What A Year!

Reminiscing the year that was. Before I delve into the highlights of The Beauty Junkee's 2014, I'll share with you the most memorable things I learned, things that I'm definitely bringing with me not only to 2015, but to forever:

1. No matter how kind you are, there are still people who will take advantage of you. Similarly, no matter how intelligent you are, you can still be taken advantage of. You can be meticulous, careful, cautious, but there are things beyond your control such as the behavior of people-they can take away your money, your possessions, your position, but as long as you don't allow them to take away your values, you will still win in the end.

2. You can only find authentic peace if you learn to forgive the situation and the person/s who have hurt you-your peace should not be dependent on others saying "Sorry" because personal remorse may or may not come naturally to each and every one. The more you hold on to grudge, the more you suffer and unfortunately, your offenders don't. Let Karma take care of them and don't let them hurt you again by taking away your inner peace.

3. It's okay to quit because quitting, sometimes, is the undeveloped solution to your problems.

4. You can't do everything. You may think you can, but sometimes, you really can't. Don't try to save the world and think a hundred times before jumping into something.

5. Let go of friends and people who don't treat you right and pull you down, if that means finally being able to embark on the road to true happiness. Quality over quantity.

These are the best things I've learned last year and I've learned them the hard way, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I can say now that I'm more than ready to face 2015 and definitely excited for more learnings that are coming my way! :D

Sharing the highlights of my year after the break! :D


I didn't travel as often as I did in 2013, but I'm still happy with the places I've been to last year. Last year, I went on an unexpected trip to Malaysia for a Blog project. I've finally seen the gorgeous Petronas Twin Towers, the majestic Batu Caves, and reveled in the foods Malaysia has to offer. Kuala Lumpur is part of my bucket list and finally, it's accomplished! :D

El Nido is one helluva expensive destination at P25,000.00+ per night at the Lagen Island, but I was privileged last year to visit this piece of heaven on Earth through Nivea Philippines! :D Now I've finally visited the top destinations in Palawan: Puerto Princesa, El Nido, and Coron-Amanpulo, you're next! :D

Last year, I visited Boracay again with my most favorite guy on the planet! Last year was much better for us because we were prepared financially and we were able to maximize our stay without worrying about running out of money or going broke after the vacation.

I went to Pico De Loro last year with Sample Room. It was a special moment for me because it was my first time to visit this place and my first time to go on an out-of-town trip with my Beauty Blogger friends!


I was told that when Blogs reach a minimum monthly unique views of 60k, it's hard for almost everyone to get out of this plateau stage. Glad I wasn't part of the fatality because last year, I got 30k-40k increase in my blog traffic. Whew! Now all that hard work paid off! The eye bags were worth it!

I participated in an International project last year for a global brand and the shoot took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was such an honor to be part of that because I was chosen as the only Filipina Blogger representative for this regional project! Can't divulge this yet as I have to wait for the go signal from the heads, but watch out for this because this one is exciting! :D

Just before the year ended, Style Weekend of Manila Bulletin contacted me and gave me this eye-popping, two- page feature in the magazine! It was such an honor to be featured in my favorite newspaper! :D

2014 was the best year for my other career, which is being a freelance PR Consultant. I handled two BIG brands: one is a fashion brand (which is obvious in this photo) and the other, an international T.V. channel. It feels so good to be trusted by big people and most especially, to be given a chance to show what you've got so thank you, dear brands, for the opportunity. I learned a lot from our projects! :D


I just have to include this because last year was my best year for fitness. It was a long, sometimes grueling journey, but I did not give up. 2014 is the year when I fell truly, madly, deeply in love with fitness and I think this affair will last a long, long time, if not forever. Now, I feel much better, I lost around 2-3 more pounds since my last fitness blog post in October 2014, and best part was, I was able to enjoy the holidays without worrying about gaining so much weight and taking it all off! :)

I have achieved two of my must- have items last year: A luxury handbag and a Sony A5000 camera. Originally, I wanted a YSL Mini Y Ligne Cabas, but I had to allot a huge amount of money to something that needed it the most, thus I got Givenchy Antigona instead. I ain't complaining though-a luxury handbag is still a luxury handbag after all! :D

And finally, 2014 was the year when my personal relationships with these crazy.cool.sexy.lovely people have gotten stronger, much more fruitful, and much more blessed. :D

I've had trying times too last year-in fact, they may outweigh all the positive things that happened, but life's too short to worry-it is, after all, still good in the end.

Bring it on, 2015! :)))

How was your 2014?

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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. My 2014 is good to me as well. I gained my experiences in my career and finished a lot of projects as well. I also gained friends through attending BDJ's events. The makeup and blogging industry sparked mt interest as well. And I can say that I was richer in 2014 as I saved twice than 2013. :)

  2. Sino mga kaaway mo Martha?
    Sino mga ni-let go mo?
    And sino mga nag-abuso sayo?

    share mo naman, long-time readers deserve to know.

  3. Abegaill: Glad to hear my dear! I wish that you'll have a more wonderful 2015! :)

    Anonymous: Hey there, I appreciate that you're a long- time reader. As for your questions, oh well, some unscrupulous people I've worked with and some old friends-just some people who don't deserve a bigger space in my blog. :) Happy New Year. :)

  4. Congrats on your excellent 2014 (ultra-productive and stylish ha), and cheers to making 2015 even better. :)


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