POP Beauty Pop Your Natural Beauty Makeup Set in Honey Haze Review + Swatches

Here's a review on POP Beauty Pop Your Natural Beauty Makeup Set in Honey Haze.

Price: P695.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in glamourbox.ph


The beauty of makeup sets (not palettes, sets) like this one is:

1. It makes life easier by removing the guessing game out of mixing and matching colors.
2. Unlike makeup palettes, the products are packaged individually, which is so sanitary and lets me bring the products with me separately. 
3. If in case I don't like something or everything, I can give it away easily. ;)

So yes, we've got a newcomer here called POP Beauty Pop Your Natural Beauty Makeup Set in Honey Haze. If I'm not mistaken, it's one of the few beauty brands that offer cool makeup sets like this.


This glow- enhancing kit features 3 essential products in skin- warming Honey hues. This product offers another color combination, but at Glamourbox, we only have Honey Haze.

This box contains products that will accentuate the face. I was about to wish that POP Beauty would come up with a face base version of this, but then I thought it could be a hit and miss!


Swatchin' these babies for you after the break!

Sunkissed Bronzer in Secret Sunshine

- A pocket bronzer in a plastic pot with a screw top cap. For a plastic pot, this one surprisingly doesn't feel cheap.

Secret Sunshine is metallic bronze with gold shimmer. It has a teeny bit of Orange hue to it-it doesn't show up on warm skin tones, but on fair skin tones, I think it will.

Texture is smooth with no fallout, coverage is medium to heavy, and finish is demi- matte-I'm glad to know that the shimmer doesn't really show up on my skin. It has a slight perfume-y scent, the kind of fragrance that you smell on affordable cosmetics-it ain't disturbing though because it's pretty light.

Bright Up Your Life Eye Shadow Trio in Naturally Bare

- Bright Up Your Life is actually another makeup collection by POP Beauty and it is an eyeshadow collection-the one in this set is a mini BUYL. The eyeshadows are housed in a plastic compact. My problem with this compact is the latch portion of the cover tends to get stuck.

L-R: 1. Sheer Gold (Frost) 2. Golden Bronze (Frost) 3. Beige-Taupe (Frost)

The eyeshadows are quite smooth, but my issue is they're chalky and I experience slight fallout when I'm blending the colors on my lids. The shadows don't cling so well onto the skin if used dry so wet application is better, although this will not guarantee that the shadows will stay on longer-the best way is to use it with an eyeshadow primer.

Pouty Pop Crayon in Barely Bitten (P395.00 if sold individually)

- POP Beauty's version of the crayon lipstick. This one comes in a neat packaging and it comes in a couple of shades.

Close- up of Pouty Pop Crayon in Barely Bitten.


One layer of the Bronzer

The bronzer has a subtle payoff and I like that it mimics the natural shadows on my face. Staying power is decent.

Bright Up Your Life Eye Shadow Trio in Honey Haze

Unfortunately, the individual colors of the eyeshadows didn't show up properly on my lids so I just mix everything and use it as a lid wash. :p

Two layers of Pouty Pop Crayon in Barely Bitten

Pouty Pop Crayon has a creamy consistency that reminds me of Beeswax lip balms and coverage is medium to heavy. It actually feels nice and I feel that it will come handy in colder months and climates due to its semi-creamy texture, but I wouldn't recommend the lighter colors such as Barely Bitten as it highlights dry patches and it's hard to even out the color on the lips!

Honey Haze Makeup Set when worn

Caveats aside, this is a lovely, warm skin tone- enhancing set. You gotta give it to Barely Bitten too-it might not look nice up close, but it's gorgeous from afar and IMO, it's the perfect shade to compliment the eyeshadow trio and bronzer.

Even if the eyeshadow trio and lip crayon were so-so, I'd still repurchase this set for the bronzer alone and OMG, it's P695.00 only for three full- sized products! 

Anyway, the eyeshadow and lip crayon aren't so bad: a good eye primer will improve the eyeshadows' performance and scrubbing your lips religiously will give the lip crayon a better payoff-you can remedy these products with a bit of makeup know- how so I won't say that this set is a complete waste of money. ;) I wish POP Beauty will sell the bronzer individually!


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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Never heard of POP until you featured this on your blog:)

  2. i have seen this from the glamourbox.ph and also on their ig ms m.. i really want to get their lip palette! it has 24 oozing pretty shades! (but im still in the hunt of great swatches!) not pretty bad for 1,300+ pesos! i wont complain for it has 24 colors!

    i think i cannot wear the lippie you used here ms m..

  3. Is POP beauty a local brand? I love this set, this kind of shades is my thing hahaha. And oh i like that bronzer :)

  4. I've seen this set as well in glamourbox. I like it and it's affordable but I wish Glamourbox sold another color for the set. I find it too neutral. So for those who have lots of neutrals already, this set might be a so-so. I would have liked the set with a red lip crayon. :)

  5. I recently switched to honey/ deep beige tone or any "skin glowing" tone even though I have fair skin. Yup!
    Because sa totoo lang I prefer morena skin unlike girls mostly filipinas they like fair skin hence there are a lot of lightening products in our market.
    Okay, so here's why. Especially for anything I put in my fave like this, I want a natural finished look.
    I have fair skin and no I don't buy fair tone products kasi magmumukha akong geisha haha! I prefer something that would accentuate naks or highlight sige na nga my cheekbones! Super cheeky talaga ako haha!
    So products like this are heaven sent. And I believe it works well for both fair and morena skin girls but application should be even. You don't wana look like orangey naman diba or sporting a fake tan. That's why it's important to have a nice facial brush yung soft talaga. It does wonders 👍
    You're right cute packaging I think this is best for kikays 😍


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