The Balm Balm Jovi Rockstar Palette Review + Swatches

Here's a review on The Balm Balm Jovi Rockstar Palette.

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The Balm takes quirky to the next level with their super cute, rockstar- worthy palette called The Balm Balm Jovi Rockstar Palette. Balm Jovi, Alice Copper, Lead Zeppelin-just some of the superstars that you will find in this palette-it couldn't get cooler than this!

Let's start groovin' to the tune of Balm Jovi! :D


The Balm Balm Jovi Rockstar Palette features a powerhouse of 12 versatile eyeshadows, 2 lip and cheek creams, a skin luminizer, and a powder blush-it's your ticket to beauty stardom!

This product is very slim and comes in a sturdy yet lightweight magnetic carton packaging-it is a bit wide though, but its slimness makes up for that. I'm also loving the spacing of the products in the palette: it prevents one color from staining or transferring to the other.


More about this ultra versatile palette after the break!

I am quite impressed with the shades of Balm Jovi's eyeshadow selection: there's an ample mix of nudes and loud colors, and the latter are very wearable that basic and simple girls will still see themselves wearing 'em.

The eyeshadows are fragrance- free, can be used wet or dry, and are super soft, which makes them very blendable and pigmented, and chalky, unfortunately. I only do light taps with my eyeshadow brush on the eyeshadow pans to pick up the right amount of color-the pigments cling on like crazy to the brush!

If you will check out the eyeshadows, you'll notice that they are categorized into three finishes. I will explain them below:

Heavy Metal Eyeshadows are your good ol' metallic eyeshadows.

Metal-ica: metal silver
Iron Maid-in: frosted champagne
Lead Zeppelin: metal black/green hue with gold sparkle
Alice Copper: metal copper hue with a red undertone

Classical Eyeshadows are your good ol' matte eyeshadows:

Adagio: creamy white shade
Allegro: wood brown hue
Moderato: black/purple hue
Presto: dark brown hue

Alternative Eyeshadows are flexible eyeshadows that can be used as eyeliner as well.

Blink 1982: a frosted beige/mauve shade
The Stroke: a black/navy blue hue with blue shimmer
rem: a frosted muted lavender hue
Third Eye Blinded: a frosted beige/pink shade

Now here are the lip, cheek, and complexion colors.

Milly: a muted beige/pink hue
Vanilly: a true red hue

- These lip and cheek creams glide on smoothly and are surprisingly, non-sticky. Pigmentation is light to medium. Milly is more of a contouring color in my opinion (although a very light one) and Vanilly is the one that gives you that pop of color. 

By the way, do you guys know who Milli Vanilli is, the recording artists who, I suppose, have inspired these lip and cheek creams? They're the famous pop duo of the early 90's who got busted for lip synching their way to stardom. Their career went downhill from that shocking revelation during the 1990 Grammy Awards. :p

Anyway! I only use Milly and Vanilly on the lips-I only chose one part of my face to use it on to prevent cross- infection.

Disco Solid Gold: a frosted beige/gold complexion luminizer

- This creamy, light-to-medium coverage powder luminizer has the right kind of Gold in my opinion because it looks awesome and not glaringly Gold and obvious on whatever skin tone it is on.

Don't You Want Me Blush: a midtone peach hue with a golden peach overspray

- This blush almost has the same texture of the powder luminizer and it has a soft peach hue with a 'barely there' shimmer. It's really a nice- looking blush, although girls with warm skin tones will need to layer it on to make it pop out.

There's also a mini makeup cheat sheet at the lower flap of the packaging, inner portion. :)


Lower Lids: rem
Crease: Adagio
Outer Crease: Moderato
Brow Bone: Iron Maid-in
Eyeliner: The Stroke

Cheeks: Disco Solid Gold

Cheeks: Don't You Want Me

Milly (Lip And Cheek Cream)

Milly is a gorgeous shade that gives you a pretty powdery pink pout.

Vanilly (Lip And Cheek Cream)

This nice, sheer red will give you that just- bitten lip effect, Korean style. :D

This is a great palette that gives you value for money: you can whip up multiple looks with the eyeshadows and all you need is just plain water to turn them into another kind of makeup, you have lip and complexion colors that go well with all the eyeshadow shades, plus the products have pretty good quality. I also see myself taking this with me while on tour as its got everything I need to perk up my complexion. 

You'll find this thing perfect if you're always on the go or traveling and you want a basic, straightforward palette that has it all.


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like this palette but it would have been better if they had a small eyeliner and eyebrow color on it to perfect the whole face :P

  2. Very sultry sexy ang peg especially on th3 firet shot of your face! I like the shades but it is too expensive for me :)

  3. The packaging is hilarious and so are the names of the colors. :))

  4. That palette is all in one. I super want it. The shades are superb! Even the lip creams are pretty. I love the red one. :) And what I like the most is the cheat sheet! Perfect for those who have no time to experiment. Will definitely get this one

  5. The Palette speaks for its price. This is perfect to party girls out there! I wanna try metallic eye shadow some time :)

  6. Pretty ms m! i i found this palette nice and affordable! you got 12 shades to eyeshadow (i found them similar to my mary kay single pan eyeshadow) then you got 2 lip/cheek creams a blush on and a skin luminizer for 2695! -- why i find it affordable? because one single pan in MK eyeshadow costs 330php!

    and i found dupes:
    iron made in = rosegold (MK)
    lead zeppelin = golden olive (MK)
    alice copper = sweet plum (MK)
    presto = cinnabar (MK)

    the packaging is very impressive you can depot it anytime you want! i love the look you have created from this palette

    milly is for the win!

  7. very pretty ms. M. The palette is very nice, there's a lot of shades to choose from but its a bit pricey for me.

  8. So sulit. So many looks! This looks so much fun to play with. Easy to carry around, too!

  9. The packaging is super beautiful and colorful just like the shades. This palette is perfect for a girls night out or big events because of the longevity of the eyeshadow. I want to experiment with colors though, dark colors to be specific. You are definitely right this product gives value for money. I like the Milly shade because i love pink lipsticks. It gives a pouty effect on your lips. I just hope it stays for long hours so i won't be needing to retouch again.

  10. Have seen this palette in the store. So adorably cute. Small and slick packaging makes this great for travel. The shades are really wearable too. And those shadow names are killer!

  11. thanks for sharing your thoughts, girls. I agree with the consensus that it's a super quirky and cute palette! ;)


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