Moist, Diane Moist and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner Review

 Here’s a review on Moist, Diane Shampoo and Conditioner.

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I have friends who would tirelessly rave about Japanese hair care products. I’m like: “Well, is there anything that the Japanese can’t do?” :D They’re so meticulous with everything they do and it reflects in their products too!

Here’s one Japanese hair care brand that has recently landed in the country: Moist, Diane by Mandom Corporation, the same distributors of Pixy, Gatsby, and Bifesta. This smoothing hair duo keeps hair silky, moisturized, bouncy, squeaky clean yet soft, and shiny sans all the stickiness and weight.


Moist, Diane is a Japanese drugstore hair care brand. It comes in two variants: Volume and Scalp and Moist And Shine. This greaseless, silicon- free variant is formulated with two oils namely Argan and Baobab for superior moisturization, shine, and repair. It also features Cupuacu and Mango Seed Oil to further boost repair.

 Shampoo ingredients

 Conditioner ingredients

More about this oily scalp- friendly hair cleansing duo after the break! :)

For a drugstore brand, Moist, Diane doesn't look anywhere near it! They come in a generous 500ml size with a sturdy plastic bottle and pump dispenser-the dispenser doesn't go back nor does it have an open-close option, but I like the convenience it gives.

The shampoo has a clear, gel- type consistency-it doesn't foam up so much, but it does produce a decent lather; it's perfect for those who like it sudsy and those who don't. I like the shampoo because it gets rid of dirt and sebum build- up from the scalp and it doesn't make my hair feel dry. 

The conditioner is a light cream with a mustard color-the color, according to the label, is naturally occurring due to the natural ingredients in it. The conditioner is just a wee bit concentrated: it softens my hair, although I wish it could soften it some more especially on bad hair days. However, if you've got curly or really thick hair, you will need to use more because its consistency is not as concentrated as I expected it to be.

Both products have a very light floral scent. The scent doesn't linger and you'll need to use a fragrant leave- in after blow/towel drying should you want to shield your hair from smelling like food, smoke, or pollution. With daily use at once a day, my estimate is this duo will last me for 1 to 1/2 months.


Love that it makes my hair really shiny! I noticed that you won't really notice and feel the softening effect of this product until you blow dry your hair. When my hair is finally dry, it feels really bouncy, light, soft, and fresh, as if I've gotten rid of a chunk of sebum and dirt on my hair and scalp; It doesn't have any frizz and flyaway-fighting properties though.

To me, this product, given their light consistencies, is great for ladies with thin, straight hair and semi- thick, straight hair who need daily shine and moisture boost in their locks. Well, any girl with any hair type can use this duo, but some may need to use less and others, a lot; Since both got oil in them, girls with oily scalp will love this too because again, oil removes oil. 

Moist, Diane is one of the easily accessible and affordable (given the size) Argan Oil- infused products out there so that makes it worth trying!


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  1. Sounds good. I'm just quite hesistant to try it as it might worsen my hairfall. Is it not harsh? :) How much is it pala? The packaging looks nice as well

  2. Hello. Does this brand have leave on products as well?

  3. I love how a lot of Japanese shampoos and conditioners are in pump bottles. I think the bigger version of Shiseido's Tsubaki Shampoo/Conditioner comes in pumps as well. With those bottles, I prefer either the ones with flat caps I can store upside down or pumps, since I'm impatient even when it comes to washing my hair. :))

  4. Saw this at SM Dept store. Got lucky and saw your review. I love Japanese products. (*^^*) I think it will do a goob in my not so chemically treated hair. Will buy this as soon as I run out of my HairPro series :)

  5. It's has preservatives sodium benzoate and EDTA...not friendly to our body, I am looking into natural sorry, most product took out the paraben content and change to other preservatives.

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