Catch Dulaang UP's # R < / 3 J

I found out just recently that my beloved Dulaang UP is staging Romeo and Juliet. It's my most favorite Shakespeare piece and I recall, I'd always do Juliet's monologue in the Balcony Scene (If you don't know the Balcony Scene, why, shame on you! Kidding. Please read this play before you transcend to the other dimension) in my acting classes. :)

Romeo and Juliet is one of the greatest, classic love stories ever told.

But what if it's set in contemporary Manila?

For its 40th Theatre Season, Dulaang UP presents their second play for the season,  # R < / 3 J, an adaptation/deconstruction/multimedial hallucination of this great Shakespearean piece.

# R < / 3 J (hashtag R broken-heart J) retells the star-crossed lovers’ narrative transforming Verona into a concrete jungle at the heart of Metro Manila – teeming with corruption, revolt, advertisements, sex, social media, and condominium units. The play captures the essence of the most enduring tragedy juxtaposing the young lovers’ romance with our present society’s many forms of commodified love. This is the world of # R < / 3 J, a radical, multimedial hallucination on Shakespeare's timeless masterpiece.

How can a love like theirs exist in our world, in our time? Exploiting our hyper-real contemporary moment – globalization, ultra-violence, internet nonsense, generation gap – this theatrical project seeks to dramatize, through a psychedelic mix of all available art forms, the postmodern tragedy of our generation. Destroy the city, the family, the government – even Shakespeare! – but never destroy the will to love.

Watch and laugh, cry, dance, go crazy, and fall in love with this retelling of Romeo and Juliet's timeless story. Playdates below:

First Week
August 26 (Wednesday) - 7PM 
August 27 (Thursday) - 7PM 
August 28 (Friday) - 7PM

Second Week
September 2 (Wednesday) - 7PM 
September 3 (Thursday) - 7PM 
September 4 (Friday) - 8PM 
September 5 (Saturday) - 10AM, 3PM, 8PM 
September 6 (Sunday) - 10AM, 3PM, 8PM

Third Week
September 9 (Wednesday) - 7PM 
September 10 (Thursday) - 7PM 
September 11 (Friday) - 7PM 
September 12 (Saturday)10AM, 3PM, 8PM
September 13 (Sunday) - 10AM, 3PM, 8PM

For more information about this play and to inquire about ticket sales (individual and bulk), please go to DULAANG UP on Facebook, contact Ms. Chia Samson at 926-1349/981-8500 or visit the Dulaang UP office at Ground Fl., Palma Hall, University of The Philippines Diliman, Quezon City.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. When I was still in high school, we were required to attend plays held at UP Diliman, I think. When I was in first year, we watched Ibong Adarna. In second year, Florante't Laura and on my third and fourth year were Rizal's masterpieces Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. I thoroughly enjoyed all those plays and made me appreciate all the hard work these people put in it. I would love to see this as I love retellings of classics such as Romeo and Juliet but UP Diliman is very far from my home and I am busy with my review. Maybe another time but I will watch another play!

  2. omg. I am so going to watch this.

  3. Shame on me but I have not seen any play since I left college. Ugh. The last play that I've seen was also El Filibusterismo (same as Miss Donna!). Hubby is from UP so maybe I'll ask him to bring me there and let me watch! I also love Romeo and Juliet though my most fave from Shakespeare would be Macbeth. (^-^)

  4. Hi Martha! I really miss Dulaang UP!!! :') Shakespeare has a lot of amazing pieces because he is just that genius. But I have to agree that "Romeo and Juliet" is still one of his best works for it is oozing with so much passion and socio-political themes. This post-modern take of DUP is not to be missed! Thank you for sharing their current play, muntik ko na namang makalimutan, haha! (PS Sorry for flooding. Ngayon lang nagkaroon ng oras makapag-blog *sob*) ~Starr

  5. ah.. namiss ko ang highschool life ms m.. (why most our school teachers love stage plays!) from the values education class, to my filipino subject class (lahat na ata ay na-act namin, -- from Florante at Laura, Noli at El Fili) we even remake "the sound of music" (i'm still keeping the scripts!!!)

    We even watch most of plays outside school at mas gusto ko ang mga theater act kesa yung nakikita sa tv (mas convincing ang acting -- at least to me)

    I know ms m how much you love acting and being in a stage. (",)

  6. The last time I watched a play was when I was still in college, that was 5 or so years ago! wala na kong culture!
    I so want to watch this. I need to ask the boyfriend to watch it with me. :)

  7. Okay, wait. You actually took acting classes? That's cool!

  8. I love watching play in UP. The first time I watched, it's for a class requirement. After that, I love watching plays even if it's not required. :) This one is so interesting. I want to watch! So intriguing ang concept.


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