Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color Review + Swatch

Here's a review on Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color.

Price: P499.00
From: Free
Other Locations: Available in selected SM Department Stores


Pink Sugar ups the blush game in department stores with Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color, a collection of highlighters, blushes, and a contouring powder; I can't remember the last time department store blush products got this good so it's really worth checking out! Also, if you've been dreaming of owning at least a pan of NARS' world famous blushes, but are on a budget, these are the dupes that you'd want to have!


A collection of silky, pigmented blushes in juicy colors; contains Aloe Vera and Vitamins A, C, and E to keep skin soft and protected. The entire collection features 8 shades.

Packaging is sleek, chic, and fun; it's quite handy and when you hold it, it feels and looks expensive.

Check out the color swatch below:

For the blush products, there are 5 shades:

Summer Nights- matte midtone orange shade (Dupe for NARS Gina)
Tokyo Rush- matte candy pink (Dupe for NARS Desire)
Paris Lights- shimmer peachy pink (Dupe for NARS Orgasm)
Miss Independent- matte Coral Rose (Dupe for NARS Gilda)
Wanderlust- matte cool pastel pink (Dupe for NARS Gaiety)

For the bronzer, there's only one shade: 

South Beach- a bronze shade with gold shimmer (Dupe for NARS Laguna)

For the highlighters, there are two:

Sin- frost white gold shade (Dupe for NARS Albatross)
Concrete Jungle- shimmer pearl champagne (Dupe for NARS Multiple Copacabana)

The products have a silky texture that applies smoothly on the skin and yields light to heavy pigmentation; it is virtually unscented and the color payoff of the products don't look cheap at all. One caveat is fallout is pretty intense for some shades like Paris Lights, Concrete Jungle, and Summer Nights and the Pink shades are too loud for my liking.


South Beach

- This shade impressively dupes NARS Laguna. Thank you, Pink Sugar, for saving me a couple of bucks because I almost caved in to this bronzer a few weeks before meeting your brand. :)

Concrete Jungle

- Errr...Not too fond of this shade because it yields chunky glitters that sit and get stuck on top of the skin.


- GOLD HIGHLIGHTER!?! YASSS! Sin is for those moments when you want to put on that contrived, editorial- worthy glow; its Gold finish doesn't look off; in fact, it flatters a lot of skin tones!

Miss Independent

- Pink Sugar got the right Coral for Filipina skin tones on this one.

Paris Lights

- Paris Lights is what you imagined NARS Orgasm to be: warmer and bit bolder for it to show up on warm skin tone, but I just find the glitters on this one too chunky.

Tokyo Rush

- When I'm feelin' cheeky, Tokyo Rush is the way to go.


- This is the kind of bright Pink that I will wear. To some extent, I even think that Wanderlust is a near dupe of Bobbi Brown's powder blush in Pale Pink, my favorite bright Pink blush shade!

Summer Nights

- You know, I just discarded my favorite orange blush of all time, NARS Gilda, just because it's 3 years old already. Won't be buying anytime soon because I have Summer Nights!

Except for the chunky glitters, Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color is a pretty impressive masstige blush range. Again, if you're dreaming of any of the NARS blushes I've listed in this post, but don't have the budget for it now, these are my recommended alternatives!


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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. You got me at the gold highlighter! Most of the highlighter I have are white/silver (?!) that I think is too obvious for my morena complexion. But Sin looks so so so good on you that I will definitely check them out when I see a Pink Sugar stall.

  2. Miss Independent and Wanderlust looks great on you Ms. Martha!

  3. Paris Lights and Miss Independent! I'm glad you've posted Nars dupe for each shade hihi!
    Around how many hours kaya color pay off nito if staying inside office? <3

  4. Miss Independent looks great at you! I might buy that one hehe.

  5. I will wait for a reformulation of Paris Lights. It looks too glittery for daytime. Miss Independent looks good on you!

  6. Based on your swatch, I think Miss Independent could be a near dupe for Lancome's Blush Subtil in Cedar Rose, tho the latter has very fine almost unnoticeable shimmer. :)

  7. Cool! I heard that Essence blushers are good and cheap too!
    If south beach is a bit more matte, it will definitely be a good contour color!

  8. what can you say about the quality of the brush that came with it. Is it ok?

  9. what can you say about the quality of the brush that came with it. Is it Ok?

  10. I'm going to have another look at Sin. It looks so nice in your pictures! It looked pure white when I swatched it at SM. Must have been the absurd yellow lights they installed in the renovated branches

  11. Ooohhh I love Paris Lights and Tokyo Rush!!! And I agree that Paris Lights is like NARS Orgasm! Another dupe for it. Price is very affordable. Miss Independent suites you best Ms.Martha :)

  12. lovin the wanderlust in you looking so natural =)

  13. Wow, it must be really good to be a substitute for Nars. :D I'm getting more excited to buy these. :D Love the brown shades. Plus affordable pa. Love the packaging too, super cute

  14. i love Nars, so that's why thank you to Pink Sugar for saving me some bucks! haha. Miss Independent is love! i'll check Pink sugar blush soon. :)

  15. Miss Independent NEVER left my makeup kit. It has been my go-to blush ever since I got it. I love that their dupes of Nars' famous blushes. At least I get to save a ton of money! ^_^

  16. All the blushes look really good! I especially like the coral and the violet-pink ones :)

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