Pink Sugar Sugar Tint Lip And Cheek Tint Review + Swatch

Here's a review on Pink Sugar Sugar Tint Lip And Cheek Tint.

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Liquid Lipsticks are becoming an IN thing nowadays. What's not to love about them? They're trendy, more precise, more pigmented, and are some of the longest- wearing lip products ever; I guess it is because liquid formulas are easier to tweak and play around with? But who cares about the science?! What matters is they stay.put!

Pink Sugar, a newly- launched Filipino makeup brand has their own version called Sugar Tint; these lip and cheek tint-cum-lip color are so pigmented and long- wearing, they instantly became a hit and created a lot of buzz around the brand. If you want statement lip color that persists, this is it!


This versatile color for the lips and cheeks yields intense color and a lasting finish; infused with Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamins A, E, and C; it comes in 5 shades.

Oh goody! I've got the entire line to swatch for everyone! From left to right, it's Coral Bliss, Pink Passion, Purple Pleasure, Red Rouge, and Pink Paradise.

The lipsticks yield medium to heavy pigmentation, depending on how much you take from the tube. Consistency is a light, whipped mousse with a soft texture that glides on smoothly; one great thing about these tints is you don't need to spend a lot of time evening out the coverage as the formula is generous in pigments; one dot is concentrated with color. It has a strong, berry scent, which I'm not fond of; I prefer my lippies unscented so I hope Pink Sugar will soon tone down the fragrance or remove it completely; some minor problems I have with the consistency is it feels sticky for a couple of minutes after application, but thank goodness it goes away somewhat after a while, and it has a tendency to feel 'thick' if layered on heavily; one to one and a half layers are usually enough for me to get my desired coverage and I make sure to remove the excess by swiping the applicator at least once on my upper and lower lip as the final touch; Finish for the products is demi- matte. Btw, once this product sets, it won't budge.


Personally, I dislike using this product as a cheek tint because it's too pigmented and requires effort and time to use; I tried it once on my cheeks and was pretty amazed at how it stayed put the whole day, but it just takes up too much time especially since it's very pigmented and you need to be careful when using it; it makes the skin on my cheeks feel and look dry too.

On the other hand, this product excels as a lipstick! Check out my swatches below:


- A pastel light coral.

This coral tends to look a bit more electric on my skin tone; it's a nice shade, but it's not a shade that I'll buy; too bright for me.


- Tropical Pink

This summery Pink shade is so energetic, it makes you wanna hit the beach and party hard stat; Summer is here and this shade will be real handy, especially to teens!


- Midtone violet.

This is the best- selling shade in this collection! Purple Pleasure is the most stylish shade in Sugar Tint, not to mention a violet that looks pretty on and adjusts fairly well on almost all skin tones; all my friends who tried this shade ended up loving it!


- Bright red-coral.

A shade that I never thought I would like; Red Rouge is a pretty Red-Coral combo; it's bright, modern, and gives skin a fun, warm glow.


- Blue- based Hot Pink

One of my favorite shades in this line along with Red Rouge; Pink Paradise is a hot pink that looks good on almost all skin tones; it's a sophisticated hot pink that I can wear to special occasions.

Staying power for all products is very good: it doesn't fade if untouched, is virtually transfer- proof; resists a good meal, and if it comes off, it does so gradually while leaving a teeny hint of stain (depends on what you ate). Most of all, the shades don't look tacky!

One more thing that I love about this product is it doesn't dry out my lips at all, thanks to the Coconut Oil extract. However, some experienced dryness so I guess it really depends on your skin's reaction to the products. To help minimize the occurrence of dryness, exfoliate and prep with a lip balm prior usage.

Sugar Tint Lip And Cheek Tint is a high quality liquid lip color that will satisfy any one who needs bright, lip color that stays and won't look patchy. just a lil' improvement on the scent and please, Pink Sugar, add nudes and neutrals in the range! :D



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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. ohhh, Purple Pleasure is wow!! i love it. do you have a swatch for Pink Paradise Ms. M? :)

  2. I love that Pink Sugar products are always affordable but it doesn't sacrifice the ingredients in it. I love to try pink passion and purple pleasure! I hope this product doesn't dry my lips though when I get to try this one. Btw the purple pleasure suits you best!

  3. Purple pleasure and pink passion are so pretty! Love it:)

  4. Can't wait to get my hands on my Pink Sugar Sugar Tint from the Pink Sugar loot! All these are really pretty Ms. Martha <3

  5. wow!! i love all the shades..from coral bliss to pink paradise. i haven't try any pink sugar products yet but it seems very interesting that they are good quality, affordable and best of all its filipino brand.i cant wait to try their pink sugar tint the purple please, pink passion and the red rouge.

  6. That neon orange one is so me! I also like the violet! :) Since it's so affordable I'll get both yey

  7. I've tried purple pleasure on my cheeks and I didn't expect it to be so pigmented I ended up removing all my make-up that day.

  8. So! Pink Sugar has finally arrived in Trinoma and I was able to swatch some of 'em. That purple one looks great on you! Feeling ko we have the same shade so I mostly base my purchases from your swatches. hehe.. Now I have an idea how Purple PLeasure would look on me.

  9. Aww! Pink Sugar products are really amazing and worthy! I like lip and cheek tints! Not just handy, but they are also long lasting! And looked more natural. Anyway, all swatches looked like lipsticks, huh? What a trick!

  10. Ay, gusto ko yun Pink Paradise!It is so pretty! I'm sure it will make me look younger, too! Pink Sugar lipsticks are really nice. They have great formula, beautiful shades and affordable price. Proud Pinoy here!

  11. I have the Pink Passion and I never thought that I will love this. It is my first time to use lip and cheek tint but I mainly use it on my lips. Hindi pa ko gaano marunong sa cheeks because it is super pigmented. I reached for this everytime I have food events para iwas retouch. Galing!

  12. I want to try the Purple Pleasure.. I also love pink paradise and red rouge gosh <3

  13. I super love this product! I love the purple one the most, no doubt it's the best selling shade. I just don't use it on my cheeks kasi nga, it's so pigmented. And the purple one is a weird color for a cheek tint. But still, definitely worth the money!

  14. oh dear!!! i love everything MATTE!!! super love ko lahat ng shade na naswatch nyo ms m!


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