Shiseido Ibuki Multi Solution Gel Review

Here's a review on Shiseido Ibuki Multi Solution Gel.

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Millenials lead multiple lives and along with that comes multiple skin problems due to a lot of lifestyle factors. I know this very well because I'm speaking from experience! Sometimes, when I get really stressed, my skin develops other irritations such as dryness and redness on top of Acne, and when I get really unlucky, they manifest all at once!

If you remember Shiseido's Ibuki skin care range, a multitasking skin care range for multitasking Millenials, a new product has been added to it recently and it's called Multi Solutions Gel. It's basically a spot treatment, but it's not just any other spot treatment as aside from treating acne, it promises to get rid of other skin boo-boos such as enlarged pores, rough skin, and dryness as well. It's a spot treatment that complement the hectic lives and common skin problems of Millenials, skin problems of people like me!


Shiseido said that Ibuki Multi-Solution Gel is "a high- impact gel that helps skin make an easy comeback from the effects of stress, erratic schedules, and the environment." It features PhytoTarget Complex that claims to help skin build resistance to external aggressors and Salicylic Acid that helps reduce acne. It's formulated for all skin types, non-comedogenic, dermatologist- tested, and can be applied under or over makeup.

Multi-Solution Gel comes in a pot-it's not as handy as a tube packaging, but it's small enough to fit in your makeup kit. It's in a jar, which is not the most hygienic packaging in the world, but I gotta admit that this one's hella cute.

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Product has a unique, bouncy gel texture; I believe this is a type of 'memory gel', a new product consistency that resembles the softness of memory foam cushion. As for this new product consistency's benefit/s, I think memory gel's opaque, gelatinous characteristics allow it to hold moisture long enough for the skin to absorb it.

This gel has a faint floral scent, transparent green color, and the bouncy texture is delightful to touch. It's invisible when applied on the skin and a tiny amount goes a long way. My only issue with the consistency is I always end up getting more than I intended.


Shiseido said that this product can be used on certain areas or all over the face. I would only suggest that you use it on areas that need to be treated since it has Salicylic Acid and Alcohol, ingredients that are great, but can dry out and be counterproductive for normal areas.

Here's how I use this gel:

1. As a spot treatment
2. On minor redness, especially on the lower sides of my nose
3. When the skin on the upper sides of my nose feels taut

As a spot treatment, this product can only work wonders on pustules, but not on papules and cystic acne, unfortunately. I apply this gel on a whitehead or pustule and it dries 'em up the next day. I also find that this product helps calm redness plus its hydrating, moisturizing consistency helps get rid of tautness on the sides of my nose. However, I did not experience its pore- minimizing promise.

What makes this product golden is the fact that it can be applied before or after makeup without messing up my FOTD. Who would've thought that I can actually apply skin care right after makeup? 

Personally, I prefer applying this product after makeup rather than before because it takes a while to be absorbed by the skin. When dabbed on top of makeup, it is invisible and doesn't create patches, does help flatten and dry up zits, and minimizes swelling. I haven't tried applying a layer of this gel on top of my makeup though--just tiny dots of it.

Amongst all the Ibuki products, this is the only one that worked really well on me. What I like best about this product is it's not just an acne treatment: it also targets other skin concerns that's just as irritating as acne plus it can conveniently be applied anytime on the skin. It's just a bit pricey though. If you prefer to not splurge on just a single product, a couple of targeted, cheaper products would suffice. 

Multi-Solution Gel is a wonderful, on-the-go preventive and corrective skin solution for people who lead hectic lives and can't afford to be stalled by skin problems. ;)


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. sheseido products always intrigues me because i've heard many good reviews from it.the price is just the downside ;( this one though i don't think would interest me since i don't have acne/acne-prone skin but my mom would definitely benefit on this. she's currently using the acne gel treatment from belo and it's working good on her :)

    1. Yeah, maybe your mom will like this one. Let me know how she likes it when she gets to try it. :)

  2. I am so close to splurging on some Shiseido products but the price is such a downer. Almost 2000php worth for an acne treatment? There are so many alternatives to this and more hygienic (not so keep on the jar packaging). I really can't justify the price. Thanks for this post! :)

  3. This is a very nice product it seems.I have always read that shiseido has good and effective products but alas I cannot afford this product with the price.Heheh.. Yung perfect whip na foam wash was really good and affordable, that is the one I have tried and tested with effective results from shiseido. :-)

    1. Yes! I agree! I loved that facial foam to bits. Had I known it was good, I would've bought 3 o4 4 more tubes when I was in Japan. :D

  4. Wonderful indeed! It can be applied anytime plus an acne treatment too. One day, I will buy shiseido products too:) I don't mind if it's pricey because when it comes to skincare what matters is how it delivers good effect and satisfaction to the user:)

  5. I'm actually half hearted with this one. Upon reading the product specifications, I'm really into it. But when I've read reviews, not all people seemed to like this one. So I'm now hesitating to try it too. :/

    1. It really depends on a person's skin and its reaction to the product. Luckily, it worked well on me.

  6. Shiseido always lives up to their promise. I am happy that i've tried 2 of their products suggested by my sister and you. Their makeup and skincare lines are expensive yet very effective. I hope they will produce more of thus near the future. Btw i bought the shiseido wetforce sunblock and its the best sunblock i've used. Thank you so much!!!

    1. You're welcome! My favorite Shiseido sunblock is the UV Protective Sunblock, the one that doubles as a foundation too. It's the bomb! :D


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