Yadah: Natural Can Be Cute! + My Top Picks From Yadah

When we hear the word “Natural Skin Care”, we always think about plants, flowers, and a green- colored packaging. It was cool at first, but it’s gotten a bit old already, not to mention boring. Yadah breaks away from the norm by creating super cute products that will make you realize that natural can be fun and adorable, too.

Yadah has been around for quite some time already at Beauty Bar, but this is the first- time that they've launched it. I’ve always wanted to try out their products, but what holds me back is the lack of good reviews for their products online. The event was a great opportunity for me to get to know the brand more and to tell you more about it!

Yadah is an all- natural Korean skin care and makeup brand that uses only the finest, ECOCERT certified botanicals and is free from Paraben, Mineral Oil, artificial coloring, preservatives, sulphates, animal extracts, and other harmful chemicals, making it ideal for sensitive skin types. The skin care products feature potent plant extracts such as Macadamia Nut, Melon, Blueberry, Apricot, Jojoba, Aloe Vera, Cranberry, Tomato, Avocado, Pomegranate, Mango, Rosemary, Camellia, Rosehip, and more, but what makes them special is they use Native Opuntia Ficus Extract from a unique cactus species that is organically grown in Korea; it is known for its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

At present, Yadah is available in 11 countries.

Yadah is not only the name of the brand, but the name of their cartoon ambassador as well. Yadah is a young adult who's described as: 1.) Optimistic 2.) Brilliant 3.) Witty 4.) Loyal 5.) Strong; she even has a birthday and that's on May 3, making her a Taurean, and she's always seen with Yom Yom.

Yom Yom, on the other hand, is an extraterrestial who crash landed and got stuck on earth due to a space travel mishap. He met Yadah by accident, they became friends, and have become inseparable ever since. Yom Yom, apparently, has a super high IQ and loves to eat (don't we all?).

Don't you just love Korean brands? Their character and brand stories make them all the more endearing!

Yadah symbolizes go- getter, modern girls who have the thirst for success and passion for life, and are looking for beauty products that will take care of their skin gently and effectively, making them ready to face the world anytime.

Hope you enjoyed that little story! Ready to meet Yadah's super cute and cool range of beauty products? Just click READ MORE for the rest of the post. I'm also revealing the 6 Yadah products that I could not wait to try!

Have a look at Yadah's best- selling products: Twin Angel BB Cream with Lip And Cheek (P550.00) is a multipurpose product; It features a BB Cream and a lip and cheek product at the base of the cap, plus a tiny mirror. High Lash Mascara (P425.00) is a volumizing mascara that promises to give you the 'Doll- Eye Look' and is suitable for sensitive eyes. Lip Tint Lip Balm soothes, protects, and gives lips a hint of tint.

Any beauty event is not complete without a demo! In here, a day look is being demonstrated using Twin Angel BB Cream, Air Powder Pact, and High Lash Mascara.

Yadah's more known for their skin care products! The brand offers Trouble Care Line, Moisturizing Line, Pore Care Line, Brightening Line, and even Men's Care. The Trouble Care line is called Anti-T that features Rubus Coreanus Root Extract that apparently can treat acne effectively and is very popular amongst teenagers.

After the event, we were asked to design our own cupcakes as souvenirs. What an awesome set-up by Vanila Cupcake Bakery!

 Here's my creation. What do you think about it? :D

 Nikki of Askmewhats did a good job on her cupcake, too! :D

Now check out the 6 Yadah products that I am VERY interested to try:

1. Anti Trouble Spot Soothing- I think I wanna take a break from stinging spot treatments so I'm hoping that this one's genuinely soothing!

2. Silkyfit Concealer BB- It's skin care + concealer and that whitening promise makes me super curious to try it. Could this be the answer to my dark under eye circles?!

3. Yadah Sheet Masks- Oh! Sheet Masks! I'm a huge fan and I wanna try 'em all!

4. Anti-T Mist- a skin caring that promises to soothe redness and calm the skin. Sounds perfect on a hot day!

5. Auto Lip Crayon- I've tested it during the event and I gotta say, it has AWESOME pigmentation plus has a staining effect as well.

6. Auto Gel Liner Goodbye Smudge- Let's see if it will live up to its claim!

Yadah is now available in all Beauty Bar stores and at their e-commerce website-nothing is above P1,000.00! Visit BEAUTY BAR PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this brand.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Koreans really have cute packaging! Nakaka-bagets!
    I'm curious to try the Pore Care line, excited to check them out in Beauty Bar!

  2. Cuteness overload. This is why I love Korean beauty brands, it's so cute that I can't resist myself from buying it though I don't really need it. Haha. I'm gonna wait for your reviews about their products before I'll buy. Thanks for this review Ms. Martha :)) Oh! And I like the way you designed your cupcake, it's super cute too :))

  3. I finished their sun block and have their tinted lip balm which only has a little bit of tint. The sunblock was okay, it wasn't heavy or sticky or anything. Last time I saw Yadah, they didn't have the masks! Or maybe the branch in Lucky Chinatown is small so the items are limited too. I want to try their lip crayons and mists :D

  4. I want to try the silkyfit concealer bb, twin angel bb cream, sheet masks,auto lipcrayon! Lahat gusto ko:) Naaliw ako sa story behind of Yadah products, so cool! Definitely this is one of the must try products now! Cute cupcake btw, you can be a baker too:)

  5. Gotta love Korean products! Yadah looks like the younger version of Phineas' sister, Candace! lol I'm looking forward on your reveiws about their products!

  6. I love Korean products especially their makeup and skincare line as they work for me really really well. I also love Koreans, period. haha. Anyway, I like that their symbol/character really symbolizes the kind of person they want to target. And I've heard it's great for teens too! Will check this out in Beauty Bar. And I will wait for your reviews about the products. I'm most interested with the lip crayon and the BB cream. :)

  7. Anne_22: I'm excited about the anti-t line. Let's see how this will help keep my skin trouble- free. :)

    Abegaill: Agree with the person targeting thing. Marketing- wise, it's really effective when a brand has a symbol/character that the person can easily relate with. :)

    Dessa: Oh are you talking about Phineas and Ferb? Haha. I hope I'm right. I love that cartoon. :D

    Jeremy: Baking is one of my frustrations. :D

    Stacie: The masks are new and they will come out next month. Thanks for the quick insight on their products. :)

    Kkumkugo: Thank you! Will review their products soon :)

  8. Would you know where I can get my hands on their Air Pact Powder #21? I've tried the tester and it was awesome. Hope you can help me out coz they're also out of stock online. :)


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