Sunkiller Super Lasting Base SPF 50 PA++++ Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Sunkiller Super Lasting Base SPF 50 PA++++.

Price: P495.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in select Watsons and SM Department stores


To those who are saying that sunscreen can cause makeup to disappear probably haven't heard of Sunkiller Super Lasting Base SPF 50 PA++++. IMO, this is the friendliest sunscreen to makeup and it's revolutionizing sun protection!


This tinted sunblock from Japanese drugstore cosmetic giant, Isehan, protects skin from UV rays and provides a silky base for makeup that absorbs oil and sweat, and lasts for up to 8 hours. It is fragrance- free and contains Hylauronic Acid and Collagen as anti-aging properties.

Product comes in a soft, easy- squeeze tube with a quirky design. The UV filters in this product are the following: Zinc Oxide, Octinoxate, Avobenzone, and Uvinul A Plus.

Click READ MORE for this must- have for oily- skinned gals and those who commute often!

Product comes in one shade only, a natural Beige shade that yields ZERO WHITE CAST- yup, you've read that right-this product does not yield any white cast at all despite the very high SPF content. Call it magic! It is unscented and feels like a cream with a hint of silicone. If you're worrying that this product might feel 'thick' on the skin, I'm telling you now that no, it won't! ;)


Bare skin

One layer of Sunkiller Super Lasting Base SPF 50 PA++++

This base is so spreadable that I only take 5 tiny dots and apply them on my cheeks, philtrum, forehead, chin, and nose, and I'm all set. It imparts a soft matte finish and LOOK-it looks just like moisturizer-no white cast to be found in the photo!

Staying power is AMAZING: It keeps oil at bay and my makeup looking as if it's newly- applied for at least 5 hours even if it's warm or if I'm sweaty (Oh, Japanese brands, why are you all so good at this!?). No breakouts too!

So yeah, this is an awesome product and I even think it's the best makeup base in the drugstore at the moment because it has reconciled two worlds: sunscreen and makeup. We know that these two would always clash, but Sunkiller made them work together perfectly! If you have dry skin though, moisturize properly as its consistency, in my opinion, is not enough to tame dry areas. As for those with oily skin like me, you can skip moisturizer and still have soft, hydrated- looking skin the whole day with this product.

I truly believe that every Filipina (especially those with oily skin) should have this product in their makeup kits!


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. this is what i am lookng for ms m! a sunscreen that is ZERO WHITE CAST!!!

    i do love japanese brand too (Kpalette, Bifesta, Chifure and i will now include this one)

    is Fasio a japanese brand too ms m?

  2. Cooooooool! Thanks for the review! I'm about to run out of my current sunblock and was trying to find a new one! This one is perfect!

  3. During the Beauty Soiree last saturday, we got to try out Sunkiller, all variants. And I can attest to your claims! zero white cast, light on the skin, doesn't smell bad. It actually smells a bit citrusy. And it's very affordable for a sunscreen and base in one. Such a miracle product. I bought the yellow one already. :) I love that the finish is translucent

  4. Hi Ms. Martha, did you use any foundation, setting powder or concealer after applying Sunkiller base or two applications are enough to cover blemishes?

  5. This product sounds amazing! Definitely going to be my next purchase! This is perfect for me since I'm the girl who is always on the go. I spend a hefty amount of time doing my makeup and touching up and this being a base that holds everything the whole day is definitely a problem solver!

  6. This is exciting! I have Sunkiller Perfect Strong and I like it. Ive been looking for a sunscreen that would double as a face primer. Is makeup base the same term as face primer? Love love japanese sunscreen. Definitely beats all other western brands.

  7. Ugh! I need this in my life! Thanks for the detailed review aa always, Martha!

  8. I like that it's fragrance free and has collagen!
    And it's not pricey unlike other sunscreens might as well use this for everyday use, especially I commute everyday and my work ends mid afternoon so ang init talaga going home. I'm really in this quest of having even brown skin BUT I want to age gracefully naman hehe ayoko ng dry skin coz of too much sun exposure.
    I will check this in the market these days and sana May sample muna. Actually my must haves are bronzer, tinted lipbalm and sunscreen. The rest I can live without them 😝😍

  9. Not to mention "Sunkiller" is such a badass name. :)) This review came at the right time. We're starting to feel the beginnings of summer, so people need to start working the sunblock religiously. For the SPF 50 without the white cast, I'd use this under a non-SPF foundation. It sounds like the perfect base combination.

  10. Heyya! I just saw this product earlier at watsons but of course needed to hit the net first for some review bout the product and apparently i found your review And i think this is amazing! I have EXTREMELY oily Tzone and am looking for an effective primer.
    Just a question though, if i use this as my base then use Rimmel matte primer prior to foundation, is that ok? Need you thoughts on this one please.. ☺️☺️☺️
    Thank you so much!


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