Sumptuous Sundays: Genki Sushi

My first- ever trip to Japan was the first- ever time I experienced Genki Sushi; on my last day in the country, me and my companions toured Shibuya and were brought to Genki Sushi for lunch; it's just a small restaurant amidst a sea of cafes and boutiques in one of Tokyo's busiest shopping districts, but it has a charm that lures customers to its doorstep despite its obscure location as the place was full when we were there; the reason being is its concept is a charming fusion of technology and tradition: classic Japanese dishes ordered on tablets and served via a food Shinkansen that runs around the restaurant; this experience that Genki Sushi offers is what probably keeps their customers coming back or spreading the word about them!

One of the best things that happened in 2015 was the arrival of Genki Sushi in the Philippines; of course I had to try it right away as I wanted to experience again what makes it one of the most popular sushi chains in Japan!

PRICE RANGE: Sushi, Sashimi, and Temaki start at P60.00; Appetizers start at P80.00; Main Course starts at P190.00; Side Orders start at P130.00; Dessert starts at P150.00; Drinks are canned sodas

Genki Sushi Japan's concept, thankfully, was brought to the Philippines, although the train runs on a specific pattern only due to space and perhaps, permit limitations; most of the tables are serviced by the food Shinkansen, at least!

To order, just tap on the table to start and navigate through the categories to choose; there are traditional menus on each table for quicker choosing; simply press on your preferred dish and it will be added to your order list; you can only order three dishes per batch.

Press the yellow button at your table to return the food Shinkansen to the kitchen!

Food's here! It roughly took about 4-7 mins., for our first order to arrive; preparation time depends on the complexity of the dish ordered; maximum waiting time for each batch is around 10 minutes.

Here are our orders:

Top left: Crispy Spicy Salmon Roll; Bottom: Genki Sushi Roll; Top right: Lobster Salad; Crispy Salmon and Genki Sushi Roll won my heart!

This premium sushi, Seared Crab Roll, is the perfect marriage of creaminess and saltiness. Yum!

Just had to have my favorite Salmon Sashimi!

Chicken Teriyaki Don. A nice break from all the sushi and sashimi; it's okay, but honestly, I can do without it; there are so many sushi dishes to choose from!

Genki Sushi is also known for their authentic Matcha tea; there's a hot water faucet on each table so you can whip up a cup of pure Matcha in an instant; just put one tablespoon in the cup and stir as it might turn out to be bitter; add more Matcha powder if desired.

With just a budget of P500.00, you can come out with a really happy tummy at Genki Sushi; this place for all serious sushi lovers, anyone who wants to eat in a whole new, fun way; and those who love variety! Must go back soon for my sushi fix!

**Genki Sushi is located at 2nd fl., Bonifacio Stopover, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

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  1. i want to try to eat there because i also love japanese foods especially the salmon sashimi. yummmyyy!! :)

  2. This is so cool. I can still remember when I was just watching this on youtube and now It's here in the Philippines. Can't wait to try them with my family!! :)

  3. Want to try them .. This is going to be on my sushi wishlist

  4. 500 pesos are you kidding me? I'm gonna go there this weekend! :D so cool!

  5. I don't know why but I never liked sushi in my entire life. Haha #shame, but that Seared Crab Roll is definitely making me change my mind. Yummmm! :))

  6. Concept is so cool! I want to try this ASAP. Parang yung mga games lang sa phone. :D The sushi looks so yummy!


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