BEAUTY BULLETIN: Some Really Cool News For The Holidays

And to quote Destiny's Child: "I don't think you're ready for this jelly." LOL! Can you handle this big beauty and digital bulletin? I'm unveiling today some holiday beauty collections that you should include in your Christmas wish list and two fab ways to earn extra income for the holidays: one out of sheer luck and one out of sheer hard work. Read on!

90% of Filipinos are Internet users and the Philippines is one of the growing nests of e-commerce globally; these facts show that a thriving Internet business is always an opportunity in our country and YiLinker has realized the Philippines' potential in becoming a leader in the e-commerce industry.

Yilinker, one of China's biggest e-commerce platforms has just arrived in the Philippines, bringing with them a hassle- free way to shop for the latest fashion, beauty, and tech finds and good news to anyone who's been looking for a way to earn extra income without the big investment and with half the effort of putting up an actual business.

Affiliate marketing is one of the tried and tested ways to generate income and increase sales online. However, other e-commerce platforms have limited options for affiliates: it's always the usual put-a-link-or-badge-on-a-certain-website and unfortunately, this technique is already old and don't actively engage potential customers; YiLinker offers a unique angle to affiliate marketing and that is aside from running marketing promotions on websites, affiliates can run promotions on social media and actually resell products by curating their own online store using the existing products in YiLinkers' database and earn commission up to a whopping 60%. What's great about this is you're actually engaging your potential customers, you're selling something that resonates with you, thus making the job easier on your part, and the earning potential is bigger than most e-commerce sites. Best of all, you don't have to shell out any capital or even have physical stocks to start selling!

Sellers at YiLinker will benefit from this business model because it will get the marketing and even sales job half done through the affiliates. For buyers, choose from YiLinker's wide selections of fashion, beauty, and tech items!

So would you like to push through with that Boracay trip with friends come summer 2016? Then start saving up for it actively through YiLinker. Just visit YILINKER PHILIPPINES on Facebook to inquire about the registration.

There's this fun photo app called PhotoWonder that I've been tinkering with a lot lately. It's so cute and the sticker packs are awesome, they say exactly what I feel. PhotoWonder just launched in the Philippines and they have an exciting contest!

PhotoWonder is inviting you to tell the special people in your life, #YouAreWonderful and you might just win a Christmas shopping spree for doing so! The mechanics are easy:

1. Download the PhotoWonder app. Use it to edit a photo with a special someone whom you'd like to thank.
2. Use a "You Are Wonderful" sticker found in the Thanksgiving Sticker pack on your photo.
3. Share the photo on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the hashtags #YouAreWonderful or upload directly to Baidu Mobile's Facebook gallery

Deadline of submission of entries is today, December 8, 2015, 8PM (you still have time!). One very lucky winner will take home P20,000.00 (500 USD) worth of shopping vouchers and one consolation prize winner will take home P4,500.00 (100 USD) worth of shopping vouchers.

Visit PHOTOWONDER on Facebook for more information about the contest.

Mary Kay translates the beauty of structures, monuments, landmarks, and city living into City Modern collection, an eye-lip-nail collection in luscious colors for Fall. The ultra chic textures, minimalist color combinations, and clean packaging appeal to every sophisticated city gal.

The collection is divided into two:

Metro Modern Color Collection- Includes Metro Modern Eye Color Palette, Berry Stylish Nail Lacquer, Polished Pearl Nail Lacquer, and Naturally Chic Velvet Lip Crème.

City Sophisticate Color Collection- City Sophisticate Eye Color Palette, Polished Pearl Nail Lacquer, Gallery Gray Nail Lacquer, and Berry Stylish Velvet Lip Crème.

City Modern is a limited edition collection by Mary Kay. Each collection retails at P2,100.00

Cityscape by Mary Kay is a bath and fragrance collection for men and women by Mary Kay; it dares every man and woman to take conquer new cities and take city living to new heights.

Cityscape Eau De Parfum for Men is a bright floral with fruit notes. Top notes have Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Apricot, and Violet Leaves. Heart notes have Phantomia Orchid ScentTrek, Orange Flower Absolute, Peony, and Florentine Orris. Base notes have Sandalwood, Damson Plum, sustainable Vanilla beans from Madagascar ORPUR, Angelica and Amber. It retails at P2,100.00.

City Scape Eau De Parfum for Men is a woody, elegant scent. Top notes have Italian Bergamot, French Lavender, and Pepper. Heart notes have Geranium oil Egypt ORPUR, Orange flower, and Whiskey barrel accord. Base notes have Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Patchouli oil Indonesia ORPUR, Vetiver, Amber, and Mediterranean Rose. It retails at P2,100.00.

You can purchase Cityscape fragrance collection and City Modern makeup collection through any authorized Mary Kay dealer. Visit MARY KAY PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products.

False eyelashes is one of the best ways to stand out in any party. Are you thinking of making a statement in your upcoming Christmas parties? Make it with Make Up For Ever Lash Show.

Lash Show is a collection of pro quality, high performance false eyelashes that are lightweight, durable, and fashionable; they come in an array of styles and thickness so you can express whatever mood your have at the moment or style you want to wear. These are readily available in all Make Up For Ever branches. Visit MAKE UP FOR EVER PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products.

Beauty Consultant and Vlogger, Cristina Madara's love for Coconut Oil turned into a profitable venture. In 2014, Cristina founded CBeauty, a brand of premium, multitasking cosmetic Coconut Oil. This year, CBeauty unveils a full range for the face and body laced with Cristina's best- selling premium Coconut Oil. Visit CBEAUTY on Facebook for the complete range and to know where you can find these products.

Etude House sweetens the holidays with Snowy Dessert collection. Get your guilt- free, sweet fix from their Gingerbread complexion color, pudding- inspired lip tints, sweet, hand creams, and candy- colored eyeliners. It is a limited edition collection and now available in all Etude House stores. Visit ETUDE HOUSE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this collection.

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  1. YiLinker is a good news for us! we can earn without any investment at all. all we need to do is to less their products online, them viola! commission earned! :) and wow, Christmas themed products from Etude House, likeee. :)

  2. My head is spinning right now with all the make ups you just shared with us. I wanted them all! Especially the Etude House Collection which is so Christmassy (if that is even a word LOL). And also the interesting new online shop - Yilinker! I love online shopping but unfortunately only a few online shops are available here in the Philippines, unlike in the US, you have so many options (I know these because I did some US shopping last year and have them delivered by a friend LOL). But hooray for this news, I can actually earn just by reselling it! OMG! I love it, what a great way to shop and earn at the same time! And lastly the Photo Wonder, there are tons of apps out there and only a few stands out for me. I think I wanna try them really soon because it's so cute! And yes Ms.Martha I don't think I am ready for that jelly, but I will try LOL :)

  3. My cousins at state swear by coconut oil the funny thing is, I've taken it for granted I equate it for those "semana santa brew" our lola use to make perhaps it's a high time for me to consider it.

  4. YiLinker sounds good ah. Hmm, gotta check this out. The idea of Photo Wonder contest is so sweet, I mean sharing a photo of people with a sticker of your are wonderful is a sweetest thing ever just like your photo:)
    Yay, lots of new products.That eyelashes on 2nd photo is so pretty. Etude products looks awesome too. Thanks for sharing:)

  5. Can I have the stuff toy Hehe so cute.. I'm going to try YiLinker.. There's a lot of products for this season.. Gosh !!

  6. So much new products coming in. Minsan nakakaoverwhelm. But it's good since we have more and more choices. :) That ylink is certainly interesting

  7. I got my hype up because of these things you just shared. And yay! I'd kill for those falsies. Thanks you are here for keeping us updated in the fashion/blogger world,


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