Your New Summer Essentials From SM Accessories, FLY Shades, and Unilever

I'm sure most of you are starting to plan your upcoming summer getaways. No matter where it will be and where your feet takes you, I hope you enjoy and just make sure that you're shielded from harsh environmental elements such as pollution, UV rays, and heat. In this post, I will share with you some nifty, new products that will protect and nourish your skin, and shield your peepers from the sun so you can go all out this season. ;)

Unilever wants you to enjoy, stay worry- free, and maintain healthy skin this summer with the following cult skin care classics:

For the face, cleanse it without stripping off its moisture with Dove Soap, remove excess, stubborn dirt with Eskinol, keep it even, supple, and smooth with Pond's White Beauty Day Cream, and nourish it at night with Pond's Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Night Cream.

For the body, protect, even out, and moisturize your skin with Vaseline Instant Fair Lotion and the new Vaseline Whitening Serum.

Just visit ESKINOL PHILIPPINES, POND'S PHILIPPINES, DOVE, and VASELINE on Facebook for more information about these products.

See what FLY Shades and SM Accessories have in store for you this season! Click READ MORE!

Looking and staying cool is as easy as pie when you put on these newest eyewear styles by FLY Shades. What I have are the following: the latest addition to their aviator collection and two Clubmaster- style sunglasses: one with a metal frame and one with a plastic frame. You can get these new sunglasses in all FLY Shades outlets. Visit FLY SHADES on Facebook for more information about these products. 

If you're quite on the daring and wild side, then SM Accessories' Summer Eyewear Collection is for you. They just launched their wide range of sunglasses for summer 2015 and it features styles ranging from classic to exotic. Visit SM ACCESSORIES on Facebook for more information about this collection.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i love the sunnies ms m! (i know flyshades were really on fashion and at very reasonable and affordable prices) -- akala ko nakita ko lang ulit si lovi poe hehe

    summer na summer na ms m!

  2. These items are must have for summer! Btw, you look really gorgeous in the 3rd pic.πŸ‘„

  3. I been using dove soap for my face for years now.
    One of my colleagues used to do it, at first I was hesitant because I know you're not supposed to use soap on your face, but I notice maganda skin nya (maybe sa genes? Hehe) and honestly I never seen her face na nagka breakouts so I finally gave in and did the same ritual makakatipid nga naman if you use your body soap sa face din diba haha actually if you think soap is harsh for your face, this is what I do- you don't apply or press the soap directly to your face. You just have to create enough lather to your hands then saka mo iaaply sa face.

    I love love love Eskinol. The entire family use itπŸ˜„ I been using their anti pimple variants (facial wash, facial cleanser especially! And also years back they have anti pimple gel which is really effective) been using their facial cleanser for years now! Especially at night. And lalo na pag padating period ko.
    My sister even use Eskinol whitening facial cleanser not just to her face but to her back and legs as well πŸ‘

    This is what I love about Unilever products, it's equally effective yet affordable.

  4. So cool shades. :) The problem for me is that I find it hard to find shades that would be proportional to my face. haha. liit ng mukha eh. I also use almost all of the products you mentioned from Unilever. :) I always drop by SM accessories when I wanted to get cute and chic accessories yet affordable to the budget. :)

  5. Monogram summer totes are so trendy right now. :)

  6. Juvy: Thanks, dear. :D

    Matromao: Yes! I'm actually thinking of having my LV Neverfull monogrammed even if it's old already haha. :D

    Abegaill: If I'm not mistaken, Claire's has sunglasses that are suitable for ladies with small facial frames like you. :) Maybe you can check. :) Or you can go for Rayban Aviators because I believe you can have its width adjusted in the optical shop to suit your face shape. :)

    Josie: Thanks for sharing your experience. I used to love that Eskinol Pimple Gel too-I agree, it was really effective, but it would always leave dark marks on my skin, thus I had to let it go. :(

    Rhain: Haha, thanks, dear. :D

  7. Thanks for sharing those items that can really protect me from harsh pollution.


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