OOTD: Crisp and Clean

Here's what I wore to Liz of Project Vanity's 7th Anniversary. It was crisp, clean, and casual because I knew that I was gonna put on a show that day-I danced in the party, btw lol!

TOP: Details

 ACCESSORIES: Forever 21

BAG: Prada

Happy blogversary, Liz! More blogging years to come for you! :D

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Medyo malaki ang legs?

  2. J Ramirez: Yes, dear. I have big legs and I am proud of them. They've gotten me through a lot. Is there any problem? :)

  3. i love plain white shirts! perfect for skirts.. shorts.. pants =) plains never get out of style ms m =)

    then you got simple makeup look here i love it!

  4. You look pretty no matter how much you weigh :D, you seem fairer? Is it because of lighting? How did you get your skin to have an even skin tone?

  5. Anonymous: Thank you. Beauty has a different meaning to me now and it's having big, strong legs. :) You're right, I do look fairer now-my skin needs to see Mr. Sun soon as my tan has gotten dull. That, plus the area where I shot the photos was really well lit. :p

    As for your question, I just scrub my body twice per week-that's it! :)

    Rhain: Thanks, dear! :D

  6. Love ur outfit Martha & ur body ��. Ganda lng ng combination ng outfit mo. Simple yet classy. Pero ung pinaka fav ko: shoes & bag. Pag nagsawa ka n sa Prada bag mo..nandito lng ako. Taguig lng din ako. Lol! ��

  7. i love the way ng pagdala mo ng outfit so young , confident and classy. stay pretty !and the bag love the color ��

  8. I saw you that day! You're so pretty and simple. And I saw you dance. Pretty pa din, and ang saya niyong tingnan. :) Ms. Liz's anniversary was super fun, especially because of your performance. And your skin tone is so even nga.

  9. Can I just say... When I saw your outfit at the Project Vanity event, my first thought was, "Damn, she pulls off those shorts well." Kasi nga toned ang legs. Porket ba hindi VS model skinny-long ang legs eh hindi na fit for shorts? Grabe ha.

  10. Also saw you that day! And just like others, I loved how you pulled off your outfit! I agree, it was clean and classy but you forgot... very chic! Was a bit inggit nga cos I can't wear shorts like that. You really carry yourself well even during the showdown. By the way, I also loved the red lips. Another thing that I can't pull off.

  11. Saw you that day too, love your performance! Give na give.. hehe..
    Was too shy to ask for pictures, though.. :/

  12. Maye and Anne: Haha! Thank you, girls! :D

    Matromao: Apparently, some people have a boxed idea of beauty. :)


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