvement on your skin (2 months of use) i would really agree.. that YES it really help your skin back on its old state.. pimple free and smooth (i love the smooth feeling of skin, it makes us feel like having a skin of a baby!)

    i have skin problem too (uneven skintone) would this product help me with it?

  2. Wow, ang ganda ng effect ah. I'm really impressed. I hope they'll be available in drugstores para we could try it as well. I've never tried trying out a whole line ever. So maybe that's why it is so effective. I'm used to mix and match products according to my preference eh. I also like that it doesn't have adverse effects even after using the products. :)

  3. wow,super visible ang improvements,i love try this! thank you for posting this!

  4. This product bought awesome changes into your skin. :) Same here! Not a fan of supplements like that but sometimes, I think I want to try something like Myra e's but I always think twice. :)) Of all the variants, I am much more please to try the Tonic Mist one. It is sooo intriguing. ;) teehee ;)

  5. Awesome... But from the looks of the products this line seems to be expensive huh...

  6. OMGEEEEH! I am so buying this! Dear Martha, would you be kind enough to update the prices and the location where I could buy! This is so amazeballs!!! I am having a major major breakout now and it's so devastating already! T_T

    Thanks much!

  7. Thank you, beautiful Martha for your great review. We are so happy to see the results on your skin. Love, team Yllume

  8. Yllume: You're welcome! Thanks for introducing me to this lovely product! :)

    Evey: Hi there! Posted an addendum-prices vary depending on the distributor so sorry, couldn't provide the actual prices. I've posted where you can find this skin care line though! :)

    Cris: Hi there and welcome to my blog! Yes, it is, but it's worth it!

    Itsmefati: I think the tonic mist is one of the products that made the most difference :)

    Stacie: Yes! :D

    Gole Cruz: Welcome! :)

    Abegaill: I think Yllume is available in specialty skin care stores and derma clinics only. :)

    Rhain: It will! :D

  9. I had a nightmare dealing with Yllume. I found them to be dishonest, untrustworthy and unreliable. I ordered products with them online, which they did not deliver over the course of a year. I asked for my money back and they agreed. However they have never refunded the money to me. I have written to Hossay Momand directly and they have not addressed the issue. Absolute nightmare company to deal with. Stay well clear of them.

  10. The above same comment is posted everywhere on the Internet, I've personally seen it copy and pasted under various names! And here it is again! Why would anyone spend so much time sitting and posting the same comment on all places where the opportunity to post allows? I'm sure if it was a customer a complain would suffice, but hours and hours of time used to post the exact same comment under different names everywhere possible? Doesn't look like a legit customer but competition maybe!? :)


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