ASUS ZenFone Selfie: Your Selfie Made Even Better + New Asus Zenfones

Not too long ago, Asus unveiled ZenFone 2 to the world, the much- awaited upgrade of its predecessor, ZenFone.

The world changes quickly and so are the technological needs of everyone; Asus makes sure there's a ZenFone that's ready to match each and everyone's lifestyle, thus they launched three new ZenFones at the recently concluded Zenfestival. These new ZenFones are so good, you will want them all (because I did!).

Asus launched three, brand new Zenfones at Zenfestival last month. Zenfone fans and the Media were treated to exclusive Zenfone deals and got the first dibs on the newest mobile phones. The event highlighted the launch of Zenfone Selfie, which is my most favorite new Zenfone amongst the three. I'll show you the new Zenfones below and muse about my favorite features!


Get even more #Instafamous with your #Selfies with Asus ZenFone Selfie. It features a 13MP front cam, the highest MP for front cameras in smartphones, ever; Back cam features a 13MP camera as well. It features Laser Focus technology that lets the phone auto-focus on a subject at an impressive speed of 0.2 seconds, both for the front and back cameras. PixelMaster technology makes it adept at macro shots, allowing it to focus at objects as near as 6cm. ZenUI mode features 16 fun apps that let you customize and create your perfect selfie. ZenFone Laser Beam allow the camera to focus on subject quickly in low lighting. The screen is made with Corning Gorilla Glass for better damage and scratch resistance. It comes in fun colors of pastel Pink, Mint, and White.

When I saw the Mint color, I immediately got sold at this phone. It's so cute, modern, and fresh!

Check out the specs of Asus ZenFone Selfie:

What sold me even more to this phone is the ZenFone Selfie electronic case.

It's not your average mobile phone case: ZenFone Selfie's exclusive case has a magnetized transparent screen that automatically activates a unique configuration on ZenFone Selfie so you don't have to flip the cover to access the main apps such as messaging, flight mode, contacts list, phone, and camera. It's convenience at its finest not to mention, cutest! The round configuration can only be activated on this case! ZenFone Selfie case will be available in all authorized Asus retailers later this year.

Powerbanks are no longer accessories; they're necessities! I've always thought that Powerbanks are expensive, but Asus offers one of the most affordable Powerbanks ever. Asus ZenPower is the world's first credit card- sized powerbank and retails at P795.00 only for 10500mah power. Here are some drool- worthy features:

2.4A Output for ultra fast charging
1.8x longer lifespan with JEITA protection
5000 Plug Test Cycle (USB Insertion/Removal)
11 Types of Protection
4x Full IPhone 5s Full Charge
3x ZenFone 5 Full Charge
2x IPhone 6 Plus Full Charge
1.4x IPad Air 2 Full Charge (2.4A)

Care for some extra light? Lollipop Flash is a great accompaniment to your Zenfone Selfie for that ultra perfect, well- lit selfie. ;)

ASUS ZENFONE 2 LASER (P8,695.00; P7,695.00)

ZenFone 2 just got sharper as it now features Laser Focus Technology for quicker auto-focus. Supreme SonicMaster sound experience with 5- magnet chamber gives you a surround sound experience for pure entertainment. Corning Gorilla Glass provides superior protection against scratches and falls. It comes in the colors Red, Black, and White.

Corning Gorilla Glass is the new frontier in gadget screen technology. In here, Asus ZenFone Laser 2's screen and a regular mobile phone screen are put under the wire brush test. The event assistant showed me the power of Corning Gorilla Glass by swiping the wire brushes left and right on top of ZenFone Laser 2 and the regular screen. Amazingly, ZenFone's surface remained intact, smooth, and scratch- free unlike the other. #Mindblown.

Presenting the specs of ZenFone 2 Laser:


When you've got the flair for the exquisite, a discerning taste, and a passion for beauty, Asus ZenFone Deluxe will satisfy your aesthetic needs. Asus' most beautiful ZenFone to date is inspired by the beauty and delicateness of crystals: the ergonomic, ultra thin, alluring design features 500 tessellated polygons, giving the illusion of a 3D, multifaceted surface. It features sleek upgrades such as BoostMaster that lets the device charge up to 60% in just 39 minutes, pumped 64-bit Quad Core power from the 2.3Ghz Intel Atom Z3580 processor, and expandable memory up to 128GB. This beaute comes in the shades of crystal Pink, Blue, and White.

Okay, Asus, you're making me not want to upgrade to the upcoming IPhone any longer because of this! I'm interested with the Pink one!

Check out the features of ZenFone Deluxe:

Asus ZenFone Selfie, Deluxe, and 2 Laser are now available in all Asus stores and authorized retailers.

I chose ZenFone Selfie because I've so many FOTDs that I want to share, but would rather not because my crappy present phone cannot capture the colors and look as nicely as I want to. I've been testing this one a lot since I got it and it's very, very promising. I'll share more about this mobile phone and Asus ZenPower soon. For now, visit ASUS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products.

Which new ZenFone would you like to have this Christmas? :D

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22 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I wanted the Zenfone 2 for my Mom! I think ASUS is changing the game for the leading brands out there.

  2. Been having zenfone 5 for a year now, sadly the screen broke 2 weeks ago. The good thing is, I can still use the phone, 100% functional. Thanks to gorilla glass, I only need to replace it's screen. If ever I will upgrade phone, I will still choose zenfone.

    1. Zenfone Selfie has Gorilla Glass; I've been using it for a month now and still no scratches despite how I handle it! :)

  3. I want zenfone selfie too because me and my son loves doing a selfie everyday. Hehe. I super like its features. From the gorilla screen, 13mp front cam and the mint color too makes me excited, it so cute. I'm so impressed on electronic case and affordable power bank:) The zenfone deluxe looks promising too! Oh my, I really want this but its not a good time for me to splurge on this things since we gotta save for the education expenses of my son that will start next year. Anyway, thanks for this review. It makes me feel good seeing this awesome zenfone!:)

    1. You're welcome. Hope you can have one soon! :)

  4. cool! a selfie phone, and it's pink! i love it! :)

    1. same! Would've loved to have the white one, but I realized, I can't keep white things white!

  5. Wow! I want tge Zenfone Selfie! I feel you when you say you don't take selfies a lot because of the crappy front cam. Lol

  6. I would love to have the ZenFone Selfie. Who wouldn't want a phone with 13mp front cam?! Although i seldom do selfies, my daughter loves taking selfies and giggles when she sees her pictures. But our current phone doesn't have a good camera. With the Selfie phone, there will be no more blurred and crappy selfies.

    1. Looks like it's a good xmas gift both for you and your daughter! :D

  7. Wow nakakaexcite! Im in love with the mint zenfone selfie! This looks like a good replacement for the zenfone na medyo bugbog na sa gamit :) thanks for sharing tbj!

  8. I met another blogger at an event, and I marveled at how her new Zenfone Selfie was so crisp. There was a point where we could take pics with a celeb guest, and I offered to shoot the pic for her. I completely forgot about the 13mp cam, so she was like, "I'm okay." Haha! Winner ang phone.

    1. Haha! Even my BF would always be amazed every time I ask him to take a photo of me with zenfone selfie; He's always like "This phone is so cool!"

  9. Hi! I already bought Zenfone Selfie. I just can't find its official flipcover case anywhere T~T Do u have an idea where to find it? :( :(

  10. Hi ms. Martha! i bought the zenfone selfie this month :) and im glad i found your blog about this review. i would like have a flip cover on it and would you suggest where can i buy that electronic flipcover and will you mind if you can tell the price. looking forward for your reply :) thanks in advance 😃❤❤❤

  11. Saving money for that Zenfone Selfie! :)

  12. Where can I buy Zenfone Selfie Smart View Flip Case? Thank you! :)


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